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Chapter 10: Spatial Superpower

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Gu Zhao came back a tad later and saw Su Shanshan standing in the courtyard, looking up at the sky. No one knew what she was thinking.

“Miss Shanshan, what are you doing?”

Su Shanshan did not look at him. Instead, she said leisurely, “Gu Zhao, do you believe in the end of the world?”

Gu Zhao frowned as he recalled his brother Gu Ling complaining to him about Su Shanshan going crazy again. She had gotten President Gu to buy a large batch of daily necessities and firearms, filling up three mansions.

“Was it because of this ridiculous reason?” he wondered.

“Miss Shanshan, if you have more free time, you should think more about who gave you everything you have now.” He was secretly feeling that she had treated his master unfairly. When he thought about how President Gu would do all sorts of silly things for Su Shanshan but not get appreciated by her, he got angry.

Su Shanshan finally looked at him and nodded. “You’re right. I really don’t know what’s good for me.”

This startled Gu Zhao. He wanted to say something, but when he saw Su Shanshan’s actions, his eyes widened.

A bottle of water appeared out of nowhere in Su Shanshan’s hand. She handed it to him and said, “This is spatial superpower. The end of the world will be here at dawn tomorrow.”

Gu Zhao took the water, but he still could not believe what she said about the end of the world. With difficulty, he asked, “Is this a new magic trick you learned to trick people?”

Su Shanshan shook her head. “I’m telling you so you can be prepared. Whether you believe me or not, you’ll find out tomorrow. And make sure you pay attention to the people in the mansion. Some people will turn into zombies.”

After saying that, she left the shocked Gu Zhao and returned to her room. She told Gu Zhao this because in her previous life, she had been too terrified and unwilling to believe that the world had changed. She had been pounced on by the nanny who had turned into a zombie in the villa. It was Gu Zhao who had saved her life.

Su Shanshan lay on the bed and took another look at the supplies in the ruby space. Only then did she feel at ease. If she could, she did not want to go through the end of the world again. But since she could not change things, she would try to adapt to it.

In the blink of an eye, she saw the spring water in the center of the space. She was very curious about the effects of this spring water. With a thought, her fingertips turned cold and the spring water flowed out from her fingertips.

Su Shanshan quickly sat up. The spring water did not spill on the bed. She took a glass and filled it with the spring water. It flowed out directly from the glass. This seemed very similar to water-type superpowers, but Su Shanshan knew that it was not the same. The spring water did not have any water-type abilities.

She only stopped when the glass was half filled with the spring water. After some thought, she took out another glass and poured half a glass of spring water into it as well, saving it for Gu Zhao tomorrow.

Picking up a glass of spring water, she gritted her teeth and drank it. As soon as the spring water entered her stomach, she felt a heat wave spread throughout her body and fainted.

Gu Zhao had been uneasy the entire night because of Su Shanshan’s words. He woke up early the next morning. Although he felt that she was playing a prank, her tone yesterday made him pick up his weapon and leave the house carefully.

Su Shanshan had already given all the housekeepers a break yesterday. He walked out of the room. The silent villa made him feel like a fool. He put down the weapon in his hand with an ugly expression. He had been tricked. “Su Shanshan is up to her old tricks!” he thought.

He went to the window and looked out. Just this one glance made him widen his eyes and look again seriously. The world outside the window was like purgatory. Not many people were there that morning, but the large patches of blood on the ground were signs of what had just happened in this place. However, there were only bloodstains and no corpses.

The next second, a staggering figure appeared, which explained the phenomenon. It was chewing on an arm in its hand. Its neck was twisted into an incredible arc, and one of its eyes was missing. It let out a “hehe” sound and nibbled on the arm in its hand.

Gu Zhao felt nauseous. He retched twice before rushing to Su Shanshan’s room and knocking on the door. “Miss Shanshan, are you alright? Hurry and open the door.”

Since there was no response, he kicked the door open. Inside the room, Su Shanshan was lying on the floor. Her expression was normal as if she was asleep.

Gu Zhao turned pale with fright. After failing to wake her up, he carried her and put her on the bed.

He took out his phone and tried calling Gu Jincheng, but there was no signal.

Su Shanshan, who was unconscious, suddenly frowned. There was a faint stench in the air. Awakened by the stench, she wrinkled her nose and opened her eyes. She blinked at the familiar ceiling and thought something was wrong. She raised her hand and looked. There was something dark on her arm.. No wonder she felt sticky and uncomfortable.

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