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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality

Chapter 7 The Book Of Exotic Demons

As noon approached, Arkhen finally finished running 10km in the mansion's territory. He made rounds around the big lawn garden until he finished his target.

Afterward, he went back to the mansion where Alfred was waiting for him with the injection to take the blood.

"Young master, everyone will be here for dinner soon. You should take a shower and freshen up to finally meet everyone. The report of the blood test will also arrive at the dinner time," Alfred said politely after taking Arkhen's blood.

"Alright," Arkhen said with a nod before asking, "can you give me a needle or a safety pin?"

Alfred walked towards a cupboard in the hall and took out a needle from a drawer before giving it to Arkhen.

"Thanks," Arkhen said before he passed by Alfred.

"You don't have to worry even if your blood didn't match with Mr. Walton. We will respectfully send you back home," Alfred said after Arkhen passed by him.

"I am not worried," Arkhen said without turning his head and continued moving towards the stairs.

Alfred turned around deeply and looked at Arkhen's back for a few seconds before turning his head and contacting someone with his mobile. "Sample is here. Take it to the hospital."

After bathing and wearing new clothes from the wardrobe that perfectly fit him, Arkhen finally went into the main business, The Book of Exotic Demons.

[I suggest you eat the body-enhancing candy first. It will significantly boost your strength since you have finished excising to make your body active]

Arkhen took out candy from the inventory and ate it. But right after that, his face changed as he felt hot all over his body and even inside.

[You must endure this, my lord]

Arkhen gritted his teeth and stood still while clenching his fist. His body was releasing steam and impurity as the entire room was filled with an awful smell.

After ten seconds, the pain was finally gone, and he felt extremely light, comfortable, and….powerful! His entire body transformed as he got slick muscles, abs, and a perfect-fit body.

"Urghh, take 1 reality point and clean this room," Arkhen said as he felt disgusted by the foul atmosphere in the room and black particles everywhere. The windows were closed so the impure steam also couldn't go out.


A second later, the entire room became even cleaner than before, with a fragrant smell.

Afterward, Arkhen once again changed his clothes and looked at the stats.


-Stamina: 10

-Strength: 10

-Agility: 10

-Charm: 7

-EP: 0

--> None.

'Nice. How powerful are these stats?' Arkhen asked.

[10 is the maximum a normal human can reach without unlocking Energy Power and those empowering energies like mana, chi, and such to strengthen oneself.]

"I see. Well, now take out the Book of Exotic Demons. I want to quickly open it before going downstairs," Arkhen said and in the next second, the demonic book appeared in front of him.

It floated a few centimeters away from him.

Arkhen pricked his finger with a needle that he got from Alfred and dropped his blood on the book. A second later, he felt a special connection with the book as it glowed faintly.

'I feel like I can open it now,' Arkhen thought as he opened the book with anticipation.

When he saw the first page, he was startled. He saw a lifelike drawing of a tiny cat with two devilish horns. The cat was light gray with faint black patterns. There was a gemstone on its forehead and its eyes were colorful. One dark green and the other dark red.

Arkhen felt a close connection with the mysterious cat and caressed his hand on it.

Just as his hand touched the cat, Arkhen felt a jolt, and the cat came out of the book.

"Nyaa! Thank you for unlocking me, Master. I, Nixeno, am here to serve you," the cat said with glittering eyes as it floated in front of Arkhen. The cat's voice resembled that of a male.

"You can speak…" Arkhen muttered, but that was not a surprising thing since he had experienced many abnormal things already and learned mind-boggling knowledge.


-Stamina: ~

-Strength: ~

-Agility: ~

-Charm: ~

-Energy Power: ~

"Why can't I see your stats?" Arkhen asked curiously.

"Nyahaha, because I am too powerful," Nixeno laughed mischievously as it sat down on Arkhen's shoulder. "Unfortunately, I can't use my full power for you, my dear master."

"Why?" Arkhen asked with a frown.

"Becau-" Nixeno couldn't finish his and disappeared as he returned to the book.

[Nixeno is one of the Exotic Demons. Even if you combine the powers of all mythical beings that people of this earth worship, they still can't beat Nixeno]

"What?!" Arkhen was dumbfounded. 'So powerful? Wow… Wait, I don't even know what kind of power they can access. Tsk, I really want to grow stronger fast.'

Afterward, Arkhen tried to turn another thick page of this book but couldn't turn it.

[You can not turn any more pages of the book for now. Nixeno also disappeared because your power was not enough to sustain its avatar here.]

"Then what use is this book to me?" Arkhen frowned.

[You can get one superpower from Nixeno. Put your hand over him on the page and communicate with him]

Arkhen put his hand over Nixeno, and in the next second, a communication link formed between them.

'Nyahaha, Master. I am sorry, but you are too weak for now and this realm is also fragile, as it can't handle my existence. However, I can give you one of my powers, which you can use. Here you go, boss. Stay safe and become stronger, so I can serve you better.'

Arkhen saw a panel in front of him with three superpowers. After reading all three, Arkhen decided to choose the one called [Perpetual Prime].

[Perpetual Prime]

-Passive Trait: Unlimited Stamina, Unlimited Primal Energy.

-1st Active Power: Force Field Creation.

—>You can create force fields by consuming primal energy.

-2nd Active Power: locked.

-3rd Active Power: locked.

[Congratulation, You have unlocked Energy stat.]

[My lord, even if you have unlimited stamina and unlimited Primal energy, you can't use them unlimitedly because your willpower and brain will be heavily drained if you do that. As for your current limit, only you can know it after pushing yourself to the extreme.]

[Also, the power of your force-field is determined by your EP. You need to increase your EP by training]

'I see. Well, I'm sure I will have to push myself to the extreme since enemies will come flocking to me as you said,' Arkhen devilishly grinned as he snapped his finger. 'I can't wait for that.'

Arkhen then looked at his new stats and was surprised regarding the energy.

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