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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality

Chapter 372 Help, Unknown

'Only ten seconds passed… will I be able to last twenty seconds more?' Arkhen thought as he continued using defensive skills and abilities. He didn't have unlimited soul energy, but he had unlimited primal, chi, and mana energy.

Still, since he was way weaker in terms of the intensity of his energies, he wouldn't be able to continue this constant defense against their attacks.

But suddenly, everything changed.

Sierra, Isabella, and all others who were providing soul energy to Arkhen were shocked.

Over thirty people suddenly arrived and started attacking Myriad Mayhem.

Arkhen's eyes glinted with killing intent that everyone sensed and shuddered.

'Horizon Severam combined with Slaughter Blades and empowered with chaos force….'

Arkhen combined his powers as a spinning fan formed—a sharp dark silver three-bladed fan with dark red motes and aura with black wisps.

He also readily added two Extreme Orders since he had much soul energy to use to produce order force.

Order of Extreme Sharpness and Order of Absolute Compression!

[My lord. You have created a combo skill. Next time, when the condition to prepare this skill is ready, you can execute it a bit faster.]

"We should join in as well," Sierra said with cold eyes as she summoned a deep blue portal with a black aura and put her hand inside before pulling it out along with her Bloody Abyss Spear!

Zoe, Evelyn, Isabella, Sasha, Meya, Grace, Tiffani, Sherly, Yosin, Gereld, and Gereld's parents, Mr. Lanker and Mrs. Liani.

Alas, only Arkhen's attack threatened to damage them. The attack of the rest was weak enough for them to defend it casually.

Arkhen's new combo skills, which he decided to name Death Searing Blade.

The Death Searing Blade was after leaders of Myriad Mayhem, but they could sense that the power in the blade was enough to injure them. It couldn't take their lives, but it could make their lives difficult.

But they didn't plan to fight until the end. It was not their plan.

With Arkhen's group and Lisa's group of thirty people starting attacking, Myriad Mayhem was suppressed, or rather, they didn't go all out.

But to make it real, only the six leaders and Lisa knew about the plan. As such, several people of Myriad Mayhem were sacrificed for their goal.

After six people died, the leaders told everyone to run.

As they started running, Arkhen and others stopped attacking.

[Velshi, take everyone inside.]

Velshi had stopped the emergency escape on Arkhen's command.

After all, since they got help and survived, he didn't want to leave for an unknown place through space tear.

Velshi also readily agreed because escaping through space tear would result in casualties.

When Lisa and her group arrived in front of Arkhen, they saw all of Arkhen's companions were surrounded by white motes.

"What is th-"

Before Lisa could finish speaking, she saw everyone except for Arkhen vanishing!

'Must be a power related to Reality System,' Lisa thought.

"Where did they go?" The baldy beside Lisa muttered in confusion.

"Thanks for the help, but who are you, and why did you save me?" Arkhen asked with doubt.

"To make it short, we were following Myriad Mayhem and ended up saving you," Lisa said with a smile as she stretched her hand towards Arkhen, "Hi, I am Lisa."

"Arkhen," Arkhen said before shaking hands with Lisa.

"Myriad Mayhem is getting bold, and the top forces of this realm know their power. That's why we're keeping tabs on their movement since we managed to track them, but that's lost now," Lisa finished her explanation with a wry smile. "They would find and erase our tracker with their eccentric items."

"What is that thing?"

One of Lisa's subordinates pointed at Fallen's Spark.

Lisa was also curious, but she didn't know anything about that.

"Are you here for that thing, Arkhen? What is that?" Lisa curiously asked.

Arkhen turned around and looked at Fallen's Spark before walking towards it. "I am here for this thing, so I would appreciate it if you leave."

Baldy looked at Lisa and frowned. He created a barrier around him and Lisa before speaking, "Miss Lisa, that mysterious orb seems like some power treasure. Should we not get it instead of handing it over to your friend?"

Arkhen stopped before Fallen's Spark and turned to Lisa and others with a faint smile as he said, "This is Fallen's Spark. The abnormality of this island is because of this. Do you want it?"


Everyone behind Lisa showed nothing but fear.

All of them knew that not even higher realm powerhouses could bypass the effect of this island, so if that effect was because of Fallen's Spark… they couldn't even imagine how powerful it would be.

"Arkhen, that Fallen's Spark is giving me such a dangerous vibe, like my instincts are screaming to me that I would die the moment I touch it," Lisa said with a somber expression. "Do you think you can stay safe after touching it?"

"I don't know, but I want it, and that's all that matters," Arkhen said with a faint smile before touching the orb. 'Joke. Of course, I wouldn't die.'

[I am starting the process, my lord. Prepare to subdue it first. Even though I am here, you should still stay strong in mind and will. Don't lose against it in the battle of domination.]

Arkhen wildly grinned before he connected his soul to the Fallen's Spark.


A strange black wind blew before an unstable darkness started producing from Fallen's Spark and surrounded Arkhen.

In several seconds, Arkhen and Fallen's Spark were inside a whirling mass of darkness.

"T-This…What is going on?"

"Did he succeed?"

"Or maybe that Fallen's Spark is devouring him?"

"What should we do now, Miss Lisa?"

The subordinates turned to Lisa, who was with a thoughtful expression.

'I need more information on this Fallen's Spark.'

"Guard the entrance from inside and leave me alone here. Go."

Lisa ordered everyone, and they left.

Afterward, she contacted her father and others for in-depth information about Fallen's Spark.

After all, nobody knew that Fallen's Spark existed until now. 𝚒𝚗𝒏𝐫e𝒶𝙙. 𝒸o𝑚

This passage was also only available on Velshi's database, and only with her help did Arkhen others arrive in this underground hall.

"You don't know anything about it?"

"We were going to inspect that island, but it was not our priority, so we left it for now. But whatever power it is, our mirror can still tame it, so don't worry."

"Got it," Lisa said with a nod before removing the barrier around her.

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