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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality

Chapter 27 Eight Houses, Competition

[Main Quest: Chaos Self]

-Task: Cause chaos and imprint yourself in the mind of 100,000 people. A Tyrant must be recognized whenever he goes.

-Reward: 5000 reality points and a random Bloodline or Natura Geneline Orb.

'Bloodline…' Arkhen's attention went to the reward first. As for causing chaos, he felt he could do that one way or another.

[My lord, the bloodline can be very helpful. Technically, everyone in the 1st realm or higher has some sort of Bloodline or Natura Geneline. It's just a matter of weaker or stronger]

'I know about Bloodline but what about Natura Geneline? First time hearing that,' Arkhen asked curiously as he entered his class in the open garden and greeted others.

[Natura Geneline is similar to Bloodline in a way. They are natural endowment powers bestowed upon other types of sentient beings. To tell you in simple terms, a tree may have a natural geneline while a dog may have a bloodline]

'I see. Since Bloodline and Natura Geneline varies in strength, there's nothing like one is superior over the other, right?'

[Yes, my lord. Just like some bloodlines are powerful and some are weak, it's the same with natura genelines]

"Arkhen, did you see the news this morning? It was really shocking," Elli said.

"Yeah, I wonder who did that," Makoto said while nodding.

"The question is…will something like that happen again?" Dionne said with a hopeful grin. "I hope it happens. Killing these assholes directly as long as there's proof is best. Court and trials could be manipulated, but this AX can't be."

"Alright students, sit down," Azela entered the class wearing a bit more fashionable outfit this time. She wore a tight gray cotton top with a short jacket and skirt. As always, her face looked angelic and gentle.

"Teacher, are you married?" Arkhen asked. "Just curious to know if a beauty like you has blessed someone or not."

The boys in the class cursed inside their heads at how this bastard could talk like that. They eagerly awaited a negative response from Azela.

Alas…Azela just chuckled and shook her head, "of course not. I was just a student like you all one year ago. But since I turned 31st, I can't remain a student. As for marriage, it's better to be patient about such things to not regret it later."

"Ah, yes. Absolutely," Arkhen nodded with a smile.

"Before starting today's class. I have an announcement to make," Azela said with a smile. "A month later, there will be a big competition. The rewards include many things, but most important will be resources that can make you stronger."

The students became excited because that's what they wanted.

"The academy has created eight Houses: Heavens Club, Star Fall, Sorcerer Sanctuary, Hermit Abode, Warrior Ring, Mortal Chaos, Wild Call, and Mystic Forgone," Azela said while writing eight names on the whiteboard.

After writing the names, she turned to the students. "Before the big competition starts, the academy will notify you every day for a match. This will go on for one month. After you have participated in 30 matches, the academy will decide which house you should join. This is to make all eight houses have balanced strength."

The students nodded in understanding.

"Judging from such preparations, this competition sounds big," Arkhen commented thoughtfully. 'One month of preparation…I don't think the eight houses will just settle into normal fighting matches. I feel something big.'

"Yea, such a big competition has never happened before," Chishi said with a nod.

Azela smiled mysteriously and nodded. "This is indeed a very big competition and it will involve the entire world."


The students were startled.

"But didn't the academy never involve the outside world with them?" one of the nameless boys asked. [A/N: Not worth mentioning the boy's name, yeah? Unless they are gonna get in a scuffle with MC]

"It's been a hundred years since this Academy was created," Azela said with a keen expression. "Where do you think are all those people with power? You think the academy has no goals?"

Everyone was startled.

"First of all, we are not alone in this universe. Humans and other races are living on other planets," Azela said.

"Dang…so it was true. I thought all along that there can't be the only us living in such a vast universe. That's just impossible."

"Me too. Our planet is like a spec of dust in the cosmos. Hahaha, I want to go to other planets and meet different races."

"You think there will be furries?"

"Or Elves?"

"Humph, boys always thinking about the same thing," Elli snorted, but then saw that Arkhen was excluded from the other boys. "Arkhen, it's good that you are not like them."

"Haha, we have world-topping beauties here. No need to fantasize about something far-reaching," Arkhen said as he released a calm laugh. 'Holy shit, if there's cat girls, fox girls, elves, and such, I so want to fuck them. Velshi?'

[Cat girl and fox girls? Not in this universe, I think. Can I spend 1 reality point to collect data from this academy's database?]

'Do it.'

"Alright, stop with the discussion now. Basically, it is time for our planet to move a step ahead in civilization and this competition is the first step for it," Azela said with a smile.

"But I think it's going to be a kind of hard, no?" Arkhen questioned as a frown appeared on his face. "The academy is a separate entity from other countries and once an opportunity for a big leap comes, all these countries would want to have the first bite so that they can advance first while leaving others behind."

"Yep, that's the dilemma. But the academy will slowly move towards unifying the world under one organization because this is the first step towards moving into the galactic era," Azela said with a rueful smile. "Moreover, these countries have nuclear weapons, so it's going to be hard. If some mental leader did something in rashness, it could result in mass destruction."

The students became serious.

"Even though we have powerful superhumans, they are low in numbers because...they are not here anymore. They might succeed, but it could result in large destruction," Azela sighed. "Anyway, that's not something that you should worry about. Now let's start the class. Today, I will teach you how to strengthen your body using your uni energy. This is the basic thing that everyone must do."

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