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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality

Chapter 25 Trouble & Web (4/4)

"Done. The bastard is finally dead," Arkhen said as he turned around with a smile.

Grace sighed relief at first but then panicked as she saw Arkhen's bloodied shoulder. "Y-you, you are injured! Quick, we need to go to the hospital."

"Don't worry," Arkhen said with a carefree smile. "This doesn't affect me much."

'Fuck it's paining!! But this is fun, hahaha!' Arkhen kind of liked this way of playing. Of trapping people into his web, just like he was going to wrap Grace into his web.

Grace was moving her hands chaotically, but didn't dare to touch the wound. She frowned and repeatedly shook her head. "We need to go to a hospital, quick. We can't let the bullet inside for long."

She grabbed Arkhen's hand and led him out of the room, but then Arkhen stopped her. "Don't worry, I said. Also, we can't follow the step I told you before. We can't return home through normal means."

"What do you mean?" Grace said while still looking worriedly at the wound.

Arkhan grabbed Grace's shoulder and looked at her with a serious expression. "We can't return through normal means. I'll have to teleport you. But promise me you won't tell anyone about this ability, that I can teleport."

"You can teleport?" Grace was startled.

Arkhen said as he put his face closer to her and also activated a touch of ecstasy. "The activation condition if I want to teleport another person is rather weird, but we have no other choice. The police will arrive here soon and we can't return through normal means."

Arkhen touched Grace's chin gently before putting his face even closer.

" you mean?" Grace's face turned slightly red. The reality point's effect of making her consciousness was working, and this situation was also demanding.

"What I mean is…this," Arkhen locked his lips with Grace and kissed her. Of course, he spent 1 reality point to learn the best kissing techniques.

Combined with a touch of ecstasy and the effect of reality points that altered the real perception of Grace, all of her worries were drowned and she closed her eyes in the best kiss of her life. Alas….

It didn't last long, and she suddenly lost the sensation. When she opened her eyes, she found herself in Arkhen's bedroom at Walton Mansion.

'Velshi, use points, influence her and make her stay in my bedroom. I am going to smash her tonight and that's decided,' Arkhen said as he stood alone in the farmhouse of Luther Fox.

[19 reality points deducted]

Arkhen looked at the system interface to check the points.

'Hmmm, so only 94 points left,' Arkhen thought before a grin appeared on his face. 'Well, everything happened as I wanted, so it's worth it.'

[My lord. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance. Should I intact the plan now? It will cost 27 reality points to set up things]

'Do it,' Arkhen nodded.

A second later, the points were deducted while Luther Lex's body also disappeared.

Afterward, he took out his mobile phone and dialed a number.

"Mom, everything is fine now. However, aunt Grace is not well right now because it took a bit of time for me to arrive there and Luther, that bastard, beat her a bit. But don't worry, nothing happened after that as I arrived in time."

Isabella—, "At least nothing bad happened to her, right? Where is she now?"

Arkhen—, "That's why I called. Aunt Grace was exhausted after what happened to her and also fainted. We are staying at a nearby hotel but will return when she regains her consciousness, it will be in just 1-2 hours. She needs some rest now and I don't want to wake her up."

Isabella—, "Fine. Take care of her and inform us when she wakes up."

Arkhen—, "No worries, mom. She is my aunt. I'll take care of her."

After talking with Isabella, Arkhen told Velshi to teleport him to his bedroom in Walton Mansion.

[6 Reality points deducted]

The distance between mansion and farmhouse was shorter than the distance between company and farmhouse, so it took lower reality points to teleport.

When he appeared in the room, he directly fell down and looked at Grace, who was still in the bedroom.

"Are you okay?" Grace quickly supported Arkhen.

"Sorry, aunt. I wanted to teleport you to the office but I couldn't picture it correctly. I can only teleport you to a place that I can picture perfectly. Alas, since I stayed in this room most of the time, I could only picture this," Arkhen said before he sat down cross-legged.

"We need to take you to the doctor," Grace said worriedly.

"It's fine, no need for a doctor," Arkhen smiled weakly before he took off his shirt and showed his perfectly muscled body, but it was bloodied due to the bullet wound on his shoulder. "Just watch how the wound recovers."

Grace didn't know what Arkhen was talking about and saw that he closed his eyes.

[2 Reality points deducted to heal the wound]

After a few seconds, her eyes slowly turned wide as she saw a bullet coming out of his wound! Soon, the wound also closed up.

"This…h-how?" Grace was shocked.

"This is because of my superpower," Arkhen said with a smile before he touched Grace's cheek, which had a hand print of Luther. Arkhen became a bit angry as he muttered. "That bastard dared to slap you…"

"It's fine now. That bastard is no more," Grace said with a smile as she leaned forward and hugged Arkhen. "Thank you so much, Arkhan. You really saved us from huge trouble."

"It's my duty," Arkhen said as he also hugged Grace and activated Touch of Ecstasy, making Grace aroused while she hugged Arkhen.

'Stupid, he is your nephew. What are you thinking? Stupid,' Grace thought to herself. 'But his kiss…and he, damn. Why is he so hot?'

She lost herself in the ecstasy but heard Arkhen's cough after several seconds and snapped out of reverie. "Aah, s-sorry. I-I just…"

However, her gaze captured the erect part of Arkhen's crotch.

"T-this, I didn't mean to!" Arkhen quickly said. "It's just aunt is simply too beautiful and…and….sexy so when you hugged me, my body involuntarily produced this reaction."

"It's my fault," Grace said apologetically with a downed face. "So…let me help you. Come on, stand up."

Arkhen was taken aback as his face turned slightly red. Of course, because of excitement and not embarrassment.

"I want to say no, but I guess I can't," Arkhen said with a weak smile as he stood up and pulled down his pants.

"It's ok," Grace said with a gentle smile before she put the dick in her mouth and started sucking it. Her fellatio was way better than Zoe and Evelyn.

'Damn, I wanted to hold back on my own, but it doesn't seem possible,' Arkhen thought and frowned. 'Velshi, adjust my body using reality points. I don't want to climax yet.'

[2 reality points deducted]

Grace was getting confused while she sucked Arkhen's cock. It's been three minutes, but he hadn't climaxed. On the other hand, she was getting more and more aroused, her pussy already dripping wet.

"Arkhen, what is going on?" Grace stopped and looked at Arkhen with a rueful smile. "Aren't you a tough one?"

Arkhen changed his demeanor and faintly smiled. "Aunt, your fellatio can't do it. You may be older than me in age, but I am a tough one to please."

Grace's face turned red as she blushed and remembered Arkhen's kiss. She had never felt a kiss like that.

Arkhen grabbed Grace's shoulder while activating the Touch of Ecstasy and kissed her before moving his hands towards her soft butt cheeks and rubbing them.

Now it was time to get dominant with her because Grace was already ready. There was no resistance to this inside her head.

After kissing for several seconds, Arkhen ripped apart Grace's outfit with his hand and sucked her tits, making her moan.

"Aaah~" Grace moaned in ecstasy but quickly suppressed it lest someone hear it. After all, they were inside their own house right now!

After ripping apart everything and making her fully naked, Arkhen grinned wildly and grabbed her waist before pushing her up. "You can moan however as you want. Nobody will hear it."

Arkhen had already covered a part of his room with them inside a force-field.

"Y-You are best... Arkhen," Grace said with dreamy and misty eyes.

"Haha, this is just the start," Arkhen laughed before he drilled his entire dick into Grace's pussy.

"Aaaahhhh~" Grace moaned loudly without a care in the world as she felt extreme pleasure. "You…you're…i-it's the…best."

Arkhen moved his hips like crazy as his dick hit the deepest part of her pussy. The soft flesh of her insides wrapped around his penis, gently giving him a fierce pleasure because of the speed at which he was moving.

Grace's boobs were moving wildly in front of Arkhen's face and he was also sucking on them, making her feel the quadruple pleasure of Heavenly Massage at her butt, a touch of ecstasy, his dick ramming inside her pussy and his mouth sucking her nips.

Grace squirted within a minute as her body trembled in extreme rapture and Arkhen also didn't hold back as he released his entire load inside her, making Grace's body quiver in absolute pleasure.

"Heh, it's the start." Arkhen pulled his dick out and let out all the semen before he entered her dripping pussy again and increased his speed even more.


Grace's body was glued to with her hands wrapped around Arkhen's neck while his dick constantly rammed her into the deepest part of her pussy.

'Damn, this is fucking good,' Arkhen thought as he was also feeling the extreme pleasure of his meat rod tightly wrapped around in her pussy and the soft insides of her vagina massaging this dick as he constantly moved. This was the best!

"Aaaaaahhhhh~ haaaah...t-this...this...." Grace couldn't even form words because of such extreme pleasure while Arkhen was also excited and feeling the pleasure before releasing his entire load inside her while she also couldn't hold back anymore and cummed.

Grace's body twitched in euphoria as love juice came out of her pink cave along with Arkhen's hot semen.

Arkhen threw her on the bed after the second round and jumped on her.

He sat on top of her before putting his dick inside her dripping wet pussy again and started moving again. His hand grabbed Grace's soft breasts as he savored them while also giving her Heavenly Massage.

Grace had already lost her mind in the pleasure. She lay on the bed with her tongue out, mindlessly feeling euphoria at a level she had never felt before.

Heavenly Massage, Touch of Ecstasy, and the giant mead rod of Arkhen drilling into her pussy and hitting her deepest spot. All of this combined sent her entire being into the ninth heaven of pleasure!

Arkhen thoroughly roughed and fucked Grace for two hours and released loads upon loads inside her before he was finally satisfied for now.

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