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Rebirth: Tyrant's New Reality

Chapter 2 Burn Away

Luke opened his eyes but found himself amidst clouds. He was floating and his body was faint.

'Am I dead?'

"No, you are not," Ulioran said as he appeared behind Luke.

Luke turned around and was surprised to see Ulioran. "You…"

"Haha, so you remember me," Ulioran laughed before he appeared close to Luke and grinned. "What do you think of your world now?"

"It's shit!" Luke said with cold eyes as he gnashed his teeth. "I want to kill them. Kill that bitch, my father, and everyone in that place."

"Nicely worded, hahaha," Ulioran said with a loud laugh.

"So what now?" Luke asked as he looked around.

"I said I would give you a chance to live your future, and you lived it. Now, what happens if you can revive and even get power?" Ulioran said while grinning wildly, with madness in his eyes. "Boy, you always had brains for it, but your past and suffering always held you back. However, now you will gain power."

"Power? What kind of power?" Luke asked with cold eyes. " Even If I am given another chance without any powers, I am going to fuck them all!"

"But you will get power," Ulioran grinned madly. "You will get the power to change your and even others' reality! And I look forward to seeing your journey with that power!"

Luke suddenly blanked as the surrounding scenery disappeared and he felt alive again. He felt his hands and legs scuffed and his body bound as he got the sense of touch.

Suddenly, he heard a voice.

[You are granted one hour of absolute protection with infinite stamina and a skill. Successfully return to your apartment in one hour and get a mystery box.]

Luke heard a monotonic woman's voice and saw a panel in his head.

[-Reality System-]

[System level: 1]

[Reality Points: 10]

[Skills: Burn Away]

[Bloodline: none]

[Super Powers: none]




|Lucky Roulette|



Luke finally opened his eyes as he felt some tingling sensation on his body.

"Damn it! Why isn't this knife cutting into him?"

"What's going on?"

Luke saw two people in a white robes with sharp tools in their hands. He remembered everything and his anger reached its peak. All he wanted to do was to kill them!

'Fuckers! Die!'


He broke the cuffs and roared before punching the one near them.


His hand pierced into the man, making Luke surprised at his physical strength.

[1 reality point gained.]

The other person beside him screamed and attacked Luke with the knife, but it couldn't even pierce Luke's body.

After failing to hurt Luke, the doctor tried to back off and run away, but Luke grabbed his hand and pulled him before kicking him.


The man smacked into the wall and died with blood bursting out because of the powerful force in which he was thrown into the wall.

[1 reality point gained.]

"I am so powerful…" Luke muttered as he was filled with some kind of satisfaction and felt very safe. Unknown confidence filled his entire being.

He remembered everything he went through in his life, but was time to change it! He must remove the past from his life! 'Rosa, Davin, and Merina. I am coming!'

Luke then looked at the panel and focused on the skill.


[Skill: Burn Away]

-Cost: 1000 stamina.

-1st Effect: You can burn anyone within ten meters of yourself into ashes just by focusing on them. This only works on living beings.

-2nd Effect: you can also release a fireball that will burn people and things into ashes. 𝒊𝐧𝒏𝘳𝙚α𝙙. 𝘤𝗼𝐦

Suddenly, he heard several footsteps and saw many armed men coming with guns.

"Raise your hands and kneel on the ground! You have three seconds!" the man at the front shouted as he pointed his semi-automatic rifle at Luke.

"Kneel on the ground?" Luke hissed while gritting his teeth. "Why should I kneel when I have power?"

'Burn away!' Luke thought and activated the skill with his will as he pointed his hand at the leader. He felt his stamina decreasing slightly but it also instantly recovered because of the absolute protection.

"Arghhh-!" the man was instantly wrapped in the fire as all other people besides him quickly moved away to create distance.

His cry only lasted for a second because, in the next two seconds, his body was gone. The only thing that remained was ash on the floor.

[1 reality pointed gained]



However, none of the bullets pierced Luke. They were flattened after hitting his skin and fell on the floor.

"Burn away!..." Luke's eyes were filled with anger as he used his skill again and again. 'Burn away, Burn away, Burn away!'

'Burn away, Burn away, Burn away, Burn away, Burn away, Burn away, Burn away…' Luke continued using the skill and burned all remaining twelve men in quick succession.

They all tried to run and even fired their guns, but bullets couldn't hit Luke. In the end, all of them turned into ash in three seconds.

"T-This is the exit, ple-please let me go," said a middle-aged man wearing a suit. His eyes were filled with absolute dread as he saw this young man burning so many people. All 83 people in this entire underground facility were burned into ash! Nobody could do anything to him, as no attacks worked.

"Take out your wallet and give me all the money you have," Luke said coldly to the man. Luke had changed his clothes and wore a robe he found in one of the rooms in this underground facility.

The middle-aged man quickly took out his wallet and gave all of his 5k-something dollars to the man. "Please let me go. I will not say about this to anyone," he said after handing over the money.

Luke took the money before he smiled at the middle-aged man.

Seeing the smile, the middle-aged felt that he might be saved, but…he saw the young man's lips moving.

"Burn away."

"Nooo! Arghhh-"

Taking a deep breath, Luke covered his face with a hood and walked out. The exit led to a barren subway, so he continued walking for a minute before finding the way and arrived at another subway filled with people.

After leaving the subway, he took a cab and returned to his apartment.

However, he frowned when he tried to open his apartment door. He also heard some faint sounds, but couldn't hear them properly.


With his powerful physical strength, he broke the door's lock and entered.

[You have completed your first quest.]

[The mystery box is added to the inventory. You can open it anytime you want.]

Luke looked at the panel and saw that the absolute protection was still activated. He still had 19 minutes left until it expired.


Right as he entered, he heard two sounds. One was the sound of the monotone female voice and the other was of moaning from his room.

"Don't tell me?" Luke furiously muttered as he walked towards his room's door and broke it open with a kick.

"Ahh…Y-you, Luke?"

Rosa, who was riding the cock of her boyfriend, was shocked!

"What the hell, dude? Get the fuck out!" Rosa's boyfriend stood up and put Rosa aside on the bed before walking toward Luke, intending to punch him.

"Burn away," Luke said plainly as the man was set on fire and turned into ash in three seconds.

Rosa started screaming in horror, but Luke coldly chuckled. "Scream, scream more! It's not like anyone is going to come here to help you in this dead shitty apartment that your father brought for me!"

This building only had 12 apartments and eight of them were empty. That's why nobody came to help them when Rosa came here at first while shouting.

"W-what do you want?" Rosa said quiveringly.

"Haha…hahaha...hahahaha..." Luke started madly laughing as he put his hand over his head and shook his head. "I am speechless at your audacity. You came here to fuck after handing me over to those beasts... Are you serious, bitch?"


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