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[My lord, Alfred is coming]

'Hmm, anyway this is enough for now. I'll make my move step by step,' Arkhen said as he finished the last few massages touches on their plump butts to fix their pain. "Alright, girls. This is it for the day. You should feel better now."

Zoe and Evelyn stood and sat up from their sleeping position but didn't turn their heads towards Arkhen as they were feeling embarrassed.

Still, both of them said thanks to Arkhen.

However, Arkhen was not planning to stay here more since training was over and stood up. "You two can also go and freshen up. After that, we'll go out. You'll show me this city, right? Haha."

The awkward atmosphere was diffused as Zoe turned around and said cheerfully. "Yes, let's go out after that. We have to introduce you to our friends and circles. Hehe, if they dare to pick a fight with you, you can teach them a lessor."

Evelyn also snickered happily. "They won't expect that our brother is so powerful."

Arkhen smiled at them and nodded. "Let's return then."

Right at that moment, Alfred entered the training center. "I apologize, I was late due to something sudden cropped up, and I had to go out."

"It's fine, Alfred. We have finished our training so you can attend to other things," Zoe said with a grin. "Big brother taught us many things today."

"Yep," Evelyn nodded with a smile as she and Zoe passed by Alfred and left.

Arkhen was also walking behind them, but Alfred stopped Arkhen when he passed by him.

"Please wait for a moment, master Arkhen," Alfred said respectfully, with a hint of doubt in his eyes.

"What is it?" Arkhen asked with a boring expression.

"May I know where did you learn your martial arts?"

"In the Kenshai Martial school," Arkhen uttered a bull shit name that he just made up on the spot and continued walking as he left the hall.

"Kenshai Martial school?" Alfred muttered with confusion. "I've never heard of such a school. Hmmm, must be a secluded school."

An hour later, the siblings freshened up after taking a shower and led Arkhen to their garage, which was filled with fifty different cars. From classic and royals looking to sporty and cool. Sedan, SUV, Limo, there were all types of four-wheelers.

"Hehe, nice collection, right? Brother, pick one. We'll go in with that," Zoe said with a chuckle.

Arkhen looked at all the cars with a slight shock in his eyes. This was his dream! There was even his dream car that he wanted but knew that he would never be able to afford it in his life.

But… Power changed everything!

"Let's go in bugatti la voiture noire," Arkhan said with a smile. Despite many things happening to him in two days, he still couldn't help but become slightly excited.

"Bugatti la what? Ahem, sorry brother. We don't know which car is that," Zoe said as she and Evelyn wryly smiled.

"That one," Arkhen pointed at the car.

"Oh, that! Alright, let's go. It's very fast, so be careful and don't crash, hehe."

"Don't worry, I am an expert," Arkhen smiled as he opened the car door and entered the driver's seat. 'Velshi, give me the best knowledge of car driving.'

[As you wish, my lord.]

[1 reality point deducted. Knowledge infusing initiation…]


*Vroom, vroom!*

Alfred notified Mark Walton through the mobile phone after Zoe, Evelyn, and Arkhen left.

Alfred—, "Master Walton, your kids have left the mansion. Is it safe?"

Mark Walton—, "Turn on the GPS of the car. I'll send bodyguards to tail them from behind. The situation is not so good since the deal was cut off yesterday. We don't want to do shady business with them but they might not like that we cut off the deal."

Alfred—, "Understood. But master, we should really clean them before they bring in more trouble."

Mark Walton—, "John is on it. He will finish the job tomorrow after preparing today."

Alfred didn't say more after that and turned on the GPS on the car after entering the secret command room underground below the mansion.

"I have notified everyone, hehe. They are all curious about Arkhen," Zoe said before she turned on the map so that Arkhen could follow it. "We are meeting at Sunrise Resort Club."

"Umm, are you sure you two are comfortable?" Arkhen asked with a rueful smile because this car was only a two-seater. As such, Zoe was sitting half outside of the seat at the center.

"Hehe, it's fine. We can endure this much since we saw that you wanted to drive in this car," Evelyn said.

"Yep. You helped us a lot with the massage. It's unbelievable, but our physical parameters are clearly stronger than before," Zoe said.

Arkhen nodded and saw that they were not that tightly seated. Both girls were very slim and their butts were not as big as their mother's, but just about the right size. They were petite beauties with D-cup boobs.

'Velshi, is it possible to convince Zoe to sit between my legs by spending just 1 reality point?' Arkhen asked. This way, he would also enjoy and she could also sit more comfortably since the interior of the car was wide because it was just a two-seater.

[My lord, that is not possible with 1 reality point. It will cost 5 reality points.]

'Sad. Well, forget it then,' Arkhen wryly said internally before wondering. 'But how come I can get valuable knowledge with just 1 reality point?'

[The knowledge of this realm is cheap, unobstructed, and free. I can import it to you without any anomaly. But changing the reality of others, including their thoughts and convincing them requires more reality power.]

'As long as I have enough reality point, I can do affect anything?' Arkhen asked curiously.

[For now, if a being from 1st or higher realm arrived, then reality points will be useless against that being. You need to upgrade the system to level 2 for that.]

'I see, is there a way to gather reality points faster aside from quest?' Arkhen asked.

[The next main quest will be available tomorrow. Aside from main quests and side quests that will appear occasionally depending on the situation, the only other way to get reality points faster is to kill. Kill living beings. This is the only way to rise up and reach the 1st step]

Arkhen's heart turned cold hearing that. 'Half?'

[My lord, are you not resolved for at least that? This is nothing. Death is but a journey towards one's next life, but this will not apply to you anymore. Other people who die will either go to hell, the cycle of reincarnation, or heaven.]

[People from hell can work hard while suffering under Devils and still rise. For instance, many warriors, kings, and emperors who had died thousands of years ago on this planet had gone to hell and some of them had reached the 2nd realm by now]

[But if you die, my lord. Your existence will be wiped out and you will receive true death because you are the host of this system.]

Arkhen was silent for a few moments and just focused on driving while Zoe and Evelyn were looking at their phones. They were chatting with their friends and planning things at the resort.

[Watch out!]

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