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Granny’s house is very poor, even a normal landline is not available, let alone a mobile phone, use what to contact? It’s quite weird for a poor kid who had never even come in contact with a phone to talk about contacting. Under normal circumstances he shouldn’t ask why she didn’t go and find him, or why she never wrote a letter, didn’t have any relatives pass on a message and so on.

Shu Ning had never been a considerate person, at most he was smart in petty ways, he calmly glanced over to Qin Yu Zhuo, fortunately she didn’t notice, or not, she would only ignore him if there was contempt, she is not a simple person at all. He huffed a breath of air, Shu Ning felt that after his rebirth he had been too complacent, he was almost exposed.

Yet Qin Yu Zhuo’s heart was not calm, thinking back on the events of those years made her chest feel stuffy, and uncomfortable:”I’m the executive assistant of your father, one day your dad had gotten drunk with me, and accidentally had you, at that time, your father’s wife is still alive, she had the right to be arrogant and bossy, I was afraid of her finding out, so I beared with it and didn’t care return home, I didn’t dare to contact you guys.”

The real reason was that she was afraid of Shu Cheng finding out, at that time the two of them had no feelings with each other.

Shu Ning nodded:”It’s been hard on you,”Being such a whore and you still want to pretend you’re chaste, hypocritical. Might as well turn his head away and sleep, lest he contaminate his ears with her talking.

Actually on that year, Qin Yu Zhuo had just managed to seize the opportunity with some difficulty, and got pregnant, she had wanted to marry into wealth, but how could she have known that that rich woman who had gotten cancer could live a few more years, keeping her from marrying in. Qin Yu Zhuo gritted her teeth in anger, she cursed her every day! And what could she do when other people had such a good lineage, how would the Qin Yu Zhuo with no supporters dare to go up and cause trouble?

Might as well secretly take down Shu Cheng, dripping water can wear down stone, she had confidence.

Those noble ladies are arrogant and impatient, how could they be as gentle and sensible as her.

In those ten years she had gotten involved with several drunken chairmen, but she did not hit jackpot, but she finally got pregnant this year.

After Shu Cheng found out, he was in a difficult position, she was after all the competent helper by his side, it has been about fifteen years hasn’t it? Since they had met regularly there would more or less still be a bit of feelings between them, he couldn’t bear to be ruthless, and was afraid of his eldest son getting angry if he found out, in the end he still decided to let Qin Yu Zhuo get an abortion, gave her a cheque worth five million as well as a villa for compensation. Qin Yu Zhuo had been planning meticulously for so many years, how could there be no backup trick?

Then Shu Cheng had found out the existence of Shu Ning by accident.

Even if Shu Cheng was drunk he still an impression, just that if she had not mentioned it then he naturally would not mention it either, and pretend that it had never happened. But now that he thought about it they couldn’t have been soul mates could they? And what’s more Qin Yu Zhuo liked to keep herself pure, and had never gotten a boyfriend. The Shu Cheng who had been single all along suddenly felt touched, Qin Yu Zhuo was smart and knew her place, she had no greedy thoughts at all, gentle like clothes that were most intimate.

Qin Yu Zhuo whose plan was successful then married Shu Cheng.

Shu Ning grew up in the country side, he was definitely a feral child with no family education, whereas the eldest son Shu Heng while young, was wise and alert, his temperament was even more incomparable, if Shu Cheng were to see the slovenly Shu Ning......Qin Yu Zhuo did not even dare to think about it. That’s why she proposed the idea of bringing Shu Ning back slowly, because Shu Ning had been left there since he as young, what if it made Shu Heng unhappy?

After all that year when Qin Yu Zhuo got pregnant, that person’s previous wife had not died yet, no matter how she thought about it Shu Heng would not like Shu Ning, let alone living together and enjoying the happiness of families.

Although Shu Cheng really wanted to see Shu Ning, but once he thought about his son’s mood, he quickly gave up.

The car had been running for a long time, and parked in the courtyard of a villa in C city, Shu Ning woke up leisurely, gave his eyes a rub, and looked towards the familiar place with narrowed eyes.

“Looks beautiful doesn’t it? Our future house will be even more beautiful, you need to get used to it soon, you look surprised like......I will find several teachers for you, try to give your father a good impression, don’t worry, he will be very happy to know of your existence!”

Shu Ning smiled a bit, looking quite cute, Qin Yu Zhuo finally sighed a breath of relief, that’s right, for a mother who had not appeared for more than ten years to suddenly come looking for him, he was probably resentful but happy, that is understandable. Shu Ning is still young, but once he’s experienced the life of the rich, he would naturally try to curry favour with me.

Qin Yu Zhuo curled the edge of her mouth as she got off the car, feeling extremely confident, today has been too exhausting, first take a nap, let the nanny clean up Shu Ning and take him out for a”packaging”, then act out a tragedy, eat a big meal at night, then she can keep Shu Ning under her control.

The nanny heard the noise and came out to greet them, Shu Ning got off the car, just a quick introduction and they were considered acquaintanced. Following Qin Yu Zhuo he entered the villa, changed his shoes, familiarizing himself with the environment, Qin Yu Zhuo pulled Shu Ning up to the second floor while talking, pushed open the door to best room:”Do you like it?”

“I like it a lot,”Who doesn’t know how to fake?

“Then I can rest assured,”Qin Yu Zhuo considerately opend the quilt:”Lay down and sleep for a while, at night mother will bring you out to eat.”


With a sigh, Qin Yu Zhuo was about to speak but stopped, a bit sad, hesitated for a bit and then spoke:”You take a rest.”


This child is so unenthusiastic, depressing, Qin Yu Zhuo had lost her mood to sleep.

The nanny knocked on the door, after receiving permission she came in with a face full of smiles holding some juice:”Young master would you like to take a bath?”

“But I don’t know where the bathhouse is!”He received the glass and took a sip, freshly squeezed fruit juice really is delicious. When Shu Ning was young he was just a silly little child, his acting now did not even require any effort.

The nanny is a rather nice person, a heartbroken emotion flashed past:”Young master wait here, I will go and prepare the hot water.”

There is a bathroom right in the room, the bathtub inside was naturally very good as well, Qin Yu Zhuo wanted to open Shu Ning’s eyes to the world, so she had spent quite a fair bit of money, currently the closet was filled with many brand-name clothes, and the drawer was filled with various gadgets, she had even bought more than twenty pairs of shoes, she had to be sure that Shu Ning would fall over in love, and work hard for this luxurious life.

The water was soon ready, while Shu Ning walked in, he immediately closed the door. What kind of joke is this, in his last life he had foolishly let the nanny wash him, it was awkward for days, almost left a trauma in his heart.

The nanny paused for a moment and knocked on the door:”Young Master, how about you let me help you!”Oh heavens, does he know how to use it? Please don’t get scalded!

Shu Ning replied loudly:”I can wash myself,”Turn on the shower hua la la, pretending to not hear, the nanny could only give up.

Shu Ning had only come out half an hour later, bathing sure is comfortable, he stretched his waist, and his bathrobe was loose. The nanny was waiting right in his room, as expected by Shu Ning, she had already prepared his clothes, seeing Shu Ning’s ruddy face he’s probably fine then she turned around and left. Shu Ning sluggishly dressed himself:”Aunty do you still have anything to do?”Bring me out for a wash, cut, and blow, haha!

The nanny chuckled:”When I went out earlier I noticed that the miss has already fallen asleep, she had probably gotten tired after driving for so many hours, I can see that young master your hair is a bit long, how about we go out for a cut? Give her a good surprise!”

Since this was an old trick, Shu Ning naturally happily agreed.

They went to the best hairdressing salon, and the nanny picked out a celebrity cut, Shu Ning rolled his eyes and made his own choice, actually men’s hair is fine as long as it’s fresh, comfortable, and easy on the eyes, after all he had come back after being rebirthed so his insight was uncommon, the hairstyles popular in this age can’t be looked at at all.

The hairstylist is very good, after he was done cutting Shu Ning’s hair according to his wishes, he himself had been shocked by the glamour, he wanted to take a picture to solicit customers, but was rejected by Shu Ning. The store had coughed up blood and offered ten thousand bucks, only then did Shu Ning agree to have his picture pasted on the wall ╮(╯▽╰)╭ and it was only one photo.

The nanny stared blankly, she’d gone stupid.

Only after they left the hair salon did the nanny respond, but she was a nanny after all, she understood the basic rules.

“Young......young master, that place in front is the noble residence that miss frequents, do you want to take a look? Miss has a yearly membership, but she had been too busy so she never got the chance to go, it’s quite a waste.”

The excuse is too bad, Shu Ning pouted, even his good culture was about to leak out:”Okay.”

Aren’t you just bringing me there for a facelift →_→

Currently his skin is indeed not good, yellow, no nourishment, the date that Qin Yu Zhuo had planned with Shu Cheng was a month later, naturally they she had to race against time to package up Shu Ning into a clever, sensible, and well-mannered prince! In his previous life Qin Yu Zhuo was completely speechless after she had woken up, she sat in bed for ten seconds and only then did she put on a smiling face, she didn’t think not even in her dreams that the nanny would be so brainless, and gave Shu Ning the feminine care......

The quality of hospitality in the noble residence was exceptionally high, the customers here are all rich, and if they aren’t they have backers, they nodded their heads and bowed, giving people a feeling of home away from home.

The nanny took out the card and passed it over, and communicated with the front desk, two little ladies felt very embarrassed, they stole a few glanced at Shu Ning, secretly thinking could it be that someone was trying to embarrass him? No good, the boy was dressed excellently, a full body of brand-names, well-postured and a steady gaze, with one look you could tell how well-cultured he was, probably born with an extraordinary status. He’s not one they can offend, so they shook their heads at the nanny and refused.

Shu Ning watched the scene in his eyes, secretly thinking that something feels strange, in the last life they had quickly agreed.

The Shu Ning of the last life turned his head everywhere, secretly observing everything, lowering his head, his gaze flickering, thinking that other people didn’t notice, if not for his nanny bringing him, he would definitely be reported to the police under suspicion of being a petty thief.

The nanny’s forehead was quickly filled with sweat, the things ordered by the miss has to be done, Shu Ning didn’t want to be unlucky and stepped two steps forward:”Go on with the process, write it down on the card.”

“Alright!”Two beautiful little ladies were instantly filled with smiles, like two sunflowers~

It’s done just like that? The nanny was dumbfounded again, the bartender the male receptionist raised his hand, and led the way in front, Shu Ning walked leisurely. The nanny blinked her eyes, and scratcher her head, how should she explain herself to the miss when they return?


Qin Yu Zhuo tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep, her head was very painful, she changed her clothes, she put the photo that she had prepared before on the bed, the bell was pressed, the nanny led Shu Ning through the door. Oh heavens, this is my son? He had been reborn, Shu Ning looked exceptionally fresh, and his complexion had improved a lot, just......too skinny and too short, no matter, it’ll be fine if he drinks more milk and does more exercises, these are Shu Cheng’s genes after all, they won’t be bad.

The expression in Qin Yu Zhuo’s eyes are extremely bright, she stood up from the side of the bed, and walked to Shu Ning’s side and pulled his hand, and went back to the bed together to sit down.

Shu Ning saw the photo, and his eyes narrowed, his gaze was slightly complex, this time he did not act.

Qin Yu Zhuo made an oh sound, and took a photo to her hands and touched it, the corners have already faded, they always say women are always met. In fact, these traces are all fake, if you really cared about it, naturally you would hang it up, and keep it well, how could you allow the photo to become old and yellow?


Gentle like clothes that were most intimate – the word “intimate” here is the word 贴心 tie xin, stick, heart, it is used to describe a person who makes one feel good, like a sweet or kind person. She’s not a super hot pair of bikini

Women are always met – I assume they are talking about how “nice women always meet bad men” because that’s the closest idiom I can think of with these few words to go with.

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