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He keeps staring at me, what do I do? her face felt hot, just like a fever. They were all right, the male idol had really noticed me, he likes talking to me! What should we do on this date? Watch a movie? Shopping? That’s too normal. He’s the future successor of the Shu clan, will he send me a unique gift just like in those idol dramas? in𝓷𝓇𝒆α𝒅. 𝗰𝘰𝘮

“I,I......Are you free?”



Shu Heng is a man after all:”Let’s walk together.”

“Mm,”Yang Wei Wei could not contain her happiness, she quickly walked to Shu Heng’s side, and stole a few adoring glances at him from time to time, feeling extremely satisfied.

A strange scene had appeared on campus, no matter where they went the place was silent, as if they were being haunted by ghosts. Gradually, the girl could finally let go, she spoke about some amusing things to make Shu Heng happy, but Shu Heng was expressionless as per usual, he practically did not even speak, under normal circumstances the girl would feel lost, but she was still excited, and chattered on.

It’s the male idol!

She really wanted to hold hands, really wanted to kiss him, wonder how he tastes, whether his first kiss is still available!

There was a dead angle when they walked to the dormitory side, nobody was walking past, Yang Wei Wei took a deep breath, and stretched her hand out to tug on Shu Heng’s pinky.

A current of electricity flowed through her whole body at that moment, Yang Wei Wei felt that she was almost cooked.

Who knew that the male idol suddenly flung her hand off, turned around, and left, is he......being shy? Yang Wei Wei was stunned for a moment, that’s makes sense, there has never been word of him dating a girl before, serious, arrogant, strict, poised, even a goddess was nothing in his eyes, I really am the most special. Yang Wei Wei ran to catch up, and continued to talk about amusing things to make Shu Heng happy.

Shu Heng kept his countenance, it was hard to decipher what he was feeling, but with her head down it wasn’t strange that she couldn’t make it out.

Xu Jin came to tease them in the afternoon, originally he had wanted to make some jokes, the iron-faced man is finally going to date a girl, this is no different from an iron tree flowering, what a rare occurence. But only after he got closer did he realize the pressure surrounding them, the temperature, and the aura was not right, it was all gloomy, and his gaze was as sharp as a blade, whoever he looks at~ whoever won’t be able to take it.

Who offended him?

Shu Heng’s heart was not “big” like the usual, he paid no attention to anything, could it be his little girlfriend was not to his tastes?

╮(╯▽╰)╭Xu Jin is an eccentric genius, he would never beat around the bush, he started a conversation about the He clan’s cocktail party:”It’s been delayed for a month, how intriguing, you know the reason?”

“The old man was hospitalized.”

“Which old man?”There are tons of old men in the He clan, the smile on Xu Jin’s face lessened considerably.


Xu Jin’s eyes turned around, and he grinned:”The He clan has been mighty for many years, to be able to get such a good plot of land is all due to their good fortune, if the old thief dies, we’ll have to get busy.”

“The walls have ears,”Shu Heng was cautious, his gaze swept over, Xu Jin gave him an appeasing smile, and shrugged his shoulders, he had already took it to heart.

Xu Jin appeared lazy, but he was extremely profound and powerful, Shu Heng had grown up with him, and had a mutual understanding, trust, and reliance.

The evening sky was especially beautiful, Shu Ning had just reached the ancestral home, he stretched his waist and watched the evening glow in a daze, a gust of wind blew from the right, when Shu Ning turned to look Shu Ning was already close by:”Brother? You’re home!”


“Let’s......go in together?”


Shu Ning walked in front, nobody was following from behind, strange, Shu Ning turned back to look for him perplexedly, brother was watching him steadily, his gaze held an unmatched darkness......What does this mean? Shu Ning was too lazy to think about it, he had spent too much strength exercising today, he had gotten a bit hungry, he simply went over to pull Shu Heng’s hand, and entered the living room together.

Shu Heng lowered his head and looked towards that small little hand, delicate and long, well-defined joints, the warmth slowly seeped in, it felt warm, and very comfortable. In the campus, he had subconsciously separated from the girl whose name he did not know when she had touched the tip of his finger, he couldn’t stand it, he didn’t like it at all, it couldn’t be forced, but now that he was holding hands with Shu Ning, that strange feeling was rising up again, not just anyone can replace this.

Unfortunately Shu Ning had let go as soon as he saw the treats, he sat down on the sofa. The maid handed over a warm towel, and tended to Shu Ning to clean his hands first then drink some freshly squeezed juice to hydrate his mouth, only then did she hand over the fresh treats that was made just today.

Much effort was poured into these appetizing snacks, the taste was great and not too greasy, natural walnuts were used and so on, rich in nutrients, it was suitable for Shu Ning to nourish his body.

Shu Heng stood by the doorway, his face was frosty, and his icy dagger-like gaze fell on top of the little one’s body, seeing him eat in satisfaction, the unpleasant feeling slowly dissipated.

No hurry, the future is long.

Qin Yu Zhuo shared a candlelit dinner with Shu Cheng outside, full of affection, he had even bought a diamond ring, and fresh flowers, as if he were still trying to court her, they had only reached home at eight o’clock. The two first went to see Shu Gao, Shu Gao was very open-minded, a family living together, there was no need to visit him specially, everyone was quite tired, the ones who go to school had to go to school, and the ones who work had to go to work, it’s good to rest early.

Qin Yu Zhuo also thought that his words were reasonable, she pulled her husband over to see Shu Ning, at that time Shu Ning was doing his homework.

Shu Cheng picked up the English workbook and took a look, then he took a look at his geometry as well, he was very satisfied, just that his writing was a bit messy, needs improvement! Shu Ning said okay when he heard it, but his heart felt bitter, old man, I’m only writing this way because I’m already over thirty, and you’re still going to pick at it, do you also think I can fly╮(╯▽╰)╭

Practicing with a copybook? That’ll kill me......what a headache.

Shu Cheng is tall and handsome, his body fit and firm, he seized the little person with a quick stretch of his long arm, too skinny, too light, the doctor said Shu Ning’s weight and height are not up to standard, below average, and his bone age did not even reach ten, it was heart wrenching no matter how you listen to it, there was no need to investigate further, and he already knew what kind of life Shu Ning had lived in the past.

Living together with an elderly person with mobility problems, the elderly person did some simple work to feed her family, and his uncle, the only labour force in the family, was sent off to work outside, and his salary was mailed to his miser sister. This family was so wolfish, yet managed to give birth to Qin Yu Zhuo and Shu Ning, such a good man like Qin Yu Fu, really was hard to find.

“Dad?”Your pitying gaze makes me want to cry.

“Oh, it’s nothing, you don’t have to study too hard, examination results do not represent much,”Shu Cheng smoothed over Shu Ning’s lustrous hair, extremely satisfied, when he had just arrived he was thin and withered, his complexion was slightly yellowing, now they had managed to nurture him back to a bright and smooth complexion, he was just lacking some meat:”Did you buy the villa yet? Is your younger brother satisfied?”

“Don’t worry,”Qin Yu Zhuo had her own plans.

“Xiao Ning, think about where you want to go after your holidays come, dad will bring you!”

“Mm,”The beach is worth a visit, let’s not think about theme parks and whatnot, but the old man has been quite thoughtful, he could actually say that examination results don’t represent much, it’s simply too in line with my thoughts:”Thank you dad!”

Shu Cheng still had some things to take care of, and had to return to the study, he was quite regretful that he could not spend more time chatting with Shu Ning, when he was closing the door he saw the look of his wife and son chatting together with a face full of smiles, Shu Cheng felt very relieved in his heart. But as soon as he closed the door, Qin Yu Zhuo’s attitude had changed:”Your dad only spoke those words as a courtesy, just you try and get a sixty, I’ll definitely find a tutor for you. Right now we are in an awkward situation, some things won’t work out just because I’ve planned early, you also need to participate.”

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