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Rebirth of the Wolfish Silkpants Bottom

Chapter 153 (END) - Extra 2

Extra 2

Walking on the bustling street, several girls in front were discussing about something. Shu Yao looked towards them, and his good looking brows were knitted into a slight frown. It was Shang Zhou’s movie, it was already famous across half the world, and the assistant director, as well as the investor, was him.

Who was he?

He was my big brother, Shu Ning.

Shu Yao’s eyes were slightly complicated, and after a while, they became tired, it was a feeling he couldn’t resist.

Sighing, Shu Yao took the bus home. The Shu family had such splendour but he lived no differently than an ordinary college student, why? Because his big brother wasn’t fond of him.

Heh, funny, right?

The memories from when he was young were very vague, but he didn’t remember offending him. Everyone said I was very naughty, but whose child wasn’t?

Dad treats me well, he always held me high and even slept with me at night, for him I always felt so fragile and he was so afraid to see me hurt, he could forgive any of my wrongdoings with a smile, but everything changes when Shu Ning was at home, he would punish me, and he would tell dad to send me to the old house while he and his brother could stay behind and enjoy themselves. It was too much, wasn’t it? But everyone was afraid of him.

Sometimes, Shu Yao would feel envious of Shu Hao Yue. She had everything, her father’s love, the care and pampering of her brothers, and even the commander from the capital was rushing over to become her grandfather, anxious to take her back and put her name on the family tree. Such glory simply drove Shu Yao mad, they all clearly shared the surname Shu, and they were all clearly children from the same father, why?

Just because he was Shu Ning’s daughter!

Shu Yao sighed, and he felt deeply tired. After his dad died, half of the servants had even been sent away to raise him outside, and it was easy to imagine that since he was an unloved child, would they ever spend the effort to take care of him?

For the sake of his survival, Shu Yao had to be a good boy, striving to improve himself, only by currying favour with Shu Ning could he ever have the chance to study, if not, where would he get the money?

One time, Shu Yao had been stopped by a middle-aged woman, and only after chatting with her did he find out that she was his aunt, she was the elder sister of his mother!

Shu Yao hid his despise and his scorn, he had to prove that he was penniless before he was able to drive away that shrew. Just look at Shu Heng’s mother, her family was powerful and they were all officials, why couldn’t his mother’s family background be strong as well? And Shu Ning clearly shared the same background as him, what did he do to deserve this disparity?

Shu Hao Yue’s figure emerged in his mind again, she was a child formed from two men, but the treatment she received was no less than what a princess would! She was as well received as a moon amongst a group of stars, she could have whatever she wanted, and even what she did not want were the things Shu Yao desired to have.

The gap between people really was very huge. Shu Yao clenched his fists and got off the bus. He lived in this neighbourhood, in this normal house. Since he became of age, Shu Ning had even sent the rest of the maids away. Shu Yao could only rely on himself, wasn’t he afraid of being struck my lightning for doing this? But Shu Zi Xuan treated him quite well, he would show him concern and sent many good stuff over. He even wanted to send him a car, but Shu Yao didn’t dare to accept it, he was afraid that it would bring even more trouble if Shu Ning were to find out.

After all, Shu Yao was terrified of him, to the point where he would be kept awake if Shu Ning so much as looked at him.

He was scared, so very scared, but......why did he?

Was it for Shu Heng?

He wanted to be together with his older brother, and then inherit the property, but Shu Heng had a lot of assets outside, Shu Ning did as well, and they were all bigger than those of the Shu clan’s, why did they have to make things hard for me?

He didn’t know, he really didn’t. Shu Yao hated Shu Ning from the first glance, and that was because his dad liked him. Right now, the hate that ran deep in his heart was even more unforgettable. Shu Yao had already received the shared after he became of age, and after he graduates, Shu Ning wouldn’t have the rights to stop him from entering the company anymore. I’ll wait patiently, and little by little, I’ll slowly engulf you, I’ll tear off your skin, rip your flesh off your bones, and watch you burn, I won’t let you and your kids have a good death.

Shu Yao was scheming, he would live in accordance to Shu Ning’s plan and move with the opportunity, but he never knew that Shu Ning had seen all of this. An ambitious person would never learn to be obedient, just because you kept your claws did not mean that you stopped sharpening them, if he gave him the chance, he would only use it to attack.

After graduating from university, Shu Yao wanted to enter the board of directors since he had the shared, and Shu Ning agreed to send him to the developmental department as the deputy manager. Shu Heng knew all of Shu Ning’s plans, and he stayed quiet and unfathomable.

And sure enough, it only took half a year for something to go wrong with Shu Ning’s investment. If it were to fall through, then Shu Ning would have to go to jail. The police and the procurators came very quickly. Shu Yao stood next to Shu Ning with a worried face and even spoke words of comfort to him, he simply appeared to be a good little brother who cared about his big brother.

But after these men came, they caught Shu Yao instead!

You want to use me as a sacrificial lamb?

That’s impossible. Shu Yao’s face was extremely pale and distorted. Clearly, all the evidence pointed towards Shu Ning. He wouldn’t have it, he wasn’t leaving, but the policemen weren’t just here to be statues. When the evidence was slammed in front of him, Shu Yao fell like a fool from his chair, he was shocked and could say nothing.

It was Shu Ning.

For the sake of killing me off, he really did plan very far ahead, he didn’t even hesitate to take out hundreds of millions to pull a prank on him. But it made sense, I wouldn’t be able to take the risk if it weren’t for this.

Shu Yao had painstakingly collected information to lock in on a person, and spent a lot of effort to finally be able to gather some confidants......But they have been Shu Ning’s men from the start, funny, this was a big joke. After his conviction, he asked to see Shu Ning and he really came.

Shu Ning was very fair, delicate, and slender. His facial features may not be the most exquisite when separated, but together they were surprisingly pleasing to the eye, he was gentle with outstanding character, his noble mannerisms really did not match with the place.

Shu Ning sat on the chair calmly with indifference as his eyes leisurely fell on Shu Yao:”You can’t bear it, can you? Looking at such a large slice of cake.”


“What? You thought I didn’t know what you were thinking?”

“Why are you targeting me?”Shu Yao leaned forward, he couldn’t calm down, and his eyes were filled with eagerness:”Brother, with you and big brother’s abilities, the Shu clan was nothing, why did you have to target me since I was young? Why?”

“What makes you say that?”

“......Wasn’t this obvious?”

“Heng’s businesses were built by himself, and so were mine, you can do it too, why did you have to keep your eye on the family industry? You should have heard that the eldest child was always the one to inherit the Shu family business, take grandpa, dad, and big brother for example, they were all the eldest.”

“You want me to go out on my own? Brother, you’re really ruthless!”

“10% of the Shu clan’s shares are quite a lot, even if you don’t do anything you could still live wealthy for the rest of your life. You’re just bitter, aren’t you? You don’t even have the courage to start your own business, so what makes you think you can handle the Shu clan? But actually, you are wrong, the Shu clan is something important for both me and Heng, that is something both grandpa and dad worked very hard for, it’s not something you can touch with your dirty hands.”

“Am I dirt in your eyes?”He chuckled bitterly. Shu Yao still couldn’t help but cry, and he glared at Shu Ning, speaking with a hoarse voice and a desire in his eyes to destroy:”Are you really my brother?”

“I am.”

“Then why can’t you love me? Why can’t you love me like you love your own children? Even if it was just one tenth of that, I’m your brother, mother died early, why can’t you feel any pity for me?”

To be able to see Shu Yao being so hysterical pleased Shu Ning very much. He laughed so loud that he even started to tear up.

Shu Yao was amazed, Shu Ning had always been an elegant and calm gentleman, never had he ever lost himself in this way, were my words that funny?

“How could you be compared to my children?”A sinister touch flashed past Shu Ning’s heart, and he smiled:”That’s right, I’m your brother, but you are not my father’s child, you are a bastard! A lowly bastard.”

Ths blow was too big, Shu Yao had lost his senses completely, he didn’t even realize when Shu Ning had left. Incessantly he repeated to himself, bastard......I am a bastard......No wonder......No wonder......

Outside of the prison, Shu Heng was standing under the sun. Shu ning knew what he was thinking about, Shu Yao was Shu Cheng’s child, and as the adopted one, Shu Heng wouldn’t make things hard for Shu Yao, only then did Shu Ning spare his life. Shu Yao had never felt any pity or care towards him when he made his move, if not because he had prepared early, the one inside would have been Shu Ning now.

“Brother, do you feel guilty of what he and I have done to each other?”

“It was his own fault,”Shu Heng lowered his head to look at him, and he stroked the top of Shu Ning’s head:”You’ve given him many chances, this is a very light sentence for him. Ning Ning, I hope you can be happy.”


“You’re so old now and you’re still crying? Aren’t you afraid of your kids making a fool of you?”

“Don’t you like it when I cry?”

“In bed I do.”Shu Heng took Shu Ning into the car and held him tight in his arms:”What are you going to do if I want to see you cry right now?”


Five cars went forth, the skies are clear today, it is a good day.


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