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Extra 1

Shu Ning became famous.

He had been photographed while attending a celebrity gathering.

Then the photo got leaked to the internet......Though it was deleted in seconds, the photo had still been skinned by people, and then Shu Ning became a hot topic.

With a cold face, Shu Heng tried to extinguish the flames while Qin Ming had also kept himself low-key, trying his best to reduce Shu Ning’s existence, saving his reputation, but he had still been pushed out many times.

People like gossip, becoming the assistant director at such a young age? How many beauties did you sleep with?

Becoming an investor at such a young age? Are you laundering money?

And oh my god, suddenly they found out, their home were also built by Shu Ning constructions! What an amazing youngster, how old is he now, is he even twenty yet?

Not long after this problem came, the news of the twins started to overflow, but fortunately there were no photos of them.

Shu Ning laid on the bed, and exerted all the force he could as a milk-drinker only to be able to touch his phone with the tip of his finger, but was unable to retrieve it. Ah, Shu Heng did it for a whole night last night, right now it was hard to describe what Shu Ning was feeling below his waist! He sighed and rang the bell beside his pillow obediently, and the butler entered with a smile:”Greetings young master, are you hungry?”

“Mm, where’s Heng?”

“The young master has gone to work, it’s quite hectic outside these days, so you should stay at home!”

Shu Ning:”......”

Then the butler left. His eyes remained calm but he had a smile that secretly rejoiced at his suffering, but he did not let Shu Ning see it. As for what happened after the two young masters grew up, Young Master Ning became so busy that he would have to fly overseas one day, and fly to the capital and other places on the other. This made the older young master anxious in waiting for his return, he stayed in C City and left for nowhere, waiting for the second young master to finally find the conscience to see him.

And in the end......Nada, sometimes the second young master would even be so busy that he would forget to call!

As his company grew bigger, Shu Ning’s heart grew wider as well, he was strong now and could finally flex his wings, he could fly even higher now and he didn’t need Shu Heng anymore.

After entering through the “Gates of Glory”, the second young master finally returned home and became an earnest man, the older young master also need not keep a cold face anymore. He was exuding a murderous aura, spring had finally come for all the servants!

At night, Shu Heng returned very late and did not have any hint of a smile on his face as he entered the room. Shu Ning knew what his great top was angry about, all men needed a career and Shu Ning wasn’t a canary either, Shu Heng knew this from the start. Last night, the two had their very first argument, and this was because Shu Ning had misspoken. Without thinking, he asked Shu Heng whether he was the one responsible for his entering of the gates of glory.

And so the two got physical. They weren’t fighting, but rather, Shu Heng forcefully XXOO-ed Shu Ning and then did the OOXX.

Shu Ning was cheap at heart and liked it when Shu Heng forced him, the more rough he was, the more he enjoyed it. After a night of their entanglement, Shu Ning became a good boy again, disciplined through fucking, truly.

Shu Heng pulled off his tie and threw it to the sofa. Shu Ning held his breath, could there possibly be any man even more handsome than Shu Heng?

“Have you thought it through?”

His voice was alluring too. Shu Ning nodded:”Honey~ My waist hurts.”

Shu Heng subconsciously took a step forward but he immediately stood in place, enduring the pain and not going over:”Have you thought it through?”

Shu Ning rolled his eyes in his heart. He’s not lax at all, but why do I have to be the one to compromise? This isn’t fair:”Brother, I may be your wife, but at the same time, I’m a man too.”

“Do you want to continue our topic from last night?”

The atmosphere felt a bit stiff. Shu Ning hesitated for a bit but he still nodded, and then he regretted it. That was because Shu Heng left in an aloof manner without even speaking, he put on his coat and went abroad on that night itself. As for the Shu clan’s company? He can just pass it to Shu Ning. After all, Shu Ning was the true descendant of the Shu clan! Shu Ning could feel his head throbbing with pain, his great top Shu Heng had never thrown a tantrum before. Oh heavens, he actually threw up his job, he simply could not imagine that this was all really happening.

When he had it, Shu Ning had never felt it, but only now that he was gone did he finally see how great Shu Heng was, he was the one who held up the sky for him, and only then was Shu Ning able to fly freely. Sitting in the chairman’s office felt as if he were being bound by ropes, he really wanted to go to the capital to see how far the new city garden’s construction had come, he really wanted to go to L City to participate in Shang Zhou’s opening ceremony, he really wanted to......Shu Heng had even more businesses under his name, could he have his own places he wanted to go as well?

The Shu clan had many businesses in C City, even if you went out, you would have to return in a few days to deal with all the official duties. The more he thought about it, the more he felt bad for Shu Heng. Shu Ning frowned and felt especially depressed that day. It had only been a few days when Shu Heng returned by himself. When he walked through the company’s doors, Shu Ning’s resentful little eyes were filled with the reflection of water. How old did he think he was? Still crying at this age.

He really has been spoiled.

Shu Heng closed the door, opening his arms, and Shu Ning immediately got up, ran over, and pounced~

He felt so wronged, he missed him so much, do you feel happier after abandoning me? Shu Ning raised his head and pouted his little lips for a kiss. A light shone through Shu Heng’s eyes and he endured the temptation, not satisfying his wife’s request:”Have you thought it through?”

It was that sentence again. Shu Ning replied very seriously:”I did, money’s not as important as you are, my businesses aren’t as important as you are, and nothing ever will be.”

“I feel the same.”

Shu Heng’s voice was very hoarse, these few days had been miserable for him, too. He lowered his head to kiss his yearning lips, tasting the usual sweetness. His heartbeat accelerated, just once wasn’t enough. Shu Ning was usually quite fussy when they did it, he liked to pick a spot. When Shu Heng swept all the documents off the desk with his big hand, Shu Ning sucked in a breath. Obediently, he allowed Shu Heng to press him down on there, and did him good.

And the so-called seven-year itch ended. Shu Ning woke up at home and his face was filled with black lines, this time he’s really lost all his face.

Shu Heng entered with a bowl of porridge in hand, this scene was just like it was many years ago. For a moment, Shu Ning felt quite moved:”I’m not hungry yet.”

“You’re hungry, don’t be stubborn,”Shu Heng understood Shu Ning.

Shu Ning bit his lips that were swollen from kissing, and Shu Heng quickly stopped him. Their eyes met, dense with affection. Shu Heng lowered his head down to give Shu Ning a kiss on the forehead, and Shu Ning held him around the waist, nudging him affectionately. He pulled Shu Heng’s face to him and kissed him again and again. Shu Heng’s breathing started to become rushed as his eyes filled with passion:”Don’t tempt me, eat your porridge first.”

“Okay~”He felt slightly disappointed.

“I’ll fuck you when you’re done.”

Instantly, Shu Ning’s face turned red. His eyes glimmered and he didn’t even dare to look at Shu Heng’s serious face anymore.

Shu Heng blew on the spoon, feeling that it was cool enough, he brought it to Shu Ning’s mouth, feeding him very carefully. He held him with his other hand while holding a napkin, helping him to wipe his mouth occasionally, he waited to Shu Ning so much that he could just about ascend to immortality. Shu Ning kept on staring at Shu Heng and the eyes he stared at him with were so very alluring, he would even lick the edges of his mouth deliberately every so often. He extended his naughty little hands into Shu Heng’s clothes and rubbed the muscles on his abdomen. So many years had already passed but he still loved his body, it was so strong as if he could keep him in check with a single finger.

Shu Heng took a deep breath, and that was because Shu Ning twisted his little red bean. Following the passing of time, Shu Heng’s forehead was covered in sweat, but he never gave up on his job of feeding him his porridge. He had such a strong will, but why did he have to endure? That was all because he cared too much, Shu Ning hadn’t eaten lunch nor dinner so he must be getting sick from hunger.

Meanwhile, Shu Ning took advantage of Shu Heng’s pampering, and provoked him incessantly. Seeing that only a single bite of porridge was left, he narrowed his naughty little eyes and stretched his naughty hands lower down, squeezing the mighty dragon that was already hard!

Shu Heng’s hand was shaking terribly much, he simply fed himself that last bite of porridge and pushed Shu Ning down, feeding him mouth to mouth. This kiss was especially sweet and lasting, it felt both spicy and full of love.

Shu Ning was dumbfounded, and mph mph mph he tried to call out. Because this was out of his expectations, his big brother wasn’t following the routine. Continue feeding me! I thought you had very good endurance? He was very 囧 this time!

Shu Ning whose clothes had been plucked clean was like a fish on top of a chopping board, allowing him to oppress him. Shu Heng had been enduring for a long time, and he immediately began to sow his seed without even doing any foreplay. Shu Ning moaned as his body swung back and forth, it was as if his body had become a vibrator, shaking incessantly, to the point where even his waist started to feel sore. His thighs were shivering something fierce but it was fine, he liked it a lot. As long as he could be together with him, nothing else was important.

The next afternoon, there was a bit of noise in the room when Shu Ning wake up, it sounded as like a bunch of sparrows were calling non-stop, wait, that’s not right!

Shu Ning immediately opened his eyes and sat up, it hurts, he almost didn’t keep his face straight. His four little babies were playing stack-em. Because of the sound, they all turned to look at him abruptly. Their big eyes were very adorable. Right now, they were already seven years old, they were at a very lively and active age. They all looked very similar but their personalities were very different, it was easy to tell them apart.

The twins who were raised in the Szeto house were especially excited, they yelled that mommy had woken up, and pounced to the bed, rolling around with Shu Ning. This shocked Shu Heng so much that he strode over, and quickly helped his wife. The other two whom they have raised by their sides had also pounced on the bed, and immediately they rolled into one single pile. Normally this was fine, but last night......Heheh, it has been hard on him. Shu Ning glared at Shu Heng, this was all his fault, why didn’t he tell me that their babies from the capital were going to come today?

And now what was he going to do? He really wanted to play with him but his body wouldn’t allow it, sob sob sob sob~

Shu Heng clapped his hands and four pairs of big eyes looked to him at the same time, calling daddy~ daddy. Shu Heng proudly raised his hand and motioned downwards, and their well-tutored babies immediately calmed down and sat properly, waiting. They were all very obedient and this part of them was just like Shu Ning. Shu Heng looked gratefully towards Shu Ning as if these angels had crawled right out of Shu Ning’s stomach.

“Mommy has a new baby, so he can’t play with you anymore, you have to be very, very careful, understand?”

Shu Ning was shocked silly. He was talking a bunch of smack, what on earth was that explanation?

Several babies raised exclaimed in surprise, they wanted to pounce over but couldn’t, but their faces were red with excitement, they were all calling out and pleaded, they wanted a little sister, a little sister~

Shu Ning glared fiercely at Shu Heng, you! Just you wait, I’ll make sure you regret this.

The maids entered and each of them carried one, and brought the children out to the yard to play. Shu Ning ignored the pains of his body and pounced into Shu Heng’s arms, and there was a murderous look in his eyes:”A little sister huh~”

Shu Heng’s eyes were very gentle:”Don’t you want to have both sons and daughters?”

Shu Ning was stunned, and begun to ponder.

Shu Heng caressed Shu Ning’s soft and smooth hair, his heart filling to the brim with love. He held him tight and landed a deeply affectionate kiss, showing him a very incomprehensible smile. He did not idle around when he left those past few days.

And so, ten months later, they now have a daughter, it was a precious little princess!!!

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