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He cried without tears, God, can you please turn back the time......

Fortunately his arms and legs weren’t caught by his brother, he carefully shifted his body away, and relaxed his breath, done.

He remembered last time, as soon as he moved his brother woke up, Shu Ning raised his eyebrows, turned his head and looked over, he’s not awake......but his ears are red!

What does this tell me?

It tells me that brother had known early on!

This thought is too horrifying, the person next to me must be a fake big brother, Shu Ning’s face turned ghastly pale, he crawled on all fours down the bed, his discoordination nearly made him fall over, he quickly rushed back to his room to wash his face and calm down, this isn’t scientific. It must be that he had gotten too hot because of me hugging him, that’s why his ears were red.

Misunderstanding! It was a false alarm_(:зゝ∠)_

The door was shut lightly, Shu Ning who was in a rush had only took two steps before he suddenly stopped in his tracks, his little head turned, under normal circumstances he should open the door to make sure before he can be relieved, but if as soon as he woke up......he had forgotten to take his pillow!

Shu Ning narrowed his eyes, and pushed open the door quietly, brother is still sleeping, and his posture was the same as before.

“Xiao Ning, come down earlier next time, don’t let the elders wait.”


Qin Yu Zhuo frowned slightly and was just about to discipline him, then Shu Heng came down the stairs, this little brat’s appearance is more handsome compared to Shu Cheng, when he gets older he would probably he as elegant as a jade tree, even more naturally refined. And just his cool and contemptuous attitude, most people won’t be able to learn it. The good melon was not crawled out from her own stomach, what an eyesore.

Shu Heng did not greet her, and did not even look at this mother and son pair, he went straight out the door.

“How rude, he’s too unruly.”Qin Yu Zhuo was extremely angry, she gave a few glances to Shu Ning from the top down:”You need to work hard to improve, you have to make it so that he can’t compare to you, otherwise how am I going to take care of the child in my stomach? Xiao Ning, you’re a man so you must have an indomitable spirit, help your dad out more, alright?”


Qin Yu Zhuo who still had many things she wanted to say suddenly became like a deflated balloon, dry and flat, Shu Ning was currently eating, and his head did not raise at all. If you say Shu Heng is rude, you can turn the explanation around, other people had their status in place, they had the right to be arrogant. Shu Ning could not even compare to other people’s fingertips, what should he do?

Qin Yu Zhuo’s eyes brightened up:”You have to get along well with him! Have a chat, read some books, if you have anything you don’t understand ask him immediately!”

“I’m done eating,”Shu Ning followed the driver holding his schoolbag and left.

Qin Yu Zhuo felt melancholy in her heart, how could Shu Ning’s temper be so laid back and useless!

No matter how the woman tries to complicate things, Shu Ning will not care about it, it’ll be fine if he reduces the amount of time he has to be in contact with her. After graduating from university his brother will become like an iron wall, nobody can touch the lake in his heart, if he doesn’t take advantage of being rebirthed to get out of this mess, then how long is he going to stay like this? But her words were revealing some strange intentions, she must be planning something.

At night she really made a move, after Shu Ning finished drinking the milk handed over by Shu Heng, he had an unbearable stomach ache, and was admitted to the hospital.

The reason was poisoning.

Qin Yu Zhuo covered her mouth, after taking a look at Shu Heng she became silent.

Shu Heng was currently discussing with the president of the hospital, after a short while, Shu Gao who had received the news had also come:”What happened? My little Ning Ning!”

His heart ached very much, Shu Ning laid down on the bed with a pale face, a variety of devices buzzed, a cold liquid slowly flowed into the little one’s body:”How did you look after the child?”

This scene is not right, the old man should be questioning Shu Heng instead, Qin Yu Zhuo was just dumbfounded for a moment then she started to cry grievingly.

“I’m not falling for this one, speak up.”

In front of a group of doctors, nurses, and the director, Shu Gao did not give her any face at all, Qin Yu Zhuo hated it, but it was unfortunate that one must lower their head under an eave:”Shu Ning drank milk......”

Under normal circumstances, the old man should be asking what’s wrong with the milk, but Shu Gao did not, he is not an ordinary old man:”Why are you just speaking halfway are you ill or something? Stop stirring up trouble, what actually happened? If you speak half a lie, I will immediately have Shu Cheng divorce you, don’t think that you’re part of the Shu family as long as you birth a kid, your son can stay, but you are not qualified!”

They’ve already married, she’s the legal wife, in front of everyone Qin Yu Zhuo has to give the old man some face, she can’t refute:”By the time I found out, Shu Heng had already carried Shu Ning to the car and left, I......really don’t know the situation, you should ask the doctor, I heard it was......poisoning,”she held her mouth silently and cried.

Anyone who saw Qin Yu Zhuo’s current look, would feel bad.

Shu Gao did not look at her anymore, his gaze fell closely on the president’s body, the president had already started to have a cold sweat:”The young master was indeed poisoned, the thing mixed into the milk is still being tested, we’ve already given him a gastric lavage, because he was sent over in time, the young master is in a good condition, if there are no abnormal symptoms tonight, he can leave the hospital tomorrow.”

“Mm, you’ve worked hard,”Shu Gao loosened his breath, but his face was still taut, he sent a glance over to Qin Yu Zhuo:”Why are you standing there and not going home?”

“I, I want to watch Ning Ning.”

What a joke, you want to watch over the child you abandoned for so many years?”Shu Gao hated this point the most, he did not get to take care of his grandson’s childhood, and now he’s already in high school, he wanted to give him a hug but he was too embarrassed to even lift his hands, how vexing:”Take good care of the one in your stomach, take a good rest, don’t fill your head with ideas of seeking after personal gains, if you stay the same as before, don’t blame me for turning ruthless, get lost.”

Get lost, these words made Qin Yu Zhuo’s face redden up like blood, she couldn’t just stand, but leaving is even more shameful, the president was still the one with better judgement, he lifted his hand, and send her out, after sending her to the parking lot she advised her a bit, and watched the car leave.

Qin Yu Zhuo took out her cellphone, she endured the desire to complain to Shu Cheng, her nails scratched across the LV phone case hatefully, her eyes were filled with a grim and sinister light, damn old man, nobody can block my path, don’t blame me, don’t blame me......

Shu Cheng rushed back through the night, he landed early the next morning, and rushed without stopping to the hospital, Shu Ning’s complexion was normal, and his breathing was smooth, he had not woken up, actually he was tossing around, and slept really well.

“How did he get poisoned?”Shu Cheng patted the shoulder of the elder son by the bed side.

“They couldn’t figure it out.”

Shu Cheng frowned, his complexion did not look good. The monitoring in his house had always had no dead angles, all the entrances and all, even if it was a grape it would be checked before entering the Shu residence, the people who could move around in the villa were all servants who knew their place. Something had been mixed into the milk, after Shu Heng came in contact with it something happened to Shu Ning.

All this indicates that, someone had made a move against Shu Heng:”Xiao Heng, you should be going to school.”


Once Shu Heng left, the driver walked in:”Chairman, the milk had been checked before it was put in the fridge, other than the mistress the only people who touched it was the elder young master and the mistress.”Following that, he repeated everything that had happened last night from the start to the end.

Qin Yu Zhuo?

She’s pregnant, she also drinks milk, Shu Cheng trusts his own judgement, but he trusts the character of his elder son even more, just then, Qin Yu Zhuo pushed open the door and entered:”Husband, you’re back?”Her eyes were red.

“Something happened to Xiao Ning, I can’t not come return right?”

Qin Yu Zhuo pursed her lips, she pulled the man’s big hands with grief:”Xiao Ning......had not seen anything in the countryside, if he sees anything good he’ll just want to stuff it in his mouth, you could only get food poisoning if you just ate everything outside, but Shu Heng’s cup of milk just so happened to get caught up. It’s all my fault, if I had only kept Ning Ning with me on that year......”

“Don’t cry, it’s bad for the baby.”

“Xiao Heng that child is really sensible, he sent Xiao Ning to the hospital and even watched him overnight, oh, where did he go?”

“He went to school.”

She gave the man a complaining glance, Qin Yu Zhuo was dissatisfied:”I know you have high hopes for him, but he’s still just a child, your body is important.”

“He’s eighteen, he’s not young anymore, you shouldn’t go to work today, go home and take a rest.”

“How could that do? The He Shi development zone matter is too important, I want to be responsible to the end.”

The two left, the room became quiet, only then did Shu Ning open his eyes, earlier the fragrance lingered, I can’t sleep even if I wanted to, this smell is too disgusting, he could not help having such a deep memory of it. He frowned slightly, his whole body was weak, in his past life he had also had a poisoning incident, Shu Ning thought it was Shu Heng’s orders, after receiving the gastric leverage it ended at that, there was no threat to his life, so he did not have any suspicions that it was instigated by Qin Yu Zhuo at all.

He can’t just stomach it like that!

You put me in a miserable situation, then I will throw you into the 18th floor of hell!

Shu Ning thought of the He Shi development zone matter the two had mentioned earlier, and the edges of his mouth curved slightly, an idea!

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