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Rebirth Of The General's Granddaughter

Chapter 7: Let Mother Have A Good Rest

Chapter 7: Let Mother Have A Good Rest

After Zi You said her piece, she held onto her grandfather’s sleeve and coquettishly said “Grandfather, now that I have recovered why don’t you let mother rest? Don’t tire her out by having her take charge of the family finances. Why don’t you pass the matter on to second aunt instead? By the way, father why don’t you let mother rest and stop requesting for her to go on that long work trip with you? Why don’t you go together with fourth mistress?”

(TL: Fourth mistress is her dad’s concubine. Lower status than her stepmother)

Zi you clearly remembered that when she recovered from her fever in her previous life, she gave into Yi Ping’s pleads and followed her father and stepmother to Quanzhou.

Three years later, Zi You’s father came back to the capital, along with Yi Ping and their two year old son. Ironically, it was Zi You who requested for Yi Ping to take over the family finances.

This time around, even if Zi You died, she was adamant about never letting her stepmother follow her father to Quanzhou and never giving her the chance to birth a son. Much less allow her to control the household finances.

When Zi You saw her father and stepmother’s shocked expression, she did not spare them. Instead, she snuggled up to her grandfather and said “Grandfather, looking at how much mother cares for me, can you accept my request...Please...? I feel really sorry for mother seeing how hard she worked.”

“Yes yes. I’ll promise you that. You have just recovered, don’t worry so much. Zi You’s second aunt, I’ll have to trouble you with the finances. You’ll take over her role while she rests. Zi You’s father, you too, stop bothering your wife and give her a break. Just bring your fourth mistress along on the trip.” said Zi You’s grandfather.

“Yes” Zi You’s second aunt replied obediently. After which, she stroked Zi You’s nose affectionately and joked “You’er cares so much for her mother that it’s making me a little jealous. It is indeed better to have a daughter, their more thoughtful. Unlike those two playful sons of mine. Brother, sister the both of you have such great fortune!”

(TL: Adding ’er behind a person’s name is an affectionate way of calling someone)

Zi You’s father gave a forced smile and said “yes”, but in his heart, he was vexed and displeased.

Having just married a new wife less than half a year ago, it was the honeymoon phase of their relationship. He hated that he wasn’t able to stick together with his wife everyday.

Although Yi Ping was the daughter of the prime minister, she was the daughter of a concubine. Her birth mother, the seventh mistress of the prime minister was a lowly entertainer prior to entering the prime minister’s household. Thus it was no wonder Yi Ping lacked the refined air of a noble aristocratic lady and instead led a licentious way of life.

Especially when it came to matters in the bedroom, Yi Ping was proactive, passionate and serious about pleasing Zi You’s father. She had him under her spell. He was so infatuated with her that he reduced his visits to the courtyards to his other mistresses, even his favourite fourth mistress was not spared.

Back to the scene in the bedroom, Yi Ping was dumbfounded! Initially, Zi You disliked her stepmother and treated her coldly. However, regardless of how cold Zi You was, Yi Ping never dared to express her dissatisfaction. This is because in the General’s household, whatever Zi You said was approved by Old General Mu.

Be it Old General, second uncle or second aunt, all of them doted on Zi You. Even Madam Liu’s(Second aunt) sons who were younger than Zi You could not compare to her.

This is also the reason why in the face of Zi You, Yi Ping had always played the part of a virtuous wife and loving mother. She knew that only by doing so can she be approved by Zi You and enjoy a smooth sailing life and gain a foothold in this household.

But now, this god damn girl is screwing her over under the pretense of caring for her. This made it difficult for her to endure.

Yi Ping looked at Zi You while clenching her jaw so tightly that she felt like her teeth was going to break. On top of that she had to act the part of a virtuous woman and give Zi You a smile while saying “Oh yes, I’m pleased to have such an obedient and understanding daughter.”

In Zi You’s heart, she thought ‘Bitch! Why don’t you drop your act. If you want to go ahead and continue acting, do it well. I’ve already died once, what’s there to fear now?’

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