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Rebirth Of The General's Granddaughter

Chapter 26 A Stroll in the Market

Chapter 26 A Stroll in the Market

These words made Old General Mu’s tears flow and heart comforted. His granddaughter was only twelve-years-old and was so sensible and filial already. How could he bear to hurt her?

Old General Mu gently embraced Zi You in his arms. He said with pity, “Your mother was a descendant of a goddess. She had the power to come back to life. But you...”

“Grandfather, I am also a descendant of the goddess. I also have powers.” Old General Mu’s words weren’t finished before Zi You interrupted him.

She looked at her grandfather and firmly said: “You’ll see eventually. You’er currently cannot come back to life, but one day, You’er will be able to. Grandfather, You’er vowed in front of mother’s tomb: I will protect you and second uncle. I will definitely not let grandfather or second uncle die! You’er want you two to live long lives!”

Looking at his granddaughter’s firm eyes and listening to her sonorous and forceful vow, Old General Mu could no longer bear to stop Zi You. He emotionally told Mu Ying Yi and Liu Shi to arrange Zi You’s matter of leaving the Manor.

In Zi You’s previous life, she did not like Autumn. She always thought Autumn’s beauty was a little bleak. “From where to compose sorrow, Autumn is in the heart of parting people.” In the Fall, the heart was worried. One could not see geese flying by in a V-shape. One also could not see the invisible summer worm going by. One just felt an inexplicable loneliness and could not escape the sad impression.

It’s just that today, when she was strolling in the market, she saw a few white clouds occasionally floating by in the blue sky and a few swarms of happy birds flying by. In the distance, gradual shades of reds and yellows intermingled with the green mountains. The cool Autumn wind brought about a sense of leisure relaxation. Due to the harvest of fruits and vegetables, even the farmers’ noise was full of pride and joy. All of this caused her dislike of Autumn to lessen and mood to improve.

Her first-ranked head servant girls, Shui Yun, Hai Yun, Shi Yun and Mo Yun, chattered like four little happy bees, flying East and West, looking at this and touching that.

Zi You smiled while looking at these four little girls aged twelve- to fourteen-years- old. Then she unconsciously frowned after thinking about the servant girl, Yan Hong, who betrayed her in her previous life.

Currently, among her head servant girls, there was the fourteen-year-old Shi Yun and Mo Yun, the thirteen-year-old Hai Yun, and the twelve-year-old Shui Yun. Among the four second-rank servant girls, there was Ruo Xue, Ruo Yu, Ruo Yun, and Ruo Shaung. Among the rougher-duty servant girls, there was Xiao Chun, Xiao Xia, Xiao Qiu, and Xiao Dong. There was no Yan Hong.

It seemed like Yan Hong appeared after Zi You participated in Wang Yiping’s maternal family, Ying Guo Gong Manor’s, Chrysanthemum Feast held after the Mid-Autumn Festival. Ying Guo Gong Manor’s fifth young master, who was also Wang Yiping’s Shu [concubine-born] brother, molested Shi Yun drunkenly. Ying Guo Gong Manor’s legitimate wife, to keep peace, asked for Shi Yun to become the yiniang [concubine] of the fifth young master. As compensation, she gave Wang Yiping’s yiniang’s servant girl Yan Hong to Zi You.

At that time, regardless of Shi Yun’s desperate crying and begging, she not only gave Shi Yun away to Wang Yiping’s Shu brother to be yiniang, she also, under Wang Yiping’s coercion, gave Shi Yun a hard slap.

Afterwards, because Yan Hong could speak well and work efficiently, she was quickly promoted from a second-rank servant to a first-class one.

Afterwards, Zi You gradually trusted Yan Hong, and treated Mo Yun, Hai Yun, and Shui Yun more and more distantly. Eventually, when she married into Yongnan Marquis’ Manor, she only brought the youngest Shui Yun with her after, marrying Mo Yun and Hai Yun away.

She really was stupid in her previous life. These four first-class servant girls had been with her since they were young. How could she alienate herself from them and listen to Yan Hong’s words?

There’s only half a month before she would see the servant who betrayed her, the servant who was worse than pigs and dogs. Zi You’s pupils slightly squinted and she smiled a cold sneer.

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