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Rebirth Of The General's Granddaughter

Chapter 234.3 - Shuiling’s Scheme, Discovers the Red Light, Finds Out About the Empress and the Shaman’s Affair Part 3/3

Chapter 234.3 Shuiling’s Scheme, Discovers the Red Light, Finds Out About the Empress and the Shaman’s Affair Part 3/3

The Empress rolled out of bed, kneeled in front of Xuanwu Emperor, and kowtowed repeatedly. “Emperor, your consort is falsely accused! What did your consort do to make you want to abolish me?”

“What did you do?” Xuanwu Emperor sneered ferociously. “What did you do? You’re still asking this? You shameless slut. You even dream about rolling around with that lowly barbarian Darong Ka. Why don’t you just die?

The Empress was really worthy of being the Empress. She had calmed down by this time and immediately looked aggrieved like she was suffering the greatest injustice. She cried helplessly and pitifully. “Emperor, even if your consort has no eyes, your consort still knows that that Nanjiang barbarian can’t compare to you, Emperor! Isn’t that like comparing mud to clouds?

“Emperor, your consort has never been in contact with Darong Ka, so how can we roll around together? Emperor, your consort has been wronged......”

The Empress clearly knew what the Emperor’s temper was like, so Xuanwu Emperor wasn’t as livid as before. “Then why did you call out Darong Ka’s name in your dreams?”

The Empress suddenly pointed to Shuiling and snapped, “It must be here. It’s this demon! Emperor, you can’t trust this demon. She was given to you by Mu Zi You. She wants to retaliate against you and Taizi. She must know about your secret.”

Emperors were undoubtedly suspicious. The Empress had been husband and wife with him for so many years, so how could she not understand him? Thus, she accurately said what he had hidden in his heart, but was difficult to express.

With Wu Jieyu’s example, it was really impossible for Xuanwu Emperor not to even be a little doubtful of Shuiling.

But who was Shuiling? She was a water spirit! Even if the Empress was smarter, how could she surpass a spirit who could transform into a human and psychically communicate with Zi You?

Xuanwu Emperor looked at Shuiling and saw her starry eyes misty and blankly looking at him. She didn’t explain anything. She looked extremely innocent, as if she didn’t know what was going on!

This expression was clearly that of a pure and innocent girl. If she really had schemes, she wouldn’t have stopped him from coming here to check out the red light and certainly wouldn’t have stopped him from killing the Empress.

Xuanwu Emperor thought of this and his expression changed again. He kicked the Empress hard. “Nonsense! Don’t blame Shui’er. She doesn’t know anything.”

At this time, Shuiling acted as if she didn’t hear him say anything and went over to the Empress’ bed. She reached out and pulled out the ring from underneath the pillow.

She smiled while looking at it. “Emperor, it’s this ring that emitted......”

“Give it back!” Before she finished speaking, the Empress rushed over crazily to snatch the ring back.

She couldn’t be blamed for losing her calm. She finally found out the benefits of the ring. If she rubbed the Devil Ring, chanted the spell, and said her wish out loud, it could satisfy her in the *** aspects, if nothing else. 𝙞n𝐧𝚛e𝚊𝑑. 𝗰o𝐦

She thought of how the Emperor hadn’t set foot in her bedroom for a long time now. How could she live through such long, lonely nights? She could only rely on this Devil Ring!

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