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Rebirth Of The General's Granddaughter

Chapter 234.1 - Shuiling’s Scheme, Discovers the Red Light, Finds Out About the Empress and the Shaman’s Affair Part 1/3

Chapter 234.1 Shuiling’s Scheme, Discovers the Red Light, Finds Out About the Empress and the Shaman’s Affair Part 1/3

What was that woman doing? Xuanwu Emperor frowned in displeasure. The Empress had been listless and absentminded lately, but he didn’t know what was wrong with her. He had asked her if she was ill, but she said she was fine.

Now, there was something strange going on with her palace. No matter what, he should go take a look. She was his wife after all. He had to take that into account.

Xuanwu Emperor decided and immediately said to Shuiling, “Take Zhen down there.”

“Shuiling doesn’t want to.” Shuiling deliberately placed her head on Xuanwu Emperor’s chest and acted spoiled.

Xuanwu Emperor was ecastic to see that the flower fairy was jealous because of him. He touched Shuiling’s smooth skin and smiled lecherously. “Zhen is just taking a look. We’ll go back to Chengguang Palace Hall in a moment.”

“Okay.” Shuiling’s coy laugh was particularly pleasant in this winter night. “Shuiling likes Chengguang Palace Hall. It’s Shuiling and Haoyu’s home.”

Haoyu? Xuanwu Emperor’s heart suddenly jumped. A feeling that he had never had before surged in his heart. It was like he drank a bowl of hot soy milk infused with honey. He felt warm on this cold winter night.

So, it sounded this nice when someone addressed him by his name. So, he had a home. Yes, he had never treated this cold and lifeless Palace as his home. That was because there were no relatives in this home who doted on him.

They weren’t a family in the imperial family whether it was his Muhou, wives, children, brothers, or sisters. There was no familial affection. They only used and schemed against each other.

He didn’t expect that this Shuiling actually let him experience the feeling of a home and having a loved one.

Xuanwu Emperor’s heart softened into a mess. He wrapped his arms around Shuiling’s soft and boneless waist. Even his voice was warm. “Okay, let’s take a look and then return home. Shui’er, call me Haoyu when there’s no one else around.”

“Okay.” Shuiling very naturally kissed Xuanwu Emperor’s face and called out, “Haoyu, Haoyu, Haoyu......”

Her voice was like a spell. Every time she called him, Xuanwu Emperor’s heart would sink......

When they arrived at Fengming Palace, that red light was even brighter and more eye-catching, as if the whole Fengming Palace was shrouded in a red light.

Xuanwu Emperor’s strange feeling grew stronger and stronger. Shuiling landed with him on the ground and he couldn’t wait as he strode towards the palace.

The palace maids and guards guarding the palace were scared. They started to call out, but Shuiling quickly tapped their mute acupuncture points.

She opened the palace door and whispered to Xuanwu Emperor with a coy smile, “Haoyu, why don’t we play hide and seek with the Empress? Let’s sneak inside and scare her.”

Xuanwu Emperor didn’t suspect her at all. Shuiling had always been mischievous like this. Even the palace maids and enunuchs were often tricked by her.

But she was pure and simple and didn’t understand the world at all. She didn’t understand the schemes and calculations between people.

This was one of the reasons why Xuanwu Emperor particularly liked her. He thought she was truly innocent and kind, unlike the wicked Wu Jieyu.

So, Xuanwu Emperor did as Shuiling said and quickly snuck towards the Empress’ bedroom. But he didn’t expect that the Empress had such heavy protection. There were lots of guards, palace maids, and eunuchs. There were six people guarding three doors before they finally reached the Empress’ bedroom.

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