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Chapter 18: Nosebleed

Zi You had no friends because of the malicious rumors. In her previous life, regardless of how terribly the duke treated her, the gossip would antagonize her. People say that she was too cold. Influenced by the crowd, it was no wonder that the duke couldn’t stand her back then.

When rumors about her and her father-in-law started, people would remark that it was her father-in-law’s caring and thoughtful actions that melted her frozen heart.

Because of the rumors, Madam Liu tried to urge Zi You to attend more banquets held by the nobles and create a positive impression. However due to Yi Ping’s and Lan Xuan’s dirty tricks, Zi You became extremely self-conscious at the banquet, embarrassed when people pointed and talked about her looks. She felt completely defeated when she returned. From then on Zi You no longer listened to any of Madam Liu’s advice and relied on Yi Ping instead.

Madam Chen met Zi You’s mother before. She knew that even though Zi You’s mother was of unknown origins, she was beautiful. Even so, she was still amazed by her looks when she met Zi You.

Zi You was wearing a long lavender dress with reflective silver thread sewn on the edges. The dress hugged and accentuated her figure around the waist. There were tens of flowers sewed on her dress. When she moved, these flowers would reflect a silver light. Her dress was low-key, yet extravagant at the same time.

Zi You had a silk sash tied in a butterfly knot around her waist. This made her look slender and fragile. Her skin was the same milky white shade as her father. In contrast to the healthy looking bronze color of her mother.

Zi You had a small, straight nose. Her eyes were deep-set akin to a deep clear lake. It also contained a purple glow capable of captivating the soul of others. Her lips looked like moist begonia petals, beautifully sculpted and slightly plump. She had a head of wavy brown hair.

Despite all this, the most attractive part about her was the noble and cold aura with a hint of sexy laziness that she radiated. She looked composed and polite. Every movement she made was like a dance, elegant and captivating. The slight smile on her face made her look enchanting.

Madam Chen was secretly shocked. The girl before her was only twelve, however her beauty was enough to make a person’s soul waver. When she grew up, she would be devastating beauty. So beautiful it would cause trouble...

The mother and son duo was shocked. Similarly, Yi Ping was shocked speechless by Zi You’s elegant appearance and mannerism. 𝐢𝙣nr𝙚a𝗱. 𝚌૦m

This little brat had been acting in front of her all along?! She was totally different in terms of dressing and speech. Shouldn’t she be a vulgar and difficult little brat? How did she suddenly become this beautiful?

This morning, when Zi You pulled Yi Ping along to choose her dress, Yi Ping clearly remembered that ugly bright red dress with yellow flowers that she had specially chosen for Zi You. How did that dress become this dress? How was she not aware when this happened?

Yi Ping’s shock and the awkward expression of Madam Chen and her son did not escape Zi You’s eyes. She snickered in her heart. On the surface though, she handed Madam Chen a medicated cloth and said softy, “Auntie, there’s blood clotting medicine applied on this gauze. Cover his nose with this and the bleeding will stop in no time.”

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