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Chapter 10: Doubt

Never in her wildest dream did Zi You expect her mother to be a descendant of the Indian Goddess Dumoli, much less her inheriting spiritual powers from her mother.

If this was the case, her chances of a successful revenge would increase tremendously. This time, she is not only going to master the art of medicine, but also martial arts.

‘I must master martial art, only then will I be allowed to follow grandfather and second uncle to Nanjing, preventing the tragedy from occurring.’

After making up her mind, Zi You told her grandfather “grandfather, granddaughter has already recovered, from tomorrow onwards, I want to learn martial arts from you. You must be sure to impart all of your skills to me!”

Listening to Zi You, Old General Mu was very pleased but he didn’t forget to remind her “Zi You, practicing martial arts is very tough. You will have to train consistently and bitterly in movement skills and inner strength. Inner strength would most probably not be a problem for you. Since you possess spiritual powers, you will definitely be able to improve at a speed that exceed others. The only issue is movement skills. For movement skills, you will have to attach iron sand bags to your legs while flying over eaves and running on roofs.”

Zi You looked at her grandfather and said decisively “grandfather, I’m not afraid, you only need to care about guiding me strictly. Only, granddaughter wishes for you to keep this a secret and reveal me learning martial arts to outsiders only after I’ve mastered it. Also grandfather, granddaughter has some suspicion. Why is it that after practicing martial arts with you for over half a year, instead of having my constitution improved, I was afflicted with such a serious illness? Who was the doctor that came? And did he say exactly what illness did I contract? Also, what medicine did he prescribe and was there a prescription list? How is it possible for me to heal miraculously after drinking some ‘holy water’? If that is so, what’s the point of even having doctors?”

Old General Mu did not expect his granddaughter to be so sharp at such a young age. He recalled that after Zi You had fallen sick all of a sudden, out of nowhere and lost consciousness very soon after.

Was it not for the fact that the imperial doctor was summoned by his older son, Old General Mu would not believe what the doctor had said.

At that time the imperial doctor told Old General Mu “weird, this is weird. I can’t determine what illness young miss has contracted, thus we can only attempt to lower her temperature for now. Otherwise, young miss’s brain might get damaged.”

After drinking the medicine prescribed by the imperial doctor, there was no signs of improvement and Zi You’s body was still burning, with no sign of her regain consciousness.

At last, Imperial Doctor Qin can only shake his head helplessly saying “lowly subject is useless, please look for other ways.”

At this moment, elder daughter-in-law(Zi You’s stepmother) ran out from behind the screen crying “then will the holy water from the temple work?”

Imperial Doctor replied “you can try, who knows? It may actually work.” while he was walking out with a solemn expression.

Just like this, Yi Ping went to the temple despite Ying Rui’s(Zi You’s father) discouragement. Covering her head and masking her face, Yi Ping kowtowed all the way to the temple to show her sincerity and begged for holy water. Unexpectedly, the holy water worked! Two hours after Zi You drank it, her fever subsided and four hours later, she woke up.

Hearing such a long series of questions from Zi You, Old General Mu was stunned speechless. He didn’t know what how to reply Zi You.

After all, the only person in the family who had conflicting interest with Zi You was her stepmother, Yi Ping. This is because Zi You had never liked her and treated her coldly after she married Ying Rui.

Just because Zi You didn’t like her, Old General Mu and his second son’s family treated Yi Ping coldly. Rather, it was only Zi You’s father who had great relations with Yi Ping. So much so that he even suggested bringing Yi Ping along on his trip.

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