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Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 9 Dividing the Loot and An Unexpected Gain

Loot Drop:

-10 silver coins

-x3 Shadow Wolf Hide

-x1 Concentrated Demonic Beast Core

-x1 Shadow Fang Sword

-x1 Shadow Necklace

-x1 Eye of the Wolf Ring

-x1 Skill Book: Shadow Movement

What amazing loot that dropped! The rarest thing that dropped was without a doubt the skill book! The chances of such a thing dropping were astronomical, most likely less than 0.001%, but because it was the first kill on this world boss, their chance increased greatly and they were lucky enough to come across it!

Even though the skill book was the most valuable item, that did not mean the other items were useless. In fact, there were accessories which were quite difficult to get a hold of, especially this early in the game. Their gains from this would cause those with bad intentions to have a great deal of greed, especially if they knew about that skill book! But, none of the three here were stupid enough to disclose the items they received so lightly to others.

The silver coins, on the other hand, that would obviously just be divided evenly between them. 1 silver coin was equal to 100 bronze coins! That meant 333 bronze coins for each of them with 1 bronze coin to spare, of course, it would most likely go to Izroth.

The first item that Izroth had picked up and sighed at amazement because of was the skill book. When he read the description of the skill, he could not help but react that way.

Skill Name: Shadow Movement

Skill Level: MAXED

Skill Rank: A

Requirements: 50 Agility

Active - Increases your Agility by 200% and fuses the user with their own shadow so that they may move freely for 30 seconds, or until their shadow state is released or broken. The user cannot attack or perform any other actions while in this state. The user can still be attacked while in this state if discovered.

Skill Cooldown: 7 minutes

An A ranked skill and a life-saving skill at that! One could choose to launch a stealth attack and catch their enemies off guard, or even escape an encirclement with relative ease! This was an ideal skill for a rogue. If Ryder was here and saw that skill he would be so green with jealousy and feel endless regret for not being able to obtain it. That was an A ranked skill! Even later into the game, they were going to be quite difficult to come by!

Izroth did not have the agility requirements to use this skill quite yet, but he did have some stat points he could invest, after all, he leveled up a total of 4 times!

Luna and Halls could not help but sigh with amazement as well if only the skill book would’ve been suitable for one of them they may have had a chance to obtain it. But, since neither of them was an agility based class and could not bother wasting points on such a thing, it could only belong to the Izroth who was obviously very fast!

"Since neither of you belongs to an agility based class, this skill is most suitable for me. Do you have any rejections?" Izroth looked over at Luna and Halls.

"Even if we wanted to fight with you over it, we should at the very least be a class that can use the skill. So it only makes sense that this skill belongs to you" Luna gave a reassuring smile.

"Indeed, if it was a warrior based skill or a cleric based skill then we might have something to say, but there is not even much need to think this choice over" Halls sighed with a bit of regret that it was not a warrior based skill. How amazing would that be to own an A ranked skill? If he knew that Izroth already had 2 A ranked skills and was about to obtain his 3rd, he would probably curse him for his good luck and drown in sorrow!

Izroth nodded and didn’t hesitate to even use the skill book as soon as it went to his inventory!

System Alert: Are you sure you wish to learn this skill?

Ding! Congratulations, you have learned Shadow Movement!

The skill was grayed out on his skill list showing that he didn’t have the requirements to use it yet. But he wasn’t too worried about this since he would have what was required soon enough.

The next thing Izroth did was divide up the silver. He received 3 silver and 34 bronze coins while Luna and Halls received 3 silver and 33 bronze coins. Neither of them was going to make a fuss over 1 bronze coin so it did not matter anyway.

The next items he divided was the Concentrated Demonic Beast Core and the Shadow Wolf Hide. Halls offered to give up his piece of Shadow Wolf Hide for the Concentrated Demonic Beast Core. Izroth had no problem with this and neither did Luna, he had contributed much to this victory so he deserved certain benefits.

Izroth gave all three pieces of Shadow Wolf Hide to Luna, after all, he had gotten a skill book so giving up that item could be seen as a small token of his appreciation. Luna did not bother being shy about it and received the x3 Shadow Wolf Hide from Izroth. She wouldn’t use them but sell them for silver. After all, this kind of material was extremely rare at this stage in the game and a lot of the big guilds would pay a nice sum for it.

Next up was one of the accessories, the ’Eye of the Wolf Ring’. It was an uncommon item, but that didn’t take away from its value at all.

Accessory Name: Eye of the Wolf

Accessory Rank: Uncommon

Accessory Level: 10

Requirements: 50 Magic

Mana: 100

Accessory Skill: Eye of the Wolf(Active) - Allows the wearer of the ring to perceive the battlefield with the heightened vision of a shadow wolf. Last 2 minutes.

Cooldown: 10 minutes

"What a useful ring.." Izroth thought to himself as he glanced towards Luna’s direction. Her eyes were sparkling while looking at that ring, most women loved accessories, after all, be it in real life or a video game. Even in the seven realms where Izroth was originally from, women loved jewelry and all kinds of accessories.

Most would probably be disappointed that the skill didn’t do anything but give you heightened senses, but Izroth knew how amazing that would be, especially in an intense or confusing situation. It would allow for one to gain an almost perfect understanding of the battle happening around them! That was a huge advantage in group fights!

Izroth and Halls didn’t even need to think or speak about it as the ring obviously went to Luna.

Luna had the requirements to equip the ring and so she instantly put it on and a lovely smile blossomed on her face as she admired her new piece of equipment.

Izroth without even taking a moment to decide tossed the sword to Halls. When Halls received the sword his eyes nearly popped out of their socket and he almost shed tears of joy! Izroth threw him a weapon like this so easily?! He wasn’t dreaming, right? He wouldn’t wake up the next moment and find out this was all just a dream right? He was so excited that that smile on his face wouldn’t go away.

Luna was also quite shocked by how generous Izroth was when she saw that weapon he gave to Halls. She let out a long sigh... If only more players were so fair when dividing loot a lot of problems could be avoided. Most players in this situation would do their best to get all the items possible, but Izroth was instead sharing fairly just like he stated he would. She gazed at Izroth, her eyes filled with endless admiration.

Izroth already had a good sword, so he wouldn’t take all an item he would not bother using.

Weapon Name: Shadow Fang Sword

Weapon Rank: Rare

Weapon Level: 10

Requirements: 70 Attack

Attack Damage: 30

Weapon Skill: Shadow Pressure(Active) - Releases an intimidating pressure in the atmosphere causing those within 10 meters to be ’Feared’ for 3 seconds. Deals 50% of the user attack as damage every second the enemy is feared! This skill damage ignores physical defenses!

Cooldown: 5 minutes

A rare sword with an active skill attached to it! This would make Halls one of the top tanks on the server at the moment! One had to know that most people had only common weapons right now and those who had uncommon weapons were considered extremely lucky! Those who had rare weapons or items at this moment could probably be counted on just one hand!

Halls had to control his breathing as he equipped the sword instantly after spending his stat points! The sword sat on his side, it was a dark black color with a smooth body and an incredibly sharp edge. It gave off a light milky aura that was the trademark of all rare weapons.

Izroth had a slight smile appear on his face from the way Halls reacted. He could not help but to be amused by it as he retrieved the very last loot item the Shadow Wolf dropped which was a necklace.

Accessory Name: Shadow Necklace

Accessory Rank: Uncommon

Accessory Level: 10

Requirements: None

Agility: 30

The necklace itself didn’t have any sort of special effect, but it gave an insane amount of agility to make up for it.

Luna and Halls were already very satisfied with the items they received, especially so for Halls who received a rare weapon! Neither of them would have any problems with the Necklace going to Izroth.

Izroth saw that neither of them had any complaints so he put the necklace in his inventory and instantly equipped it. Izroth felt as though he became a bit lighter when that necklace equipped onto him. As soon as he equipped the necklace, the grayed out Shadow Movement skill became like all the other skills, he could now use it without a problem.

They finally finished looting the corpse of the Shadow Wolf as it turned into energy particles before dispersing in the atmosphere.

Izroth had a small grin on his face as he looked at his character window, "I never thought that these video games could be so rewarding and exciting" he mumbled to himself.

After thinking about it for a moment, Izroth decided to save his stat points for now and spend 1 skill point to finish maxing out ’Flickering Steps’.

Skill Name: Flickering Steps

Skill Creator: Gear

Skill Level: MAXED

Skill Rank: S

Active - For the next 20 seconds, the user Agility is increased by 400%.

Cooldown: 3 minutes

Description: A skill created by the Famous Adventurer, Gear of the Flickering Steps. His trademark move allowed him to remain untouched on battlefields and only a light flicker of his silhouette could be seen before a foe is slain just moments after.

Name: Izroth

EXP: 367/2,800

Level: 7(Stat Points: 15)

Title: None

Class: Combat Master

HP(Hit Points): 300/300

Energy: 100

ATK(Attack): 90(60+30)


AGILITY(AGI): 60(30+30)


Gear Equipped:

Nameless Blade - Main Weapon

Shadow Necklace - Accessory(1)

Skills: (Skill Points: 1)

Breaker of Limits(Passive) Level: MAXED (S Class)

First Baneful Sword: Destruction(Active) Level: 1/3 (A Class)

Flickering Steps(Active) Level: MAXED (S Class)

Shadow Movement(Active) Level: MAXED (A Class)

Inventory: (Gold: 0 Silver: 4 Bronze: 4)

-x1 Demonic Boar Hide


World Fame: 210

Izroth was fairly surprised, it had actually upgraded to an S rank skill! He actually received an S rank skill from Gear! It was only at A rank because he had not mastered it completely yet but now that he had, it had become a monstrous skill. A 400% agility boost for 20 seconds! He could practically toy with his enemies during that entire time and if he wanted to escape and used that along with Shadow Movement, no one could even think of catching him!

Ding! You have received a friend request from Luna, do you accept?

Ding! You have received a friend request from Halls, do you accept?

Izroth snapped out of astonishment when he heard the system alerts going off. He looked over at Luna and Halls with a curious look on his face.

"We should party some time when you’re free. We could even run dungeons together in the future if you’re up for it. You can call us any time you need something, we’re in your debt" Halls said with a friendly smile on his face. It was rare to meet such strong players randomly, so he would like to be friends with Izroth.

"If you ever need a Cleric for a quest or hunting you can feel free to contact me. You seem like the reckless type to go into dangerous situations alone after all" Luna had a small smile on her face and looked very gentle and serene at that moment.

Izroth nodded before accepting both of their friend requests.

Ding! You have added Luna as a friend!

Ding! You have added Halls as a friend!

"We haven’t had a chance to properly introduce ourselves. I’m Luna, a Cleric. Nice to meet you" although they could tell each other names from the party member list, it was still a show of respect to offer a proper introduction.

"I’m Halls, a Warrior. Hahaha, I’m not all that good with greetings and stuff"

"I’m Izroth, a Combat Master. You’re both quite skilled"

Halls and Luna blinked in surprised when they heard him say that. Coming from a player like Izroth who was monstrous, the fact that he called them good should be considered a huge compliment. Though they could only blush in shame as they knew they couldn’t compare to him, at this moment.

"You really know how to give someone face hm? Hahaha" Halls just laughed it off playfully.

Luna couldn’t help but release a light giggle by how straightforward Izroth was. She had met a lot of guys before and they either tried to hit on her or were utterly repulsive to talk to. They always whispered sweet things to you but never meant any of it. Honest guys like Izroth were quite rare, she couldn’t help but become a bit more interested in him.

"We’re going to head back to town for now and meet up with the people we originally formed a party with, do you want to come along?" Halls offered even though he knew the most likely answer.

Izroth shook his head while responding, "That’s alright, I plan on exploring a bit more since I’m already out here. You can head back without me"

Ding! Player Izroth has left the party!

"Take care of yourself, there are a lot of dangerous monsters in this forest" Luna warned Izroth a bit worried for his safety. Although she knew that he was strong and could take care of himself, she couldn’t help but show a bit of concern for him being out here all by himself.

"You two as well, have a safe trip on your way back. Also if those guys from earlier give you any trouble let me know, I’ll come over as soon as possible" a cold glint flashed in Izroth eyes. He was referring to Mick, Ryder, and Tina. Those three were no good people and now that they saw that world boss slip away right through their fingers they might try to get revenge.

"Heh, don’t worry if those guys dare try to bully us, let’s just see how they like my Shadow Fang Sword" Halls said confidently.

Luna and Halls then headed off back towards the direction of Opal Village.

Izroth looked towards the other direction heading further into the forest before finally starting to walk that way. But what he didn’t notice was that not far from where he was, a lone shadow was peering at him from within a tree.

This person had to be extremely skillful in order to avoid Izroth’s natural detection abilities. How terrifying!

"Heh, how interesting..." the shadow said before vanishing from his position leaving no trace behind.

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