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Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 27 The Friend of Gear

Izroth almost thought that Metronome gave him incorrect coordinates, however, after seeing a sign that said ’Combat Master’ along with the symbol of the class placed at the very center of the building Izroth knew that this was indeed the correct location.

He walked up to the door and opened it entering into the extravagant building. When he stepped inside it wasn’t any less luxurious. Paintings were everywhere, with marble flooring and crystal chandeliers dangling down from the ceiling.

Just as Izroth was looking all around him he heard footsteps approaching from a hallway located near the back of the main entrance area.

Not long after, a man emerged from within the hallway with a stern and strict look on his face. He wore luxurious robes with a gold lining running along the edges of it. His hair was held in place and went smoothly backward looking tidy. He gave off a noble aura of authority that hid a fraction of pressure behind it that matched perfectly with his sturdy build.

Izroth could tell at first glance that this was someone who most likely held an important status within the capital city Amaharpe. But this man seemed to live a completely different life than that of Gear, so there was a chance this person may not be the friend he was looking for.

The man stopped around 5 meters from Izroth and started sizing him up, examining him from head to toe. "What business do you have here? This is a holy place for Combat Masters, not just anyone can enter." the man had a serious look on his face.

A holy place for Combat Masters? This person appeared to have an incredibly elitist kind of mindset as if he were above everyone and everything.

Izroth never got along too well with people like that from the time he started his journey of cultivation, all the way until he reached the apex. He wouldn’t bother being polite after receiving such an unwelcome greeting. "I have a letter here to deliver to someone who knows a man named Gear" Izroth retrieved the letter he obtained from Gear placed within his inventory before leaving ’Opal Town’. There was a special seal on the letter so one would be able to tell if the contents were really sent by that person or not. The seal definitely matched that of Gear! When the man moved into range, Izroth was finally able to see his information.

NPC Name: Terminus (???)

NPC Level: ???

Terminus took but a moment to examine the letter and although his facial expression was still stern and strict, he no longer tried to put pressure on Izroth with his aura. "Hmph... What does that old drunken fool want now? If he wants more gold coins then you can just tell him to forget it. I’ve already sent him enough to last more than ten lifetimes" it appeared as though he knew Gear personally after all.

"Gear told me that it was important this letter gets to you. I’m just doing a favor is all. Whether you accept it or not has nothing to do with me" Izroth said in a firm tone.

Terminus narrowed his eyes as he looked at Izroth. It had been a long time since someone dared talk to him in such an unruly manner. But, when he heard the words Izroth said he knew the matter had to be serious for that old fool to say it was important. That meant it was something even he wasn’t confident in handling alone. He decided to receive the letter from Izroth and read over it.

The more Terminus read the uglier his facial expression turned, "How could this be possible...? They should still be sealed..." he finished reading the letter and had an incredibly gloomy look on his face as he massaged his temples. "If what he says in this letter is true, then it won’t be long until ’it’ comes for that item here in Amaharpe..." Terminus muttered to himself. He could only let out a deep and long sigh at the discovery.

"Young adventurer, you have done an incredibly important deed bringing me this letter. My greeting earlier was unsatisfactory, you have my apologies" Terminus impression of Izroth improved greatly after knowing the task he just completed. Also, even though he badmouthed Gear they were actually really close friends who faced life and death together. If Gear trusted Izroth enough to deliver such an important letter, that meant that he must have been a talented person worthy of Gear’s trust and respect. He then tossed a small badge at Izroth with a unique magic signature embedded into it.

Ding! Congratulations, you have completed the quest ’An Old Friend’.


-2 silver coins

-500 EXP

-1 Official Class Badge

Izroth caught the badge and looked down at it.

Item Name: Official Combat Master Badge

Usage: Free entry into any officially recognized Combat Master facility. Free entry into the capital of Amaharpe without a recommendation letter. A 10% fee discount at the auction house located in Amaharpe. This item cannot be sold or traded.

Izroth put the item into his inventory before giving a slight nod to Terminus. He was curious as to what the contents of the letter were as it was obviously something of great importance, however, it did not seem like information Terminus was willing to share. "Then, I shall take my leave" Izroth turned around and started heading towards the exit of the building.

"Wait a moment!" Terminus called out to Izroth as he stopped and looked back towards Terminus with a frown on his face. Terminus seemed to be a bit hesitant at first, but after remembering this was someone approved by Gear he felt a bit more relaxed about the matter. "I have a favor to shamelessly request of you. You will be rewarded without doubt, but you must take great care with what I’m about to entrust you with" Terminus had a solemn look on his face while speaking to Izroth.

Izroth thought about it for a moment and figured that it might have something to do with the letter that Gear wrote. For no reason other than satisfying his curiosity, he decided to hear Terminus out.

"I can’t go into that many details about it. But I need you to confirm something for me. What I’m about to tell you is currently only known by myself, Gear and most likely five others. Therefore, I’ll have to ask that you be careful handling this information, or you may bring destruction upon yourself. I am saying this for your own good and not as a threat" he felt it was only right to inform Izroth about the potential danger he would be in if he accepted his request. But how could Izroth be afraid of a little of danger?

"I’ll listen" Izroth started to reevaluate Terminus. Even though he acted like an elitist, he was still able to set aside his pride and ask for a favor as well as apologize earlier on. This meant that he did not ignore the bigger picture of things.

"Around 10 kilometers west of Amaharpe there is a region of mountains nearby. Unfortunately, I’m unable to make the trip myself as I must prepare for... Certain upcoming events. Therefore, I need for you to journey to the center of that mountain region and obtain a particular item from a Seer there known by Tererestiaa. She is a powerful Seer capable of glancing into the near future, so she’ll know why you’re there. It’s important that you return with this item, extremely important. I only entrust this task to you because you are someone that Gear trust, and although he may be an old drunken fool he does not give away his trust to others so easily" Terminus explained the task he had for Izroth and soon after a system alert sounded off.

Ding! You have received the quest ’Journey to the Seer’!

Ding! Since your party does not meet the recommended requirements, the quest rank has risen!

Ding! Do you wish to accept?

Quest Name: Journey to the Seer

Recommended Level: 15

Recommended Party Size: 6

Quest Rank: S

Quest Objective: Journey to the mountain region west of the capital city Amaharpe. There, you must find the Seer Tererestiaa, retrieve the important item from them and return to the capital city of Amaharpe to deliver the item to Terminus.

Time Limit: 2 days

-0/1 Find the Seer Tererestiaa

-0/1 Retrieve the special item

-0/1 Deliver the special item to Terminus in Amaharpe


-1 gold coin

-10,000 EXP

-One Rare rank equipment

Failure Penalty:

-Loses 20,000 EXP


Special Note: This quest may be shared with up to 5 other players.

When Izroth saw the generous rewards from completing the quest, he was thankful he decided against ignoring Terminus and walking out of the building. If that happened, he never would’ve gotten the opportunity to receive such an amazing quest! Izroth did not hesitate to accept the quest, he immediately did so after seeing the rewards, not putting the failure penalty in his sight.

Ding! The world quest ’Journey to the Seer’ is now active in your quest logs!

Ding! The quest time limit of ’Journey to the Seer’ has been started! 2 days remaining!

Terminus nodded his head in a satisfied manner when Izroth accepted his favor. "I warn you once more to tread carefully. I must take my leave" Terminus figure grew blurry as though it were phasing out of existence before he soon vanished altogether.

"What an interesting skill..." Izroth thought to himself as he watched Terminus disappear. It may have been a movement skill on par with Gear’s ’Flickering Steps’, maybe even slightly more powerful.

It was getting closer to the time he was supposed to meet up with Luna and Halls by the gate. He still had around 25 minutes to waste away and so decided that he would explore Amaharpe a bit more to familiarize himself with it.

Izroth exited from the Combat Master building and started to wander around. "So this is the city that will be destroyed if the quest ’The Beginning of Beginnings’ is not completed... How much power would be needed to do such a thing?" Izroth had a rough estimate at how strong characters like Terminus and Gear were. There were bound to be people as strong or maybe even stronger than them in the capital of Amaharpe. Also, the magic barrier protecting the entire city must’ve cost an astronomical amount of resources to build and maintain. If something or someone was powerful enough to destroy the entire city, it must’ve meant that their power could be considered as unparalleled in comparison to the people of this capital!

After exploring the capital for around 20 minutes, Izroth decided that it was time to head back to the gate to meet up with Halls and Luna.

"Hey! Hold on a moment!" someone called out to Izroth as he was walking. Though Izroth did not think someone was talking to him and continued walking.

"You with the sword on your back! Wait right there!" the voice sounded out once more.

This time Izroth stopped and turned back to take a look at the person calling out. It was a woman with bright red hair, a dangerously curvy figure and a pretty face that would have many men fighting to win her love.

"What is it?" Izroth didn’t flinch when he saw her beauty. After all, this was someone who was the number one cultivator within the seven realms. How could he not have seen his fair share of beauties?

The woman was a bit startled by Izroth’s nonchalant attitude. Usually, men would always try to gain her favor or swoon over her, but Izroth seemed unaffected by her beauty.

Though she was surprised for a moment she quickly regained her composure and continued on, "I’m by myself and looking for someone to party with. Do you mind if I join you? Ah, I’m a Mage by the way" the woman had a lovely smile on her face as she spoke to Izroth in a polite and alluring tone.

"She’s lying..." Izroth narrowed his eyes as he thought to himself.

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