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Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 20 An Unforeseen Even

Izroth had received a message from Halls and Luna.

System Alert: Player Luna has sent you a message, "You cleared a dungeon by yourself? I had a feeling you were reckless but I had no idea you would go and do something like that... Next time call me over to heal for you! I could use some EXP and loot too you know? Anyways, congrats on clearing the dungeon :)"

System Alert: Player Halls has sent you a message, "How could you clear a dungeon without me?! I thought we were friends T_T, you have to let me tag along the next time alright?! First, a world boss and now a dungeon! Your luck’s too amazing man"

A slight smile appeared on Izroth’s face as he read the messages and he shook his head a bit, "I suppose it would not be a terrible idea someday" Izroth had replied to both of their messages with that statement before closing out the system alerts.

Izroth was happy from the rewards, exp, and loot he was given from defeating the ’Goblin King’s Commander Jruloja’ and clearing the dungeon. But a frown suddenly appeared on his face as a question came to his mind, why had he not completed the quest ’The Mysterious Goblin’? He cleared the entire dungeon and yet still it did not say he completed the quest. Also, he only had around 25 minutes remaining on the time limit for the ’Relic of Power’ quest and had not found any clues!

Suddenly, the entire room began to shake and release tremors as though an earthquake was taking place! Izroth scanned the room for the source of the tremors and what caught his attention was Gilidore standing next to a stone wall that was opening up like a secret passageway of sorts!

Gilidore turned his head to look at Izroth before dashing into the secret passageway disappearing from view.

Izroth furrowed his brows when he saw how Gilidore ran into the passageway that just opened up inside of the stone wall. There was this strange feeling eating away at Izroth as if it were trying to warn him of something. When he first entered into the room he already looked everywhere possible and found no door or entrance beside the one he came in through.

This means that if he required answers or clues to finishing his quest, he would have no option but to proceed onward. The sole problem was that his HP was incredibly low right now sitting at 60, and if he stepped into an unexpected trap or met with another incident soon after following Gilidore into that room he may not survive.

Izroth decided to sit down and rest before continuing on. Even if he could not gain back all his lost HP in time, he at least had to recover enough to take a hit and still be able to retreat afterward if things got bad.

"It’s very strange... I feel as if the entire chain of events that have transpired so far has been highly unusual. Not to mention..." Izroth was in deep thought as he relaxed a bit. After around 5 minutes, he decided to stand up and began to step towards the open entryway inside the stone wall. Izroth HP had managed to climb up to 285 and he still had a single ’Lesser Health Potion’ remaining just in case of an emergency. The time limit on the ’Relic of Power’ quest was ticking away quite fast, there were less than 20 minutes remaining for him to complete the quest!

When Izroth entered into the hole inside the stone wall, the first thing that he sensed was something similar to when the ’Goblin King’s Commander Jruloja’ was gathering mana all to a single point. Except, the converging of this mana was much more powerful and tyrannical than a mere skill from that boss monster.

As Izroth got a clear view of the room when he entered, he noticed that Gilidore held a purple stone in his hands. That stone appeared to be the source of the tyrannical force as the mana was all gathering around it as though it were swallowing the energies of the world itself. He was behind a barrier similar to the one Izroth had run into when he first entered into the main building area. A broad smile could be seen on Gilidore’s face and when he saw that Izroth had come he could only laugh out of pure happiness. "It’s all thanks to you that I managed to retrieve this item, fellow adventurer. If not for you, I would have never been able to get past the barrier in this place. Of course, I must properly reward you" Gilidore said with that friendly smile on his face.

Izroth eyes moved around the room and not far away he saw a small figure laying on the ground, it possessed sewage green skin, a long nose and resembled something very close to a goblin... That’s because it was a goblin!

Name: Mysterious Goblin(Rare Boss) 𝑖𝓷n𝘳ℯ𝐚𝐝. 𝒄om

Level: 15

HP: 0/14,000

ATK: 0

DEF: 40

AGI: 150

MAG: 300



"The mysterious goblin!" Izroth was baffled. Wasn’t this the ’Mysterious Goblin’ that he was supposed to eliminate for his quest? How could he kill it if it was already dead? Did that mean he failed or completed the quest because it had died? Also, he had not located the ’Relic of Power’ but rather Gilidore did even though he still had some time left until the quest was over. What kind of broken system was this where one did not even have a chance of completing a task given to them?

On the bright side, Gilidore said that he had a reward for Izroth so he didn’t feel all bad about it. Plus, for some strange reason, he still had the quest in his quest logs... So maybe he hadn’t entirely failed the quest.

However, the words that Gilidore said next caused Izroth to be confused, bewildered and feel cold to his core by the sudden turn of events!

"You should be grateful, fellow adventurer. You get to personally watch as the great guardian of the firmament is resurrected before your very eyes! As a bonus, I’ll also let you keep your life" Gilidore was behaving in a bizarre manner.

Izroth frowned as he heard the words Gilidore said. Watching the great guardian resurrect? As a bonus, he’ll let him keep his life? Izroth was absolutely livid for being looked down upon like he was some nobody. The last time that someone told him that they’d let him keep his life, he later returned to take theirs and annihilated their entire sect! Any decent impression Izroth held before of Gilidore, even though their meeting was brief, had completely left his mind. From that single statement alone Izroth already knew that he was bound to kill this person.

Gilidore abruptly turned around and faced a foreign plate object that was made from an unknown material which was embedded into the stone wall with unfamiliar symbols written all over it. At the center of the plate, there was a hole that seemed to be the key to unlocking it as though it were sealing something.

Gilidore placed the ’Relic of Power’ into the hole located at the center of the plate and the entire room began to shake as tremors were released in small waves. The plate cracked in half before completely shattering, but the ’Relic of Power’ remained floating in midair shining bright enough to illuminate the whole area. Though instead of shining bright like a star, it was instead full of a brilliant darkness that seemed to be devouring the light that the plate provided, absorbing it into its own power before latching itself onto the stone wall with the strange symbols!

The entire wall started falling to pieces and the more pieces that fell, the more clear the view behind the wall became. What appeared was some type of glass-like material that wasn’t quite glass. It seemed a lot sturdier and the aura it gave off resembled that of something not of this world. One would think it would be easy to shatter, but few knew that it was actually one of the hardest substances known in RML! It was a divine type of material that was nearly impossible to find, yet here there was such a large quantity.

Behind the glass made of an unknown substance, there was a giant humanoid figure. On their back was a pair of wings that were originally bright red in color, but one could see a dark aura that gave off an oppressive evil force slowly corroding that brilliant red color. Some sections of the wings that the humanoid figure had begun to turn black, but the red part seemed to be suppressing the dark aura as though it were in a constant battle against it. The eyes of the being trapped inside of the glass gradually opened. One of their eyes were scarlet red in color while the other was pitch dark, as though if one stared into it for too long they would lose their way and be devoured by pure darkness.

Izroth stared at the humanoid figure behind the glass and when it opened its eyes, Izroth could feel that suffocating aura within the atmosphere. Though his eyes just grew a bit cold, after all, how could he who was once the number one cultivator in the seven realms be affected by something like this? But even though Izroth was not affected by the aura, he was still surprised when he observed the humanoid figure.

Name: Corrupted Vozrak, Guardian of the Firmament(LEGENDARY BOSS)

Level: ???

HP: ???

ATK: ???

DEF: ???

AGI: ???

MAG: ???



Corruption of the Relic(Passive): This once mighty guardian of the firmament has been corrupted by the relic of power. As long as the essence of the relic of power remains inside of the guardian of the firmament, they will have to constantly fight for control over their own body while slowly being corrupted.

Craaaaaaaaaack... Crash!

The glass-like substance slowly began to crack and fall down, crashing onto the ground beneath and losing its power as well as its luster.

Gilidore got onto his knees and bowed down, "Vozrak! Guardian of the Firmament! I, your humble follower have released you from your eternal prison! Grant me the strength to be of greater service to the great one!"

As Gilidore spoke the huge humanoid figure with red and black wings along with its heterochromia eyes, stared down at him. It held out its hand and an overwhelming amount of power flowed into the body of Gilidore.

When Izroth observed Gilidore once more, his eyes had narrowed and his hand subconsciously moved onto the hilt of his ’Nameless Blade’. If he was going to go down, he would go down fighting. Even if Gilidore said before that he would let him keep his life, it did not mean that he would not have to fight that other powerful boss monster. Besides, if things got too bad he still had his ’Flickering Steps’ and ’Shadow Movement’ which were off cooldown by now. He just hoped that that would be enough for the current situation.

Name: Gilidore, Betrayer of Mankind(EPIC BOSS)

Level: ???

HP: ???

ATK: ???

DEF: ???

AGI: ???

MAG: ???



Servant of Vozrak(Passive): This person draws their power from the great guardian of the firmament. As long they remain eternally loyal, they shall be granted immense strength and an immortal soul.

Vozrak stepped out of its glass encasement and looked down at Gilidore and Izroth. It was as though it did not put them in its sight at all, but at the same time it seemed like it was calling out for help and its soul was being tormented. It then split open space itself showing an endless void of nothingness, but this was actually a way to teleport for stronger beings. Vozrak gestured for Gilidore to follow it and so Gilidore rushed to his feet and chased right behind Vozrak as they both disappeared into the void. The hole in space sealed itself up as if the world was repairing the damage caused to it. Soon after it left, a single small bright orb shaped item dropped onto the ground where the void opened up at and the barrier slowly lost its power.

Ding! You have failed the quest ’Relic of Power’!

Ding! You have failed the quest ’The Mysterious Goblin’!

Ding! You have received the World Quest ’The Beginning of Beginnings’! Do you wish to accept?

"A world quest?" just when Izroth was sighing about failing both quests and obtaining no rewards, he saw the details of the world quest. How could be anything else but shocked? This was something that had the power to change the entire world of RML!

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