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After Tenku had calmed down, Misora invited him to have lunch with his family in the living room. Tenku wants to be alone in the room to focus on finding ways to find space collapse. Besides, he didn't want to get too close to Misora's family because he didn't want to repeat the same incident when his family was betrayed.

Tenku clenched his fists tightly as he recalled that. He intended to refuse Misora's invitation. But after seeing her continue to persuade him and put on a sad face, Tenku reluctantly complied. Before heading to the dining room, Misora took him on a house tour so he could adapt quickly.

At the dining table, Tenku could only be silent because the atmosphere in the place was awkward. He was a stranger to the house residents, and only Misora treated him well.

"You must eat this food because I cooked it myself, and I'm confident in the taste." Misora smiled. He took the dish served on the table and put it on Tenku's plate.

"Mother! The dish is mine!" Akina pouted and complained. She was jealous of his mother's treatment of Tenku.

"Isn't that still a lot on the plate? You can take the others." Misora scolded Akina. On the other hand, Kouta just stared at the exchange. His eyes occasionally look at Tenku. Kouta was not happy with his presence in the house. But since it was his wife's request, he couldn't refuse.

Misora continued to talk to Tenku to familiarize herself with him. She also said that his family would take care of him from now. Akina had objected to it. But after getting a glare from Misora, she could only stay still and focus on her food.

Tenku got some information from Misora's story. First, he lives in the Karitoshi family's house located in Tokyo. Secondly, he had been unconscious for three days since using that power. Third, Misora and Kouta often go out to do their missions as Realizers, and the last one is today, they will go to Hinohara to overcome the space collapse there.

After getting that information, Tenku understood how he could find space collapse. As he was deep in thought, a little girl's voice brought him back to his senses.

"Hey! What bracelet are you wearing? Why does it look so weird?" Akina asked curiously.

"This is a birthday present from my parents, and it's not weird." Tenku replied curtly because he didn't like Akina's words.

"Why do you sound displeased like that? I'm just asking!" Akina snorted and ignored Tenku.

"Tenku, please forgive Akina's behavior. She didn't mean anything bad. She just chose the wrong words." Misora quickly got into their conversation before they got into a fight.

"I understand, auntie." Tenku nodded and continued eating.

"Misora. We'd better prepare ourselves in advance for our mission to Hinohara. You don't want us to be late like our last mission, do you?" Kouta stood up from his seat and left the dining table without finishing his meal.

"Ah! yes! I understand. I'll be following you soon!" Misora quickly finished the food on her plate and ran after Kouta. But she suddenly stopped her footsteps and looked at Tenku and Akina.

"You guys continue your eating, and please don't fight. You can leave the plate on the table after you finish eating." Misora smiled and left the room.

The atmosphere became awkward after Misora and Kouta left. Akina seemed unwilling to start a conversation with Tenku and vice versa. Tenku was thinking of a way for him to come with Misora and Kouta to Hinohara.

"Thank you for the food." Tenku slightly lowered his head to Akina and hurried away from the table carrying his dirty plate. Since the house wasn't huge, he quickly remembered where the kitchen was.

Since childhood Tenku has been taught not to be indebted to others, he realized that Misora sincerely wanted to take care of him out of pity, but he didn't like getting it for free.

"Hey! Don't leave me here alone!" Akina complained to Tenku and followed him while carrying her plate. She didn't want to lose to him.

After returning to his room, Tenku quickly took a black cloth from the cupboard and then quietly exited the room. He looked around and made sure that no one had seen him. Tenku strolled and reached the garage from the house.

Tenku saw a hatchback-type car with four passenger seats. He checked the doors one by one and found one that was unlocked.


When the door opened, Tenku quickly entered, hid in the back seat, and covered himself with a black cloth. Not long after, he heard the voices of Misora and Kouta approaching him. The door opened, and the two entered the car.

They were in a hurry and wouldn't have thought that Tenku would sneak into their car and hide. Because of that, neither Misora nor Kouta noticed his presence.

"Have you double-checked our luggage and ensured nothing was left behind?" Kouta asked and sat in the driver's seat.

"I've done it, and everything is complete." Misora nodded and buckled her seatbelt.

"Okay. Then, let's go now." Kouta started the engine and stepped on the gas pedal. Then their car drove out of the Karitoshi family's house


It took several hours for Kouta and Misora to reach their destination. Along the way, Tenku heard the conversation between the two and got crucial information about the details of the location of the space collapse.

After Kouta and Misora got out of the car to gather with the other Realizers, Tenku quietly slipped out and left the place. He went to the location of the space collapse according to the information he had obtained.

Tenku didn't take long to get to that location. Even though he didn't know the area, he could easily find the place with his information and ask the locals. A familiar voice rang in his ears when he checked the surroundings and looked for where the space collapse would appear.


Not far from where Tenku was standing, space seemed to shatter like glass, and a vortex was formed in the middle. The space fragments crystallized and became strange rocks. His eye could see a thick aura covering the place like fog. The space vortex is a portal that bridges the earth with another world.

Tenku didn't care about that as his eyes focused on the space vortex in front of him after feeling a tremor on the ground. Then dozens of goblins and orcs appeared with hideous smiles, and they realized his existence. Tenku subconsciously stepped back and trembled as he remembered what had happened to his parents.

"No! I can't be afraid! I have that power! I have to get rid of those monsters before the Realizers come!" Tenku stretched out his left hand, and hundreds of green light particles appeared and condensed into a scythe. After the weapon manifested, Tenku held the hilt, and his eyes glowed green. His atmosphere changed, and he looked like a different person.


The goblins and orcs charged forward to attack Tenku after finding out he had drawn weapons against them. Tenku didn't just stand still when he saw that. His figure disappeared and appeared amidst the horde of goblins. He did a horizontal slash and killed a dozen monsters in one hit.


The orcs sensed the danger from Tenku, and they decided to attack simultaneously and kill him immediately.

"You want to suppress me with numbers? It's a waste!" Tenku snorted, and the scythe in his hand tore through the space in front of him.

"Phantasmal Release..."


A giant centipede from a large amount of condensed energy appeared and attacked the orcs. The centipede swung its scythe-shaped legs and easily sliced through the orc's body. Since the number of legs of the centipede was over a hundred, the orcs couldn't dodge the attack. Most of the monsters were slashed and died instantly, reducing their number to five.


The orc roared in fear and wanted to flee back into the portal. But the centipedes didn't let the monsters escape and chase after them. On the other hand, Tenku faced the remaining tens of goblins and easily killed the green monsters. A single slash from his scythe could kill four to five goblins, and he could eliminate them all in no time.

While killing the goblins, Tenku saw that the centipede had finished with the five orcs. The centipede turned into a particle and was absorbed into Tenku's body.

"Arrgghhh!" Tenku felt a large amount of power enter his body, and something seemed to be trying to possess and take over him. But Tenku didn't care about that. He walked while enduring his pain towards the portal before it closed. After arriving in front of the space vortex, Tenku smiled and said.

"Haruna, I'm coming!" Tenku stretched out his right hand to enter the portal first. But something unexpected happened.

"Aaarrrrgghhh!" Tenku screamed in pain, and he was blown away a dozen meters with his right hand torn apart. He was shocked but quickly stood up, wanting to try it again. But before he did, a hoarse voice rang in his ears.

"Oya… Oya… you have incredible strength for a kid your age. But you can't control that power, and you only seek death if you force yourself to enter the portal." An old man emerged from the darkness of the forest.

"Who are you!?" Tenku was alert after seeing the appearance of the old man. He couldn't see his face clearly under the darkness.

"You don't need to know who I am because…"The old man spoke, and his figure suddenly disappeared from Tenku's sight.

"What!?" Tenku was shocked and intended to swing his scythe, but it was too late because the old man had already appeared in front of him and punched him in the stomach.

"Ugh!" Tenku felt excruciating pain all over his body, and his vision blurred.

"... I'm interested in your power." The old man smiled, and Tenku had a chance to see his face before he lost consciousness.

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