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Tenku came to his stall on the side of the road to the shopping center and immediately prepared the ingredients he would process to make crispy tofu. He cut the tofu into dice size and then made his secret condiment. After that, Tenku mixed the tofu he had cut with the seasoning he had made and fried it.

The process until the crispy tofu is ready for sale only takes about thirty minutes. When the stall opened, many customers were already queuing up to buy it because Tenku's tofu is quite popular in the area.

"Thank you, Uncle. I hope you enjoyed the food, and don't forget to come back again." Tenku smiled and handed the crispy tofu that he had neatly packed in a box to a middle-aged man.

"Hahaha... as usual, your crispy tofu is the best! It is a favorite of my wife and children. Of course, I'll be back tomorrow!" The middle-aged man laughed and received a box. He often buys crispy tofu at Tenku's stall and can come to his place up to six times a week.

"I'm glad you like it. Please convey my regards to your family back home." Tenku nodded in satisfaction when he heard the middle-aged man's words.

"I will pass it on to them. In that case, I'll take my leave now since they must be waiting for me at home. See you later, Tenku." The middle-aged man waved his hand at Tenku and hurriedly left the place. Tenku just smiled and waved back at him.

An hour later, all of the crispy tofu that Tenku was selling had run out. While he was cleaning up and was about to close the stall, his smartphone rang, and he saw a message with the sender name "Master". The only person Tenku called master was the old man who taught him cultivation, Wang Haotian.

Tenku opened the message, and he looked at its contents. After reading it, the corner of his mouth slightly lifted, and he replied to Wang Haotian's message. Tenku didn't immediately put his smartphone back in his bag because he had to message Akina and Misora first to tell them he would be home late today.

After he closed his stall, Tenku left the place walking down the streets of Tokyo. Then he entered a narrow alley and arrived at a building that looked shabby. Tenku knocked on the door of the building several times to form a rhythm.

Knock... Knock... Knock! Knock! Knock!... Knock... Knock...

The door opened automatically, and Tenku entered the building without hesitation. After Tenku entered, the door was closed again. He walked down the hall in the building like he was very familiar with the place.

Unlike the view from the outside, the interior of the building looks classic and neat. Tenku stopped in one of the rooms and opened the door without even knocking. But after he opened it, he was greeted by someone's angry shout.

"Don't you see the words hanging on the door!? I already said I don't want to be disturbed while forging!" The people in the room roared and looked at Tenku.

"You are as temperamental as ever, Uncle Kaziya." Tenku said and didn't care about that person's anger.

The person in the room was a bearded middle-aged man around forty years old. His name is Kaziya Watanabe. He looks like a bodybuilder with burly muscles. He was a blacksmith and also the owner of the building.

Tenku knew Kaziya because Wang Haotian introduced him. But he didn't know about Kaziya's origins because that old man never talked about it, and Tenku wasn't interested in him either.

He looked around the room like he was looking for something. Even though it was used for forging, the atmosphere in the place wasn't hot because Kaziya used his Phantasmal Object with the name Blacksmith Hammer to do his job.

"Ooh, it turns out to be you, brat! I wonder who dared to enter my room while I was forging. You always act as you please just because you're regular to this place!" Kaziya snorted and returned her focus to the metal he was forging.

"Is the repair of my combat gear finished?" Tenku said, and he walked towards a big mirror. It was the Combat Power Scanning Mirror and the same tool used by Suisei High School to measure genesis and combat power, but the one here was a generation ahead. When Tenku stood in front of the device, the mirror shone and displayed his measurement results.

Phantasmal name : Golden Revolver (Avalon)

Grade : F - Rank

Phase : Comet

Genesis Power : 50 GP

Combat Power : A half star

Phantasmal name : Devourer Schyte (Acheron)

Grade : Unknown

Phase : Asteroid

Genesis Power : 83,000 GP

Combat Power : 4 Star

The Combat Power Scanning Mirror in that place was far more advanced than the one used at Suisei High School because it could display the name, grade, and type of Phantasmal Objects in one device. More importantly, the mirror can display two pieces of data at once.

"Hmm… this tool can display both of my Phantasmal Object's data. But it happened because I allowed it. In other words, only the data of the Phantasmal Object that I wanted to show would appear in the mirror." Ziel muttered as he rubbed his chin and repeated the measurement several times.

"I've finished repairing your combat gear. What!?" Kaziya looked at Tenku and opened his eyes wide.

"Do you have any other Phantasmal Objects!? How could that be!?" Kaziya left the iron he was forging and ran towards the Combat Power Scanning Mirror to confirm what he had seen.

"I awakened it today at school. I don't know why I was able to awaken another Phantasmal Object." Tenku shrugged his shoulders and answered nonchalantly.

"You're an unfathomable and terrible brat. First is your strange Phantasmal Object grade. The second is that your GP and Combat power are unnatural for a kid your age. You're a brat who is hard to understand and predict." Kaziya sighed and shook his head. Then he returned to his work.

Kaziya met Tenku when he was ten years old. He was shocked when Wang Haotian suddenly came and brought a boy to measure strength. From Tenku's data displayed in the Combat Power Scanning Mirror, the thing that confused him the most was the unknown grade of his Phantasmal Object.

But after Kaziya heard Wang Haotian's story about Tenku's Phantasmal Object, he thought the scythe's grade was at least S-rank or above.

"Was your Phantasmal Object exposed at your school?" Kaziya asked while forging the metal in his hand.

"Fortunately, no. My scythe data wasn't displayed because the tools used in the school were a generation inferior to yours. Besides, they'll never find out if I don't allow it." Tenku said seriously.

"It's good that you understand. Your combat gear is on the table over there. Arm and chest armor have a lot of damage. Besides, your long leather jacket has a lot of rips here and there. So I need more time to fix it." Kaziya pointed at the round table in the corner of the room.

Tenku walked in the direction Kaziya pointed and saw a box on the table. When he opened it, he saw a jet-black leather jacket with a hint of green and silver armor inside.

He checked every item in the box and ensured no damage was left behind. Tenku nodded in satisfaction after confirming that the repair was finished and then put on his combat gear.

After Tenku put all the items in the box on his body, he was like a different person. His combat gear is a long jacket with a hood made of wyvern scales and decorated with Lone Wolf fur around the collar.

The chest, shoulders, and arms were covered by silver armor. In addition, he also found a mask made of woven wyvern scales that made it easier for him to breathe.

"I want to use my motorcycle." Tenku said after confirming that his combat gear was properly attached to his body.

"You can use it. I've also fixed it after the last crash. But can't you fix the combat gear and the motorcycle yourself?" Kaziya sighed heavily as he recalled the damage to Tenku's motorcycle and his attempts to repair it.

The motorbike that Tenku bought from selling monster parts, and the price is relatively high because it is custom made from Kaziya and uses pretty rare materials.

"I'm not a versatile protagonist in a novel." Tenku complains.

"Yes. You're just a brat who likes to trouble me. I don't know what kind of monster you are fighting to make your combat gear and motorcycle crash like that." Kaziya sighed and shook his head.

"I'm not bringing you trouble but giving you a job and paying you. About my broken combat gear because I was fighting against a strong monster." Tenku only gave a brief explanation because he didn't have much time to go into detail.

"Are you going to the location of the space collapse?" Kaziya looked at Tenku and stopped his work.

"Yes." Tenku replied and covered his face with a mask.

"Where?" Kaziya asked curiously.

"Nikko, Tochigi prefecture." Tenku came out of the room and closed the door.


The basement was vast and looked even more spacious than the building. It was because the owner was taking advantage of the surrounding underground area without the people in the neighborhood knowing it.

Tenku walked to the location where his motorcycle was parked. Not long after, he saw a Cruiser-type motorcycle with a matte black color that blended with the darkness.

Tenku smiled when he saw his beloved motorcycle. He could only park it in the building as it required regular maintenance by Kaziya.

He looked through the parts of the motorcycle and re-examined it. After he was sure that the damage had been repaired, he got on the motorcycle and paired it with the watch on his right wrist. He turned on the ignition switch and twisted the throttle a few times.

Vroom! Vroom! Vroom!

After the motorcycle engine was hot enough, Tenku put on his helmet. Then he twisted the throttle, and the motorcycle sped through the basement to the exit of the building.


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