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The atmosphere in the hall became quiet after Tenku awakened his Phantasmal Object. Benjiro, the homeroom teachers, and students from all classes fell silent. They reacted like that not because of the weapon that Tenku had manifested but the words on the large screen next to the altar. Not long after, a voice rang out from one of the students in the hall.

"Pfft... Hahaha!" A student burst into laughter and was followed by the ridicule of the people around him.

"Hahaha… what is that!?"

"Wow! Great! He got the lowest!

"Isn't that a trash rank Phantasmal Object? Hahaha!"

The students became noisy, and the cause was the words on the big screen.

Golden Revolver : F-Rank

As the students laughed, Tenku ignored them. He was still in a daze while looking at a gun in his right hand. Tenku didn't care about the rank of the Phantasmal Object.

He showed that kind of reaction because he didn't expect that he would be able to awaken another Phantasmal Object. It didn't make Tenku happy at all and quite the opposite. He had a headache at the thought of having to control two Phantasmal Objects at once.

The students, including Asuka, Akina, Takaya, and Noboru, thought that Tenku was silent because he felt sad and depressed about the Phantasmal Object he had awakened.

"You can cancel your manifestation and leave the altar immediately. There are still many students waiting to awaken their Phantasmal Objects." Hayate said coldly. He urged Tenku to quickly leave the place because he was embarrassed by the homeroom teacher from another class.

"I understand." Tenku returned to his senses, quickly canceling the manifestation of his Phantasmal Object. He returned to class C quietly under the look of pity, sadness, and disgust from the students in the hall. Tenku looked at Asuka, but the other party looked away when their eyes met. He couldn't help but smile wryly and shake his head.

"Alright. Next student." Hayate ignored Tenku and continued the awakening ceremony. When Tenku returned to class C, some quietly took their distance from him, but two students approached him and spoke to him instead.

"Tenku. You don't need to be discouraged. I believe the ranking of a Phantasmal Object is not everything." Takaya tries to comfort Tenku.

"He's right. at least you have awakened your Phantasmal Object, which is in better shape than mine." Noboru added. Even though he managed to awaken a D-rank Phantasmal Object, it looked like a snail's house and was extremely embarrassing.

"I am alright. You don't have to worry about me." Tenku smiled and showed that he was fine. Then he felt gazes directed at him.

When he looked for the source of the gaze, Tenku found Akina looking at him worriedly. The girl thought Tenku would be sad after awakening the lowest-ranked Phantasmal Object. But Tenku just nodded to her. He didn't need to prove anything to Akina or the other students as it was troublesome and useless to him.

Not long after, the awakening ceremony for class C was over, and next was class D. Masaru was from that class, and he managed to awaken a C-rank Phantasmal Object with the name Claw Sickle. He came down from the Altar and walked past the students of class C. When he saw Tenku among them, he purposely said loudly.

"Losers with useless Phantasmal Objects!" Masaru smiled mockingly and returned to his class.

"You!" Takaya is angry at Masaru's words and intends to retaliate. But Tenku immediately raised his hand to stop him and then shook his head at Takaya. He didn't want to cause trouble on his first day of high school.

Time passes quickly. The students from class E and class F had also completed their awakening ceremony. Although the result is not so good, it's not too bad. Tenku became the only student who awakened the F-rank Phantasmal Object among the new students and made him famous on his first day of school.

After all the students got their Phantasmal Objects, Benjiro gathered them in front of a large mirror. Some students recognized it, and the rest were confused. Ziel is one of the students who know the function of the mirror. As the students focused on the large mirror, Benjiro suddenly spoke.

"Although I'm a little disappointed that none of you can awaken an S-rank Phantasmal Object, I realize my expectations were too high. I understand that because an S-rank Phantasmal Object is extremely rare and even became a legend in the past. Only a few people can awaken it in Japan, and they can be counted on the fingers." Benjiro sighed and looked a little disappointed. But it only briefly appeared on his face and quickly returned to normal.

"Next, you will measure your Realizer phase and combat power. For information, the energy source used by the Realizer is called Genesis power, and you can increase it by killing monsters. To make it easier for you to understand, it is similar to the experience in a game. The more experience you gain, the faster you will level up." Benjiro smiled and looked at the large mirror behind him. After that, he continued his speech.

"Realizer's power is divided into phases, just like the levels in the game. The Realizer's phase is divided into nine, and that is…" Benjiro explained about the Realizer phase as well as their combat power. The students listened seriously as they didn't want to miss the information.

From the explanation given by Benjiro, the Realizer's power is divided into nine phases, namely:

1. Comet

2. Meteor

3. Asteroid

4. Moon

5. Planetary

6. Star Cluster

7. Heliocentric

8. Galaxy

9. Cosmos

In this era, the strongest Realizer that could be found on earth was only in the Heliocentric phase. Humans who can reach the Cosmos and Galaxy phases are only Realizers in the early days of space collapse. Unfortunately, they have died in a fierce battle against powerful monsters to protect the earth.

Every human who has awakened his Phantasmal Object will have 100 genesis power and be in the Comet phase. After killing monsters and their genesis power reaches 1000, they enter the Meteor phase. Realizers will advance to the next phase each time their genesis power is increased tenfold.

Besides explaining the Realizer's phase, Benjiro also explained their combat power. a Realizer fight using an energy source called genesis power, and their combat power is rated from 1-9 stars.

The combat power of a realizer usually corresponded to their phase. Their combat strength was one star if they were still in the Comet phase. If they are in the Meteor phase, their combat power is two stars, and so on.

But there were some Realizers who had combat power beyond their phase. It was influenced by combat experience and body strength, whether it was the result of martial arts training or genetic serum.

Benjiro also mentioned the relationship between body strength and Phantasmal Objects. What he said was the same as what Wang Haotian had told Tenku about Phantasmal Objects that could take over the user.

Suisei High School will provide the best training that is most suitable for each student because their weapons are different. Students who awaken a Phantasmal Object in the form of a sword will be given swordsmanship training. If it's a spear, they will be given spear arts training.

Suisei High School would try to provide them with special training if their Phantasmal Objects were not common weapons. So the students will get the best kind of training for them to maximize their fighting ability.

"Alright. That was my explanation of the Realizer phase and their combat power. This time you will measure your combat power with this machine. This is called the Combat Power Scanning Mirror and can measure your Genesis Power and combat power. Students need to stand in front of it, and the mirror will display data with numbers and stars. Then, we can start measuring now. We will start from class A first." Benjiro stopped his explanation.

After hearing Benjiro's words, the homeroom teacher started to arrange for the students from his class to line up in front of the Combat Power Scanning Mirror. This time, they didn't get their turn alphabetically but randomly, and Asuka got the first turn.

When Asuka stood in front of the mirror, it emitted light, and data appeared on its surface.

Phase : Comet

Genesis Power : 275 GP

Combat Power : 1 and a half Star

"Great! Your GP value has even exceeded 200! You can go back to your place! Next!" The homeroom teacher from class A said with satisfaction and then called the next student.

The students measured their strength in turn, but none of them had a Genesis Power value like Asuka. Not long after, it was Akio's turn. He stood in front of the mirror then the data appeared.

Phase : Comet

Genesis Power : 545 GP

Combat Power : 1 and a half Star

When the homeroom teachers and students saw Akio's GP and combat power value, they got excited again, and the hall became noisy. But the excitement was only temporary because there were no more students from class A who got high genesis power value. After class A finished their strength measurement, it was now class B's turn, and Akina had a satisfactory result.

Phase : Comet

Genesis Power : 305 GP

Combat Power : 1 and a half Star

Akina's measurement results amazed the students and homeroom teacher, even though her GP value was much lower than Akio's. After that, class B finished, and now it was class C's turn.

The average measurement value of Class C students was worse than Class A and B. But Takaya and Noboru at least had good combat power for their Phantasmal Object rankings.

Takaya Kitamura 𝗶𝚗𝘯𝘳ℯ𝒂𝑑. co𝙢

Phase : Comet

Genesis Power : 260 GP

Combat Power : 1 and a half Star

Noboru Hagiwara

Phase : Comet

Genesis Power : 185 GP

Combat Power : 1 Star

Not long after, it was Tenku's turn. He was familiar with the tool, but he was curious about the value it would display. When Tenku stood in front of it, the mirror emitted light. But he and the people in the hall fell silent after seeing the data displayed in the Combat Power Scanning Mirror.

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