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Tenku was mesmerized by the beauty of the girl on the podium. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen until now. Even Akina and Asuka were not comparable to her as the girl's beauty was on a different level.

"What a beautiful girl." Tenku muttered. But when he looked back at the girl's face and heard her voice, he lost interest. The girl's face was emotionless. Although her voice is melodious, it sounds cold and aloof. That kind of girl is not his type.

"Is that girl pretty?" Takaya whispered.

"Beautiful, very beautiful. Unfortunately, that girl's level is too high for me and not my ideal type. I prefer a girl with a warm and gentle smile." Tenku answered honestly.

"You are right. She is like a full moon in the sky. Even though it's beautiful, it's unreachable." Takaya nodded in agreement with Tenku's words.

"Why?" Tenku is curious about why his childhood friend said that because Takaya is usually very confident about beautiful girls. He intends to make his harem, which has been allowed worldwide, including in Japan, since Realizer appeared.

Polygamy is allowed because the abilities of the Realizer can be passed on to their children even though the possibility is little. Therefore, the more wives and children, the more likely their offspring will get the power of their parents.

That student council president should be Takaya's ideal type of woman. But this time, he looked pessimistic and scared when he talked about the girl.

"Huh? Don't you know her?" Takaya looked at Tenku in disbelief.

"I don't know. Who is she? Is she famous?" Tenku shook his head. He had only seen the girl today and was sure he had never met her.

"Are you serious? Of course, she's famous! She is Setsuka Fuyushima! She's from Fuyushima Temple! One of the five strongest Realizer groups in Japan!" Takaya said with a little excitement. Even though that girl was so beautiful, he dared not have any thoughts about her and could only admire her from afar.

"She's from Fuyushima Temple?" Tenku frowned upon hearing that.

Wang Haotian once told Tenku about the five strongest Realizer groups in Japan. Two families, two clans, and one temple. Those groups are the Fuyushima temple, the Natsukawa family, the Kinzoku family, the Ikazuchi clan, and the Kurayami clan.

The five groups became the strongest in Japan because they had extraordinary Realizers as members. The people of the group possessed a powerful Phantasmal Object and could pass it on to their descendants.

In these years, Tenku had clashed several times with the people of that group when he came to the space collapse area to hunt monsters and increase his strength. But Wang Haotian always reminded him to keep his distance from that group if he met and avoid conflict with them as much as possible if it was not necessary.

"Yes! She's from the Fuyushima temple! Not only that. She is also the best genius and daughter of the current head of the temple!" Takaya raised his voice slightly. That made their conversation heard by Asuka.

"You guys are no different from the others. Gross!" Asuka snorted coldly and looked away from Tenku and Takaya. She didn't know why but felt uncomfortable hearing Tenku talking about other girls.

Asuka was indeed indebted to Tenku because he had saved her life back in elementary school. But their relationship was just that of childhood friends and nothing more, or so she thought. Although his face is decent, Tenku is not the type of guy Asuka dreams of.

"Didn't you give praise to the handsome boy of the new student representative? Then why can't we do it?" Takaya replied to Asuka's words in annoyance.

"Isn't it natural for a beautiful girl like me to be fascinated and amazed when she finds the hero of her dreams? You're the one who's disgusting because you would say that compliment to every woman you meet!" Asuka said, not wanting to lose.

"You!" Takaya was speechless in response to Asuka's rebuttal. He had to admit that Asuka was beautiful and couldn't refute those words.

Tenku couldn't help but sigh when he saw the repeated bickering between Takaya and Asuka. He narrowed his eyes at the girl on the podium. Tenku had to keep his distance from her and obey the warning Wang Haotian had given him.

If his abilities were to be discovered by the people of the five groups, then his life would fall into danger. It was not only for him but for the people around him. Even though Kouta and Misora were strong and could protect themselves and Akina, Tenku didn't want to cause trouble for the family that had cared for him all this time.

The five groups are people who seek absolute power, and the Tenku's abilities are invaluable to them, be it for research or control. Of course, Tenku didn't want him to experience those things. 𝘪𝓷𝘯𝙧ℯ𝗮𝘥. 𝗰૦m

Time passed, and the new student admission ceremony finished just before lunchtime. Asuka and Takaya went to the cafeteria while Tenku had lunch with food he made himself. Tenku was looking for a quiet place to enjoy his lunch and found a good spot under a big tree in the park next to the school building.

Tenku took out his lunch and a green object from his bag. Those were his favorite wireless headphones. He paired the headphones with his smartphone and played the music player, which only had one song on the list. Then Tenku started to enjoy his lunch.

While enjoying lunch and listening to a song, he felt a presence approaching him, and he was familiar with that person.

"Tenku! I looked for you everywhere, and you are here! I brought you a drink!" Asuka patted Tenku's shoulder and smiled sweetly. Then she sat under the tree next to him. Asuka was very attached to Tenku and looked like a couple having lunch together.

"Thank you. I'll pay you back later." Tenku accepts it without hesitation. Luckily, Asuka brought him a drink because he forgot to prepare it before lunch.

"You don't have to think about that. By the way, I'll be lonely because I'm not in the same class as you at this time. Aren't you and Takaya in class C?" Asuka puffed out her cheeks and complained.

"Yes. I'm in class C together with Takaya. Even though we're in different classes, can't we still get together during lunch break?" Tenku tried to calm Asuka down, but it didn't seem to work as the girl was still pouting after hearing his words.

After the admission ceremony ended, they got a message from the school system about their class division. Asuka was in class A while Tenku and Takaya were in class C. The class division was done randomly and not based on their grades and abilities because it was still unknown.

"Okay. Stop pouting and taste my crispy tofu." Tenku took tofu from his lunch box and fed Asuka. Although pouting, the girl still opened her mouth and ate it. The girl chewed it, and the expression on her face became even better.

"As usual, your crispy tofu is delicious!" Asuka nodded in satisfaction, and her mood seemed to have returned to normal.

"Your mouth is oily." Tenku helped wipe the oil marks on Asuka's lips with a tissue after eating the crispy tofu.

Asuka subconsciously smiled broadly at Tenku's treatment of her. She kept asking Tenku spoiled to feed her. But since Tenku refused, then she had to force him by using cunning means. It was showing her pitiful face. Tenku couldn't help but feed her because it would be very troublesome if she kept whining.

Tenku and Asuka sat there for quite a while. Asuka accompanied Tenku until his lunch was finished. But the girl suddenly raised her eyebrows and looked at her watch.

"Thank you for the food! In that case, I'll take my leave first. I have to find the location of my class and see how the people who will become my classmates will be!" Asuka got up from her seat and took another crispy tofu from Tenku's lunch box. Afterward, she stuck her tongue out at him and left the place while eating the tofu.

"This girl." Tenku couldn't help but shake his head in response to Asuka's behavior. Then he packed up his lunch box and put it back together with his wireless headphones in his bag. After that, he walked out of place and headed to where his class was.

It didn't take long for Tenku to find class C. When he entered the classroom, the students looked at him. It was only for a moment as they soon returned to their respective activities and seemed disinterested in Tenku.

"Tenku!" Takaya waved his hand.

Tenku walked towards the empty seat right next to Takaya. That chair Takaya kept for Tenku, and no one occupied it. Student seating plans are arranged randomly, and they can sit wherever they want. There will be no shortage of seats in the class because the number has been adjusted to the number of registered students.

After Tenku took his seat, he intended to ask Takaya about the students in the class. But before he could open his mouth, the door opened, and a middle-aged man with glasses entered the classroom.

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