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Wang Ruyue was shocked when she heard Tenku's statement. She didn't expect Tenku to take such a step to avenge the Gu family, who had ambushed him and intended to kill him.

"Do you want the Huang family to gather the other martial arts families to fight against the Gu family?" Wang Ruyue asked to confirm Tenku's true intentions.

"No. I don't have that much influence to ask them to fight with the Gu family." Tenku shook his head and refuted Wang Ruyue's words.

"Then what exactly do you want from the Huang family?" Wang Ruyue asked curiously.

"Don't you know that Xin'er was involved in the ambush from the Gu family, and they intend to catch her too? " Tenku asked in return, and Wang Ruyue nodded in response.

"Since the Gu family intended to catch Huang Yuxin, the Huang family had to ask them for an explanation. Of course, the Huang family would not do it alone. I heard their relationship is quite good with other martial arts families. If the several families were to unite, it would be enough to suppress the Gu family and restrict their movements.

Moreover, the other major families wouldn't miss this opportunity to eliminate the Gu family when they learned about it. So whatever the Gu family is plotting against the Wang family, they must stop it under the watchful eye of many martial arts families." Tenku explained.

"I see. You're great! Not only strong, but you are also very smart." Wang Ruyue said with admiration and looked at him with sparkling eyes.

"But this solution is only temporary. Do you know why the Gu family wants to establish a relationship with the Wang family through a marriage agreement?" Tenku asked.

"Isn't it to rule over the Wang family and become the strongest martial arts family in China?" wang Ruyue answered doubtfully. It was her guess because she didn't know why the Gu family insisted on the marriage agreement. No one in the Wang family could explain it to her, including Wang Haotian.

"Firstly, because Gu Qingyang is completely obsessed with you. Secondly, because they want something from the Wang family." Tenku replied.

"Get rid of the first one. We don't need to talk about him. Then what did the Gu family want from the Wang family? Isn't that our strength as one of the major family?" Wang Ruyue was disgusted when she heard about Gu Qingyang. Therefore, she only wanted to know the second reason.

"Yeah, you're right. What they wanted was the power of the Wang family. More precisely is the origin of your strength." Tenku nodded and smiled mysteriously.

"What do you mean?" Wang Ruyue was confused by his words.

"What they want is the Wang family's practice. The Gu family wanted to take the original four books from the Sovereign Cultivation Set. After becoming part of the Wang family, they would easily take over this family and get what they wanted." Tenku replied.

"What!? How did you know about that!?" Wang Ruyue stood up from her seat and raised her voice.

"Please lower your voice. It might be heard by others and invite them to come here. They will misunderstand when they see you in my room at this hour." Tenku sighed. He was worried that someone would hear Wang Ruyue's voice and came to his room to check.

"Ah, I'm sorry! But how did you find out about that matter?" Wang Ruyue quickly sat back in her seat and said apologetically in a low voice.

"I learned about the matter from Wang Jun." Then Tenku told her that he had caught Wang Jun and what the other party had told him. Tenku also told Wang Ruyue that he had killed Wang Jun and Wang Minghao after getting the information.

"Unforgivable! They conspired with the Gu family and wanted to poison their fellow Wang family members just for the position of patriarch!" Wang Ruyue clenched her fists tightly and said angrily. Afterward, she turned her eyes to Tenku.

"I thought both of them were dead. It turns out you caught them to extract information from them. Fortunately, now they are completely dead! On behalf of the Wang family, I thank you for punishing that traitor for us." Wang Ruyue bowed her head to Tenku to express her gratitude.

Tenku could again see the girl's cleavage when she lowered her head. He quickly looked away, not wanting to look at the beautiful sight for too long.

"Cough! You can lift your head. It's only natural for me to punish the traitors. After all, I am part of the Wang family. So you don't have to thank me." Tenku said, and cold sweat flowed from his forehead. If Wang Ruyue showed him that again, he might lose his sanity and no longer be able to control his desires.

"Alright." Wang Ruyue raised her head and smiled sweetly.

"The Gu Family will act again in the future. Gu Tianba was completely obsessed with the four books, and he would try to take them from the Wang family once the pressure from the other martial arts families eased. Thus, the Wang family must become stronger until then and destroy the Gu family to the core." Tenku said seriously.

"I understand. I will tell this matter to my grandpa. By the way, why did the Gu family patriarch covet the four practices so badly? Besides, this is also the first time I've heard of the four books of the Sovereign Cultivation Set." Wang Ruyue asked. As she remembered, the Wang family only had three practices. She didn't know that their family had the fourth book.

"I don't know much about it either. If you're curious, you can ask your grandfather directly. He might know something about it." Tenku shook his head.

"I'll ask my grandpa! I hope he knew about the fourth book." Wang Ruyue smiled, and Tenku nodded in response. After that, the two fell silent, and the atmosphere in the room became quiet again.

"By the way...." Wang Ruyue wanted to say something to Tenku, but she hesitated. She lowered her head and glanced at him several times. But no matter how much courage she mustered, no words left her mouth.

"What's wrong, Yue'er?" Tenku asked after seeing Wang Ruyue's strange behavior.

"Hmm... because tomorrow you will return to Japan. Can you grant me one wish?" Wang Ruyue squeezed out the words and worked up the courage to speak.

"Of course. As long as it is within the range of my abilities, I will grant it. So what do you want?" Tenku agreed without hesitation. Wang Ruyue had treated him very well during his time in Beijing. So there was no way he would refuse her request.

"I... I want to spend the night with you." Wang Ruyue still kept her head down and said in a barely audible voice.

"Huh? Can you repeat your words?" Tenku was startled when he heard her voice. He thought that he had misunderstood what Wang Ruyue had said.

"I want to spend the whole night with you in this room." Wang Ruyue repeated her words. This time in a louder voice. Tenku frowned after confirming Wang Ruyue's wish.

"Don't you know I can't have a relationship like that with any woman? I need to focus on getting stronger and finding my sister in Arcadia. Because of that..." Tenku said indifferently. He was angry with Wang Ruyue's request because it was too much. But he suddenly stopped his words when he saw Wang Ruyue raise her head and reveal a face filled with tears.

"What's wrong with me spending time with you tonight? I just want to be with you and nothing more. I know your situation and won't force you to accept my feelings, but please let me be by your side this time. I want to spend more time with you.

I don't know when we will meet again. Even though I know we are still in touch via smartphone, that's not enough for me. Therefore, I beg of you. Please grant this selfish request of mine." Wang Ruyue looked directly into Tenku's eyes and poured her heart into her words.

"Haa... Alright. I agree with that, but you have to remember your words. We'll sleep together and nothing more. I like you but I can't think about that kind of relationship now. So I hope you can understand." Tenku's expression softened. He finally agreed to her request because he couldn't refuse when he saw Wang Ruyue's pitiful face.

"I understand!" Wang Ruyue wiped away her tears and smiled broadly.

After that, Tenku and Wang Ruyue lay on the same bed in the room. Their bodies were pressed against each other, but Tenku couldn't do anything about it due to the narrow size of the mattress. Wang Ruyue suddenly hugged Tenku and buried her face in his chest. Her actions surprised Tenku. But before he could say anything, the girl spoke first.

"Please let me hug you like this for tonight. I promise I won't do anything else that crosses the line." Wang Ruyue said in a weak voice.

"Okay." Tenku sighed. He could only agree after feeling his chest wet from the girl's tears. He hugged Wang Ruyue back and stroked her hair so she could fall asleep quickly. Tenku couldn't stay indifferent to him. At least he could treat her gently.

Wang Ruyue's body trembled slightly when Tenku hugged her. But then her body became very relaxed. She hugged Tenku tighter, and her consciousness slowly sank into her dreamland.


The next day, Tenku and all the Wang family members gathered in the mansion's hall. Of course, Wang Ruyue was also there. When their eyes met, Wang Ruyue's face flushed, and she lowered her head in embarrassment. Her face was as red as an apple when she remembered what she had done last night with Tenku.

Besides her, Tenku also saw Wang Zeming and Wang Xin; the latter had recovered and could walk because he had drunk Holy Water from Tenku. When Wang Xin saw Tenku, he smiled and bowed to him. Tenku returned his smile and quickly took his position in the hall.

After all the Wang family members were gathered, Wang Hongli said his purpose was calling them to that place. He wanted to congratulate Tenku for winning first place in the martial arts competition and living up to the Wang family name. Everyone in the hall cheered and gave Tenku a big applause.

Even though it wasn't for her, it made Wang Ruyue proud. The man she loved had won a martial arts competition at fifteen.

Apart from that, Wang Hongli also told them about Wang Minghao, Wang Jun, and Wang Xiqing's betrayal. He only found out about it from Wang Haotian this morning. Wang Hongli was shocked initially but quickly accepted it after remembering their suspicious behavior over the past few years. The news from Wang Minghao sent the hall into an uproar.

Some of them did not believe the information. But after Wang Hongli explained in detail, they finally believed and even condemned Wang Minghao's actions. Then Wang Hongli dismissed the Wang family members and left only him, Wang Haotian, and Tenku in the hall. Wang Hotian walked towards Tenku with something in his hand.

"Take this. This is a gift from the patriarch because you have won the martial arts competition for the Wang family." Wang Hotian smiled broadly and handed him an ancient-looking book. Tenku accepted it without hesitation and was shocked when he read the words on the cover.

"Spiritual Lord Heart Sutra."

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