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Wang Haotian stood on a large tree branch and watched Tenku's battle in astonishment. He intended to supervise and give instructions to Tenku in that fight. But he could only stand still and do nothing because the boy in front of him was fighting so well.

Even though Tenku had made a few mistakes in his battle, he quickly refined it and applied the contents of the Thousand Weapon Emperor Technique to perfection. Wang Haotian was speechless about it.

"That brat without cultivation took only one day to comprehend a book that a genius like me took six months to understand! I began to doubt the title of genius I got when I was young. No, I currently have doubts about my decades of life." Wang Haotian sighed and smiled bitterly.

He felt that calling Tenku a super genius or a little monster would demean him greatly because his talent in cultivation was far more terrifying than that. Wang Haotian thought that the boy's talent could only be matched by people who lived in ancient times when the earth's aura was still abundant. But now, he was one of a billion people destined to be on the path of cultivation. As a bonus, he had a unique Phantasmal Object that could support him on that path.

"I'm sure he'll be able to learn all the techniques in the book in no time." Wang Haotian smiled broadly when he saw Tenku's battle from the top of the tree.

By now, Tenku had killed all the orcs that appeared from the portal. The remaining monsters were goblins, hobgoblins, and ogres. Tenku was sure that he could easily take on the hordes of goblins. But he would have difficulty fighting hobgoblins and ogres without using his Phantasmal Object ability.

"I have to eliminate those goblins first. After that, I will think of a way to kill those ogres and hobgoblins." Tenku had solidified his plan and shot like a bullet toward the goblin horde. But before he could get close to the monsters, Tenku suddenly stopped and jumped to the side.


A boulder suddenly fell where Tenku had been before. He looked around to find where the attack was coming from and found hobgoblins lifting stones from the surroundings.

The hobgoblin threw the stone at Tenku. Not just one, but the other monsters did the same. Because he had cut the surrounding trees, Tenku had difficulty blocking the stones. He was forced to retreat to avoid the attack.

Tenku looked at the hobgoblins, and his lips curled up when he realized that there were no more stones around the monster that could be used to attack him. He charged forward at high speed toward the monster horde; his targets were the goblins.

When he arrived in front of the goblin horde, Tenku swung his scythe and started slaughtering the monsters without hesitation. He could kill seven to ten goblins in one slash and finish them all in just a few seconds.


The Ogre and Hobgoblin roared angrily as Tenku slaughtered the goblins before their eyes. They wanted to help, but Tenku's movements were too fast, and his killing method was too efficient so that the goblins could be wiped out in no time.

The hordes of ogres and hobgoblins ran toward Tenku with bloodshot eyes full of anger. They realized that the boy in front of them was dangerous and had to take it seriously. Therefore the monsters decided to attack him simultaneously.

"The only remaining monsters are ogres and hobgoblins." Tenku gripped the hilt of his scythe tightly and was ready to welcome the attacks from the monsters that came at him.

The first monster that came to him was an ogre. Tenku swung his scythe at his feet and cut him off. When the ogre lost its balance and fell, Tenku twisted himself, sending another slash toward the monster's neck.

Blood spurted, and the ogre's head floated in the air. But Tenku didn't stop there and instead charged toward the monster horde. He jumped into the air, spun himself like a wheel, and cut the hobgoblin in half.


The other monsters panicked and scattered for fear of being the next target. Tenku didn't waste the opportunity and started slaughtering the monsters running frantically unguarded. He could easily kill the monsters one by one until leaving the four ogres surrounding him in the middle.


The monsters showed triumphant smiles and swung their clubs simultaneously at Tenku.

"With this attack, all the monsters were annihilated!" Tenku narrowed his eyes. He swung his scythe horizontally and rotated his body at high speed. A small tornado was created from the spin of his weapon and tore the ogres into mincemeat.

"Haa… haa… Master! I've killed all those monsters!" After all the monsters died, Tenku fell to his knees while breathing heavily.

"Not bad. You were able to kill those monsters a little faster than I thought." Wang Haotian suddenly appeared beside Tenku while laughing.

"Then, what should I do?" Tenku looked at Wang Haotian and waited for instructions from him.

"Did you feel a large amount of energy from the monsters you killed being absorbed into your body?" Wang Haotian asked back, and Tenku responded with a slight nod.

"Then sit cross-legged in the lotus position. I will help you officially set foot on the path of cultivation." Wang Haotian said seriously. This stage was very important for Tenku because he would officially become a cultivator after this.

"I understand, master!" Tenku quickly did as Wang Haotian said.

"Calm your mind and feel the power I injected into your body. It is called Qi and is the source of energy for a cultivator. You should try to become familiar with it as quickly as possible." Wang Haotian pointed his finger and touched the boy's forehead.

Tenku felt his body warm, and unique energy began to flow in his meridians. It didn't take long for Tenku to become familiar with that energy.

"I already recognized it, master!" Tenku said and waited for Wang Haotian's further instructions.

(So fast!)

Wang Haotian almost screamed because Tenku's process of recognizing Qi was much faster than he expected.

"Cough! Now, convert half the energy you get from those monsters into Qi and flow it into your meridians." Wang Haotian explained as simply as possible so that Tenku could easily understand.

"Hmm? Why only half? Wouldn't I become stronger quickly if I changed all that energy I got?" Tenku asked and looked at Wang Haotian in confusion.

"You are right. You will indeed become strong quickly if you convert all that energy into Qi. But I have reasons for my words." Wang Haotian smiled and understood very well why Tenku was asking that.

"What are your reasons, master?" Tenku urged Wang Haotian.

"First, cultivation must be done step by step. If you do it in a hurry, your foundation will become unstable, making it difficult for you to ascend to a higher realm. Second, you have to share the energy you get with your Phantasmal Object. If your weapon is not supplied with energy after use, your scythe will revolt, and the worst case is that you will get a backlash from it. Did you understand?" Wang Haotian explained briefly because he didn't want to waste too much time on the matter.

"I understand, master!" Tenku nodded vigorously.

"Then just do as I say and don't ask too many questions." Wang Haotian flicked Tenku's forehead and then sat cross-legged in front of him. He manifested his Phantasmal object and observed the energy transformation process within the boy's body.

Tenku closed his eyes and started to convert the energy he got from the monsters into Qi. Not long after, half of the energy had turned into Qi, and the rest flowed into his Phantasmal Object.

"After that energy turns into Qi, you have to circulate it in your meridians."

Wang Haotian's voice rang in Tenku's ears, and the boy did according to his instructions. Wang Haotian saw that the Qi was circulating perfectly in Tenku's meridians and then opened his mouth again.

"Concentrate the flow of Qi on your meridians into your dantian. It is located three fingers below the navel. After that, you have to condense the Qi into a ball. The thicker and bigger the ball, the better." Wang Haotian said carefully because this is the essential process.

Tenku did as Wang Haotian instructed. The previous process was smooth and easy for him. But this time, he found it difficult to concentrate his Qi in one spot and condense it. Every time he condensed it, the Qi would disperse again. So he had to do it slowly.

Tenku's clothes were drenched in sweat, and black liquid of impurity oozed out from every pore on his body. He had already sat on the spot to condense his Qi for two hours. Wang Haotian looked at the boy anxiously and didn't dare to utter a word.

An hour later, Tenku managed to condense his Qi in his dantian, and his body released a tremendous shockwave that sent Wang Haotian flying several meters away.

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