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"Old man!" Tenku shouted after noticing Wang Haotian's appearance. He was too happy and forgot the pain in his shoulder.

Wang Haotian looked at Tenku and stared intently. Tenku couldn't help but smile shyly while scratching his cheek because he forgot that Wang Haotian didn't like being called the old man.

But luckily, Tenku called him by that name. If he called Wang Haotian as master, then the relationship between the two would be known by Akina and the little girl would tell her parents about it.

Misora and Kouta would question Wang Haotian's origins, and Tenku wouldn't be able to answer because he had promised not to say anything about that old man and the book he had given him.

"Hey, old man! How dare you interfere in our business! Besides, where did you get into this house from?" The robber with the gun became alert after Wang Haotian's appearance because he couldn't sense his presence until he spoke and showed himself.

"Is that what a criminal would ask when he saw someone else suddenly interfere with his crime?" Wang Wang Haotian turned his eyes back to the two robbers.

"You talk too much, old man!" The robber got angry and shot his gun at Wang Haotian.

"Watch out!" Tenku shouted worriedly.

"Calm down, kid. Such an attack will not be able to injure me." Wang Haotian said, and then his figure disappeared. The bullet pierced the air where he had been standing before.

"Where are you, old man? If you dare, don't hide from me!" The robber panicked and looked around but couldn't find Wang Haotian anywhere.

"Where did you look?" Wang Haotian suddenly appeared in front of that person.

"What!?" The robber was startled and reflexively pointed his gun at Wang Haotian. But the old man quickly grabbed the robber's wrist and twisted it until the weapon in his grip fell.


"Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Bastard…" The robber knelt in pain, holding his deformed arm. But Wang Haotian didn't give him a chance to speak further and immediately hit him on the nape until he lost consciousness. Then he left the man, moved towards the other robber, and punched him in the stomach.

"Ugh!" The other robbers didn't have much resistance and quickly passed out with just one hit from him.

"Okay. with this, the problem is solved. You two don't just stand there! Take the rope and tie the two people together. I've called the police, and they'll probably be here in a minute." Wang Haotian clapped his hands and looked like he had just cleaned up the trash.

"I understand!" Tenku and Akina answered in unison and quickly ran to the kitchen. Not long after, they returned with a rope and began to tie up the two robbers.

"Now is the time to heal your wounds, kid." Wang Haoitan looked at Tenku's shoulder and then at Akina beside him.

"Little girl, please get me a bandage and antiseptic." Wang Haotian smiled and gently patted Akina's head.

"I understand, grandpa!" Akina immediately left the place. She feels guilty that Tenku got hurt for her. Therefore, she had to care for him until he recovered.

"Take off your clothes quickly, kid." Wang Haotian looked at Tenku, and his speech was completely different from when he talked to Akina.

"You are picky, old man!" Tenku snorted and took off his shirt slowly. The pain in his shoulder returned when he remembered his wound.

"Who told you to call me old man!?" Wang Haotian put his palm on the wound on Tenku's shoulder.

"Ahhh! It hurts! I understand! I'm wrong!" Tenku screamed from the excruciating pain. He felt strange energy enter his body and slowly pulled the projectile from his shoulder.


Wang Haotian withdrew his hand from Tenku's shoulder, and a projectile appeared in his palm. After that, he squeezed it, and it crumbled into dust.

"Wow! That's amazing! Is that also the power you get after becoming a cultivator!?" Tenku no longer cared about the pain in his shoulder and looked at Wang Haotian with sparkling eyes full of admiration.

"Of course! You will also have that kind of power in the future. Don't forget to come to my place tomorrow and I will start teaching you about cultivation! Ooh, you should read the book I've given you. In that case, I will take my leave now. I don't want to deal with the police. I will leave that matter to you!" Wang Haotian said proudly and quickly walked out of the house.

"I understand!" Tenku nodded excitedly. He felt that Wang Haotian was very mysterious, and he was lucky to be his disciple. As he was lost in thought, Akina's voice brought him back to his senses.

"Where's that grandpa?" Akina asked while looking around.

"He has gone." Tenku answered curtly.

"Ooh, how do you know him?" Akina nodded slightly and asked another question.

"I accidentally ran into him while walking around this neighborhood." Tenku replied casually. 𝒾𝗻𝐧𝓇𝒆𝒶𝒅. 𝒸૦𝒎

"So you're taking a walk outside? What took you so long?" Akina continued to interrogate him.

"Can you stop asking? I got lost, and the old man brought me here. Has it answered all your curiosity? Now give me the bandage!" Tenku felt a little annoyed with Akina.

"No! I'll be the one to put this bandage on your wound! You have to sit still and let me take care of you!" Akina was holding the first aid kit tightly, and looked like she didn't want to give it to him. It gave Tenku a headache. He could only give up and obey Akina's stubbornness.

"Okay! I understand!" Tenku sat quietly on the chair and let Akina take care of him.

"Good!" Akina smiled broadly and nodded in satisfaction. She applied antiseptic and slowly closed the wound on Tenku's shoulder. Akina did it painstakingly, and it amazed Tenku.

"As Realizers, my mom and dad were often hurt when they returned. Because of that, I learned a bit of medical knowledge to help them." Akina explained as if she knew what Tenku was thinking.

"Is that so?" Tenku averted his eyes in shame that Akina could read his mind.

"Okay! The treatment is done! You can't move your hands for a while. Otherwise, the wound will only get worse." Akina put the antiseptic and bandage back into the first aid kit.

"Thank you." Tenku got up from his seat and intended to return to his room to read Wang Haotian's book.

"This is just a trivial matter. I should be the one thanking you for saving me. Thank you." Akina bowed to Tenku and said with a blush on her face. Then she hurriedly left the place because she didn't want Tenku to realize what had happened to her.

Tenku was a little confused when he saw Akina's behavior. But he didn't think much of it and immediately returned to his room.

Not long after, the police came to Karitoshi's residence. After hearing testimony from Tenku and Akina about the incident, they took the two robbers away to be imprisoned. The cops had also called Misora and Kouta to tell them about the robbery.

At first, Misora and Kouta panicked, but after hearing from the police that Tenku and Akina were fine, they quickly regained their composure. Of course, only Misora was worried about Tenku's condition.

In the evening, Kouta and Misora returned and immediately checked their daughter's condition. After confirming with their eyes that Akina was fine, the two could finally breathe a sigh of relief. But after hearing the story about the incident from Akina, Kouta's face sank. He didn't expect that anyone would dare plan a robbery in his house and they would even dare to touch Akina.

"Damn it! How dare they commit a crime in my house! I'm going to the police station and teach the two robbers a lesson!" Kouta was about to leave Akina's room, but Misora quickly grabbed his hand and stopped him.

"Calm down, Kouta. They are already in the hands of the police. You can't act arbitrarily just because you're a Realizer, right?" Misora said softly and tried to calm him down. She didn't want her husband to be consumed by his anger and make a scene at the police station.

Misora was also angry when she heard that, but she would not abuse her power as a Realizer to punish ordinary people. She could only hand over the crime to the police. But it would be a different story if the villain was also a Realizer. Misora would come to the robbers and fight to the death with them.

Kouta sighed after hearing his wife's words. Luckily, he hasn't gone to the police station yet. Otherwise, his organization would punish him for using the Realizer's power on an ordinary person. Moreover, criminals who the police have caught.

Misora smiled after seeing that Kouta had regained his composure and let go of her hand. Then she looked again at Akina.

"You said that Tenku was injured to protect you, right? Then where is he now?" Misora asked.

"Ah, he said he wanted to rest in his room and didn't want to be disturbed." Akina pouted when she remembered that Tenku immediately locked himself in his room after the police officers left. He left without saying anything to her.

"Is that so? Then, let him rest." Misora looked anxiously at Tenku's room.

Inside his room, Tenku was focused on reading the book that Wang Haotian had given him. He has read two books. But when Tenku read the last book, Heaven Swallowing Monarch Scripture, his eyes turned into a vortex. He was in a trance and sank into his subconscious. Not long after that, Tenku felt that something inside his body had unlocked.


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