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Tenku quickly ran towards the source of the gunshot. He was sure that it came from inside the Karitoshi residence. Even though he had no intention of getting close to the people in the house, he couldn't let them get hurt because Misora had been so good to him.

He looked around and sensed that the surroundings around Karitoshi's residence were quiet today. Because of that, no one came after hearing the gunshots. But Tenku didn't have time to think about that. The important thing was to find out what was happening in that house.

When Tenku entered the house, he still didn't find anyone there. He strolled while hiding himself. Tenku had to act cautiously as he was only a six-year-old boy and had no idea how many intruders had come.

Tenku hopes Akina is fine. Otherwise, Misora would be sad. He had to take care of Akina and repay Misora's kindness because he didn't want to be indebted to the Karitoshi family. While thinking about that, Tenku continued walking towards the living room because he heard a voice from there. After arriving at the place, he was shocked when he saw the scene before his eyes.

"What happened when I left this house?" Tenku saw the masked man pointing his gun at the crying Akina. Not only one, but he also saw other people moving valuables from the house into a big box.

Tenku was sure those two were experienced robbers because they even dared to do it at Realizer's house. Other than that, he could confirm that the two were just ordinary people because they were using guns that didn't look special, like the Phantasmal Object.

"Quickly put in all those valuables! Otherwise, they might come back anytime! If that happens, then we are finished!" The robber with the gun gave the order.

"I understand, boss!" The other robbers answered firmly.

"Hics… Hics… dad… mom…" Akina continued to cry at the gunpoint of the robber. His cheek was slightly bruised, and it was done by one of the robbers.

"Shut up! Your mom and dad won't come even if you keep crying. I've been monitoring this house for a month, and I'm sure they'll be back at night. Once we are done with all the valuables in this house, we will kidnap you and demand ransom from your parents. That way, we will get a double profit! Hahaha!" The robber laughed madly and brought the muzzle of his gun to Akina's head. This made the little girl even more scared, and she didn't dare to make a sound.

Even though their faces were covered with masks, Tenku could tell that both were men from their looks and voices. He clenched his little fist tightly when he saw Akina trembling in fear in the corner of the room. Her figure overlapped with Haruna's at the time of the monster attack on Ibaraki.

"I have to help her immediately!" Tenku subconsciously stretched out his left hand and intended to manifest his Phantasmal Object. But he quickly stopped his actions after remembering Wang Haotian's warning not to display his strength in front of people carelessly before he could adequately protect himself.

Besides, Tenku didn't want him to be devoured by his Phantasmal Object because he used that power again. He had to become stronger first to control the weapon perfectly.

After giving up his intention to use his Phantasmal Object, Tenku thought of another way to deal with the two robbers. Then he remembered something and immediately returned to the vestibule.

Tenku smiled when he saw the baseball bat leaning behind the door. He quickly took it and returned to the living room, where the robbers held Akina hostage. He kept an eye on the robbers' movements and waited until they separated because he couldn't take on two robbers at once without using his Phantasmal Object. After all, he was only a six-year-old boy.

When he saw one of the robbers leaving the room to look for another valuable item, Tenku quietly walked over to the robber with the gun.

Akina, who was crying, saw Tenku, and she wanted to scream for help from him. But Tenku quickly gestures to keep Akina quiet, and he could approach the robber unnoticed. Akina nodded slowly and understood Tenku's meaning.

"This is my chance!" Tenku muttered after seeing the robber with the gun lower his guard. He jumped slightly and swung his baseball bat straight at the robber's head.

"Aaahhhh!" The robber with the gun screamed in pain and dropped his weapon. Tenku used that opportunity to save Akina.

"Let's go! We must seek help as soon as possible!" Tenku grabbed Akina's hand and ran towards the exit. Akina didn't say much and followed Tenku with all her might.

"Insolent brat!!" The robber with the gun roared in anger, and he caught sight of Tenku's figure.

"What's the matter, boss!?" The other robbers immediately returned when he heard screams from the living room.

"Don't ask too many questions and go after the two kids!" The robber picked up his gun from the floor and ran toward Tenku and Akina. The other robbers were confused, but he followed closely behind.

"They're after us!" Akina screamed in panic.

"You don't have to care about them! We have to get out of this house immediately!" Tenku continued to run without looking back, but his footsteps stopped after hearing a voice from behind him.


"If you keep running, I won't hesitate to shoot you!" The robber pointed his gun at them. But Tenku didn't look panicked and slowly drew closer to Akina.

"After the count of three, you must run as hard as you can and leave this place. You must seek help and never look back no matter what happened." Tenku whispered.

"Then what are you going to do?" Akina was still feeling scared after hearing that gunshot.

"I'll hold them back." Tenku stood before Akina and showed the robber her baseball bat. 𝓲n𝑛𝓻ℯ𝗮d. 𝚌o𝒎

"That is dangerous!" Akina couldn't leave him alone in that place. But Tenku ignored Akina's words and started counting.



Akina bit her lip and prepared to run after the count of three. She knew that she would not be able to persuade Tenku. Therefore, Akina would immediately seek help after she managed to escape and return with reinforcements to help him, or so the plan was.

"Three!" Tenku shouted and stepped forward while swinging his baseball bat at the robber with the gun. But the person smirked and pointed his gun at Akina behind Tenku before she could run.

"Watch out, Akina!" Tenku quickly threw his baseball bat to distract the robber. Then he ran towards Akina and pushed her away.


"Aaahhhhhhh!" Tenku screamed in pain as his shoulder was bleeding from the gunshot.

"Hahaha! Do you think you can fool me, brat? That's the payoff for hitting me!" The robber snorted and pointed his gun at Tenku's head.

"Tenku!" Akina wept in fear when she saw the condition of the boy who was protecting her.

"Die, brat!" The robber grinned evilly and pulled the trigger.


"No!" Akina could only scream hysterically while closing her eyes.

(Am I going to die in this place? No! I can't die before finding Haruna!)

Tenku subconsciously swung his left hand, and the bullet fired by the robber changed direction after colliding with something on Tenku's wrist.

"What!?" The robber with the gun was shocked because his shot was missed from such close range. Then he checked his weapon but found nothing odd about it. So he thought Tenku must have something to protect him from that shot. It made the robber's eyes greedy.

"Eh?" Tenku was confused because he didn't feel any pain in his body. He had already prepared himself to receive the shot. When he opened his eyes, he saw a little smoke on his bracelet, and tears flowed from his eyes.

"Thank you, dad, mom. I will survive and find Haruna!" Tenku said determinedly and stood up slowly. He was about to manifest his Phantasmal Object, but an old man's voice stopped him.

"Oya… Oya… Luckily, I haven't gone far enough, kid. I just left you for a while, and you're already battered like that. Tsk tsk..." An old man suddenly appeared and walked over to Tenku and Akina. The old man walked with his hands behind his back and looked intently at the two robbers. That person was Wang Haotian, the master of Tenku.

"How dare you do evil in this neighborhood and injure a child!" Wang Haotian said coldly.

"Old man!" Tenku shouted happily after noticing Wang Haotian's appearance.

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