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Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO

Chapter 8 - The Mistress Provocation (8)

Chapter 8: The Mistress’ Provocation (8)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After getting a grip on her emotions, she headed downstairs for breakfast. Auntie Li inched closer towards her and asked, “Young Madam, last night you and Young Master... how did it feel?”

Luo Anning spat the sip of water that she had just drank.

Auntie Li’s face stiffened while Luo Anning grabbed the napkin and began wiping the water off her face awkwardly. “Auntie Li, I’m really sorry. I didn’t do this on purpose... ”

Auntie Li grabbed the napkin and began wiping herself down. Not planning to change the subject, she continued to probe, “Young Madam, tell me, did you and Young Master Rong get down to business last night?”

“No... ” Luo Anning murmured while her ears turned red. She picked up her cutlery and began having her breakfast in a bid to hide her emotions.

“How can that be? I clearly drugged the dishes last night and you obviously ate the food from the refrigerator... Young Master Rong has also stayed over at the mansion for the first time. Logically speaking, you two must have already done the deed... ” Auntie Li mumbled while analyzing the situation.

Turning as red as a tomato, Luo Anning threw the cutlery and barked, “Auntie Li, so you were the one who drugged the food!?!”

Auntie Li retreated immediately and said, “Young Madam, I was just doing it for your own good. You and Young Master Rong have been married for two years and yet, you’ve never been intimate with each other before. If you still don’t get pregnant, I’m afraid your status might be unstable... ”

“Why are you worrying when I’m not afraid at all? Besides, who told you to mess with my affairs? Do you know that your presumptuous actions have landed me in hot soup!?!” The thought of her consumption of the dishes being the reason for her outrageous act last night, made her feel extremely flustered.

At a complete loss over what to do, Auntie Li stood rooted to the ground. Actually, she had their best interests at heart and did not mean to sabotage Luo Anning. She apologized, “Young Madam... I’m sorry. I promise I won’t do it again.”

Luo Anning could not bring herself to get angry anymore. She suddenly sat down and began eating again. “Forget it. Don’t do this ever again.”

She knew that Auntie Li had her best interests at heart. However, if that misunderstanding did not happen, she would not have lost her virginity.

“Got it, Young Madam.”


“Young Master Rong, are you looking for me?”

Li Wei stared at the handsome and superior man in front of her with joy in her eyes.

Holding a cigarette with one hand, Rong Yan lit it up with a lighter that he held in his other hand, and began fiddling with it. Xu Zhiyuan stood beside him and waited for his orders.

Time passed second after second. However, Rong Yan did not seem to have any intentions to speak. Li Wei bit her lips and walked towards him. “Young Master Rong, why have you come looking for me today?”

As soon as she took a step forward, a man in black stopped her and hollered sternly, “You’re not allowed to go near Young Master Rong!”

Li Wei stared at Rong Yan indignantly before taking a step back obediently as she thought to herself, Oh right, how could i have forgotten how much of a clean freak he was and would never let women get near him?

He was only allergic to filthy women.

“Assistant Xu, tell her.” Rong Yan smoked slowly while the smoke of his cigarette wafted up in the air, making him look threatening yet charming.

Xu Zhiyuan nodded and did as he was told. “Miss Li, did you spout nonsense to our Young Madam yesterday at Duke’s Cafe at three in the afternoon?”

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