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Chapter 27: Suddenly Put In A Spot

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

What is this woman doing here?

Luo Anning walked towards Rong Yan who was dead drunk and lying on the couch. She stood beside him and suddenly felt like she was at a loss over what to do.

How am I supposed to move such a big and heavy man away?

“Yan is drunk. You’d better hurry up and bring him home to get some rest,” Feng Churui said smilingly with no intentions to help her at all.

Luo Anning thought to herself angrily, were they not childhood friends and best of buddies? Would it kill him to give me some help?

Must he remain still in such a gloating manner?

Luo Anning took a deep breath and questioned with a mirthless smile, “Mayor Feng, I doubt I can carry Rong Yan away all by myself. Are you not planning to help me at all?”

Amused by her seriousness, Feng Churui said, “You don’t have to address me that way during non-working hours.”

That was all he said.

Luo Anning gritted her teeth angrily and glared daggers at Rong Yan who was drunk out of his senses, wishing she could slap him and smash him against the wall.

“Fine, Young Master Feng.”

Luo Anning shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly and took a seat on the couch, after which she whipped out her mobile phone and made a call. “Bring a few people here to Xijiang Clubhouse. I need a few big and strong guys. Yes, that’s what I mean. I just need them to be able to carry a drunkard.”

Her volume was not too loud but her voice was sweet yet a little aloof. She sounded gentle and melodious like orioles and waterfalls.

Upon hearing her words, Tang Chao burst into laughter and leaned on the shoulder of the babe beside him while laughing uncontrollably. he wondered how Rong Yan would react after hearing that he had been described as a drunkard.

It must be interesting, he thought.

After hanging up, Luo Anning picked up her mobile phone and began to play a mobile game about three nations, completely ignoring everything around her.

They are out to gloat and make things difficult for me by choosing not to help me right?

Okay, I will let them watch all they want. However, I cannot guarantee it is what they want to see.

Tang Chao grimaced and thought to himself, I really cannot belittle this woman. He then turned to look at Rong Yan and suddenly got a strange idea.

If Luo Anning can subdue Rong Yan, that actually would not be a bad idea. At least...

Seeing how composed she was, Feng Churui shook his head and decided to raise the white flag. “Miss Luo, it’s getting late. We’d better hurry and send Yan home to get some rest.”

If Rong Yan were to find out that he had called his wife who then called some men to come and carry him way, he would definitely bomb the government administrative office.

Luo Anning heard an answer that she was satisfied with. However, she was not one to give in easily.

She had her pride too.

“I don’t have to trouble you, Young Master Feng. I’ve already called some people to come give me a hand, they should be here anytime soon. Don’t worry about Rong Yan.”

Feng Churui’s smile stiffened and thought to himself, must this woman bear a grudge against me? I simply made things a little difficult for her because she seemed interesting.

Indeed, women should not be provoked.

“It’s no trouble at all. Yan is drunk, he should go home to get some rest as soon as possible,” Feng Churui said with a graceful smile before carrying Rong Yan out through the door.

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