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Chapter 16: Don’t Be Mistaken (1)

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He stressed those last two words. Having understood what Rong Yan was hinting at, Uncle Zhang smiled and glanced at them and greeted them goodnight before proceeding to report to Old Mr. Rong.

As soon as Uncle Zhang left, Luo Anning let go of his arm and broke free from his embrace. Glaring at him angrily, she questioned, “Why did you let Uncle Zhang deliberately get the wrong idea?”

Staring at her like he was staring at an idiot, Rong Yan wiped her wet hair and said, “That’s the only thing I can do to give us some peace.”

Rong Yan leaned closer towards her with a sinister smile and said, “Don’t get the wrong idea after hearing what I said to Grandpa just now, because we’ll never have children. I’m sure you know that better than anyone else.”

Yes, she was well aware that the two of them did not have feelings for each other at all and that they were just strangers who had merely been bound by their marriage.

Rong Yan discriminated against women and had only agreed to marry her because he had been compelled by Old Mr. Rong. Otherwise, he would not have even bothered to have a meal with her.

She had already seen through it. She would divorce him immediately as soon as she snatched back her assets left behind by her late father.

“I understand. We may fool others but we can’t deceive ourselves. I know better than anyone else, what this marriage means.”

Luo Anning smiled and turned around to walk towards the bathroom. “Don’t worry, I’ll lie to Grandpa and Mother for you. I’ll divorce you as soon as Grandpa helps me snatch Anning Corporation back.”

Rong Yan watched as she closed the door. He smiled and thought to himself, it is for the best that she thinks that way. As long as she does not pester me, I will not treat her poorly.

Luo Anning initially thought that Rong Yan would leave as soon as Uncle Zhang did. To her surprise, she was greeted with the sight of the troublemaker Rong Yan seated on the bed with a notebook on his lap and typing away at godlike speed.

She paused her actions and asked with a frown, “Why haven’t you gone out yet?”

Upon hearing her words, Rong Yan shifted his gaze onto her face and questioned, “Why do I have to go out?”

What a joke. This is my territory. She should be the one leaving.

Luo Anning said haughtily, “Am I supposed to go out instead? Rong Yan, I don’t want to be in the same room as you. I believe you don’t wish to share the same bed as a woman too, do you? Aren’t you a clean freak? Aren’t you afraid that I might pass my bacteria onto you?”

He would leave, right?

I refuse to believe that he would stay.

Upon hearing her words, Rong Yan shivered and stared at her murderously. “Go sleep outside. Don’t make me repeat myself.”

“What if I refuse to?” said Luo Anning who insisted on going against him. She shrugged her towel away and walked towards the bed. i𝐧𝓃𝒓𝒆𝑎𝙙. 𝘤𝘰𝚖

“Luo Anning, don’t push your limits. I told you to go sleep in the guest room,” Rong Yan hollered sternly while glowering at her.

Luo Anning did not get angry at all. Instead she laughed and lifted the duvet before laying down beside him and staring at him innocently. “Young Master Rong, I don’t like sleeping in the guestroom. What are you going to do? Why don’t you leave instead? I quite like this bed so I’m not leaving.”

She then began scratching the duvet and was about to caress his sexy chest that was exposed to her.

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