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1273 Please take good care of me in this life

Her fair body twisted impatiently, and her head buried deeper into the blanket. Her entire face was hidden.

Because of her movement, the hem of her shirt was pulled up, revealing the edge of her round butt..

The young commander’s gaze was already fixed on her.

The round edge that was revealed seemed to be silently inviting him. He could not help but feel his body heat up, and his hand could not help but reach out.

His fingers slowly touched her smooth skin. Up, up..


The young commander’s breathing suddenly became heavy. Yun Xiaobai was not wearing anything!

In other words, his hand could directly enter the most beautiful place.

Yun Xiaobai, Yun Xiaobai..

The strength of his touch turned from light to heavy.

Unknowingly, he had already laid down beside her, his large palm moving through her shirt..

“Oh... Don’t...”Xiaobai, who had never been treated this way before, suddenly muttered. His body was squirming uneasily, as though he wanted to get rid of the hand on his back that was causing trouble.

The major general took a deep breath and pulled his hand back. With a strong push, he flipped her over, causing Xiaobai to lie on his side.

His stomach churned. Whitey suddenly opened its eyes, jumped off the bed, and rushed into the bathroom.

“Urgh –”

Soon, the sound of her vomiting could be heard from the bathroom.

The young marshal calmed himself down for a few breaths before walking into the bathroom. He pulled Whitey, who was still bent over and retching, into his arms.

“Do you feel uncomfortable?”His low and gentle voice was overflowing with his unique gentleness.

Whitey’s eyelids were half-opened as it nodded in a daze. “I feel like vomiting...”

“Come, Chug.”A glass of water was pressed to her lips. Whitey took a sip and puked.

He carried her out of the bathroom and fed her the hangover soup. “Come, lie down and sleep.”

He laid her limp body on the bed and laid beside her. He supported his head and looked at her uncomfortable expression under the light.

He pinched her cheek in heartache and muttered, “Did you suffer? Let’s see if you dare to get drunk again next time.”

Whitey opened its eyes. Just now, it was nauseous from not being able to vomit. At this moment, her pitch-black eyes were wet as she looked at him and called out in confusion, “Brother Rong?”

“Yes.”The handsome’s exquisite face seemed to glow under the light.

His eyes were filled with gentleness.

“Ah... It’s brother Rong...”little white rolled into his arms and hugged him.

His head rubbed against his chest and he exhaled in satisfaction.”... It smells so good... Brother Rong, you smell so good.”


The young marshal raised his eyebrows. Why didn’t he know that he smelled good?

He did not say anything. His fingertips were playing with her face. Little White mumbled for a while before squeezing into his arms again. “Brother Rong... do you know the young Marshal?”

He was really drunk.

Did he know the general?

The general’s fingers caressed her beautiful rose-petal-like lips. “Yes, why?”

“Oh... If you know the general, can you help me tell him not to like me?”

The hand that stopped on her lips suddenly stopped and gradually stiffened. He suppressed the raging anger in his chest and asked in a low voice, “Why don’t you want him to like you?”

“Well, let me think.”Whitey shook its head and seriously thought about it.

After a while, the young marshal asked, “Have you thought about it?”

“If I can’t think of it, what should I do if I can’t think of it?”Whitey raised its head and looked at him pitifully.

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