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Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO

Chapter 1 - The Mistress Provocation (1)

Chapter 1: The Mistress’ Provocation (1)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

In Duke’s Café.

A medical report from a hospital in S City was placed on the table.

Luo Anning’s pupils constricted and she gracefully picked up the cup of coffee in front of her before taking a sip out of it while staring at the smug and arrogant woman in front of her.

Li Wei carefully placed her hand on her slightly round belly and stared at Luo Anning haughtily. “I’m pregnant with Young Master Rong’s child. You’ve been occupying the position of his wife for a long time. It’s time you freed up that spot for someone else who actually deserves it.”

“Are you thinking of replacing me?” Luo Anning gibed with a faint smile while remaining calm and composed. Her emotions could not be seen on her beautiful face at all.

“If you’re sensible enough, you’ll know what to do without me having to tell you.”

Li Wei’s haughtiness made Luo Anning feel an urge to laugh.

Is she trying to provoke me and force me to back off by threatening me with her pregnancy?

I cannot tell if she’s simply naive or silly!

Does she not know that Old Mr. Rong was the one who arranged for me to marry Rong Yan? Even Rong Yan would not dare to defy him so easily.

Luo Anning kept a straight face and sipped on some coffee again before retrieving a card from the latest Birkin bag which belonged to her. “Take this with you and use the money to buy some tonics for nourishing your health. You’d better give birth to a child for Young Master Rong so that you’d at least be respected because of your child.”

Li Wei totally did not expect Luo Anning to react that way. Staring at her apprehensively, she asked. “Aren’t you angry about the fact that I’m pregnant?”

“If being angry will make the child you’re expecting vanish, I’ll get angry.”

She exited from the cafe, only to be greeted with the glaring summer sun which shone directly into her eyes, making it difficult for her to open her eyes. However, why did she feel cold all of a sudden?

Two years ago, there was a wedding of the century and everyone knew that the son of the richest tycoon in Asia, splurged on an exorbitant wedding for Luo Anning.

The lavish and extravagant wedding left everyone green with envy. However, who knew that the ostentatious marriage was actually just a sordid transaction?

Yes, her marriage to Rong Yan was just a transaction.

Right from the start, she already knew that it was a loveless marriage. Once the time was ripe, either one of them would be able to initiate a divorce.

Rong Yan was her lawful husband and rumor had it that he utterly detested filthy women and would never allow them to get near him.

It was for that reason that she was certain he would not commit adultery, and hence decided to give in to Old Mr. Rong’s request for them to get married.

Yet, that scoundrel cheated on her and even got his mistress pregnant!

It was such an insult!


Upon returning to the manor, the butler Auntie Li welcomed her smilingly, “Young Madam, Assistant Xu called just now to inform me that Young Master Rong will be home for dinner tonight. Hurry and doll yourself up. Strive to make him stay tonight.”

Throughout the two years of their marriage, she rarely interacted with Rong Yan. It was no wonder that Auntie Li would feel worried for her.

But, what does Auntie Li take me for? An emperor’s concubine from the ancient times?

I, Luo Anning, am not that lowly!

Luo Anning placed a hand on her aching forehead and said, “Got it, Auntie Li. Go ahead and get busy. I’ll go upstairs to get some rest.”

Auntie Li patted her hand before turning around to head to the kitchen where she delegated some tasks to the cooks. As soon as Luo Anning arrived upstairs, she whipped out her mobile phone to call Lu Momo.

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