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President Daddy's Excessive Love

Chapter 7 Using her identity to suppress me

Tang Youyou quickly followed her, went out of the gate, standing at a small open space beside the gate.

"Tang Youyou, you really know how to pick your time. You came here on purpose to embarrass me? Don"t you know that today is my birthday? Look at how many famous people have come here. You came back dressed like a beggar, are you trying to let people know that I have a little sister like you? " Seeing that there was no one around, Tang Xuerou scolded Tang Youyou.

Calling her a beggar and saying that she was indecent, which was extremely mean.

Tang Youyou didn"t have much of a reaction to her curses, it was just that her eyes grew colder, and her voice became extremely cold, "If you think I"ve lost your face, then quickly return my mother"s remnants to me. I won"t stay a second longer."

"How many years has it been? Who knows if that pile of broken things is still there? You want me to help you find it now? I"m busy. Can"t you see that I have so many guests to treat?" Tang Xuerou crossed her arms in front of her chest with an impatient look on her face. She didn"t want to help Tang Youyou to find those old things.

"If I don"t get it, I won"t leave." Tang Youyou became furious immediately. At that time, she was kicked out of the country and didn"t have the time to take those things away. Now, she had returned and wanted to take away what her mother had left behind with her no matter what.

"Heh, are you threatening me? Tang Youyou, it"s different now, open your dog eyes and look clearly, what kind of identity do I have now, for a lowly status like yours, you don"t even have the qualifications to bring me my shoes, you dare to yell at me? Do you believe that I would make the guards throw you out like trash?" There were a lot of reasons why Tang Xuerou didn"t like her, but there was only one remaining reason for her to hate her to the bones, and that was the incident that happened at the hotel five years ago.

Back then, when she snuck into the room where Tang Youyou was humiliated by a man to take a picture, she wanted to a

ounce her achievement to her mother. She didn"t expect that a young man would come.

The man did not say anything further. After checking the suit jacket and the watch, he gave her a business card.

Later on, she found out a secret. The man who had slept with Tang Youyou in the hotel that night was actually Ji Family"s Great Young Master Ji Xiaohan.

At this moment, Tang Youyou returned, Tang Xuerou was afraid that the matter back then would be exposed.

Tang Youyou did not expect her to be so arrogant after not seeing her for a few years.

"I don"t care who you are, I just want my things back." Tang Youyou"s beautiful face was filled with anger. Those things belonged to her mother in the first place, and they were left behind by her mother as priceless treasures. They were extremely precious and she definitely could not lose them.

Just as Tang Xuerou wanted to mock her ruthlessly, a light suddenly flashed in her eyes. She was startled when she saw the noble car outside the door.

Soon after, joy blossomed in her eyes.

Ji Xiaohan actually came in person.

That was too unexpected and she was too happy.

Tang Xuerou"s eyes quickly swept across the furious Tang Youyou, she suddenly leaned forward and sneered at Tang Youyou: “I know where those unlucky things are, but I just don"t want to return it to you, it"s fine if you don"t come, now that you have returned, I immediately recalled the foolish thing you did back then, my brother"s leg still hasn"t fully recovered, Tang Youyou, do you know? I wish I could strangle you to death, and you even want to take things from my house? Hmph, no way. Tomorrow, I"ll put a torch on those dead people"s things and burn them all."

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