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President Daddy's Excessive Love

Chapter 5 Get back what belongs to her

Seeing that it was her, the man didn"t move his gaze away from the documents on the table. With a calm voice, he asked, "what’s the matter?"

Tang Xuerou walked to the front of the desk with light steps. A sweet smile flashed across her exquisite face, and her voice sounded a little flirtatious as she said: "Boss Ji, today is my birthday. Can I invite you to have a cup of coffee in my home tonight?”

"Sorry, my trip today is packed. I can"t spare the time to visit." Ji Xiaohan"s expression was still as cold as water, the woman"s passionate invitation did not pique his interest.

He had allowed this woman to enter his domain only because her body had saved his life five years ago.

However, this did not mean that this woman could act as she pleased in front of him.

After four consecutive years of rejection, the expression in Tang Xuerou"s eyes suddenly became dejected.

She forced out a tinge of tears, causing her charming, sentimental eyes to fill with tears.

"Alright, I understand!" Tang Xuerou suffered a huge blow. The man in front of her made her the queen in entertainment industry, but he had never been willing to be her king.

This was something that Tang Xuerou had never been able to succeed. Other men rushed to her like a flock of ducks, but this monarch-like man treated her like air.

"Anything else?" The man slightly raised his brows, revealing his deep face.

Tang Xuerou"s entire body seemed to have been lightly hit by lightning, even her soul was almost sucked in by his eyes.

The man"s sexy facial features were like a piece of God-made art. Every part of his facial lines was created carefully and perfect.

His sexy and thin lips slightly moved, and his calm and emotionless voice instantly caused Tang Xuerou to wake up as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over her.

"It"s alright, I won"t disturb your work any longer. I"ll be leaving now!" Tang Xuerou embarrassedly held back her tears as she left the office in a hurry.

As the night fell, Tang Youyou had already settled the two little babies down and passed them to her aunt. She was confident that her aunt would take good care of them

The two little guys had always been obedient since they were young. Especially her son who were born half an hour earlier, he had the bearing of a brother. Being calm and wise at such a young age, he could take good care of his younger sister without her explanation.

Tang Youyou felt that the most correct decision she had made in her life was to give birth to this pair of adorable babies.

With them, she would have the courage to fight against the world.

"Little Rui, take good care of your sister. Listen to great aunt"s words. Mom has urgent matters to attend to." Tang Youyou squatted down, rubbed her son"s little head and gently said it again. Then, she held her son"s little face and kissed him, and then she kissed her daughter"s little head.

Aunt Cheng Wanlian looked at Tang Youyou worriedly, and said with concern, "You just took your things and you come back right away, understand?"

Tang Youyou looked at her aunt"s concerned face and nodded: "I know!"

"Mommy, you have to be careful outside." Little Rui caught up to him and took a few steps forward. His young voice was soothing to hear.

Tang Youyou patted her son"s head again, said “Yes” with smile and then pushed the door and left.

She tightened her backpack. Her aunt was worried that she would get into a fight with those evil people in that family, but she was much calmer.

She was no longer the impulsive herself from five years ago. This time, she only wanted to retrieve her mother"s things. As long as they handed the things to her, she would immediately leave.

When Tang Youyou rushed to the Tang Clan villa, she discovered that there was a long queue at the entrance of the Tang Clan villa. The roads on both sides of the door were packed with reporters and onlookers.

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