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President Daddy's Excessive Love

Chapter 4 Jade maiden wasnt used to describe her

Tang Youyou looked out of the window and suddenly, she saw a familiar face on the billboard.

It was Tang Xuerou.

In these five years, it was unknown what kind of luck she had encountered, but she actually went from an unknown girl in art school to a famous celebrity. Among all kinds of labels on her it was the word "Jade Maiden", which left the deepest impression on Tang Youyou.

Jade Maiden?

Heh, Tang Youyou laughed coldly from the bottom of her heart.

As far as she knew, Tang Xuerou had been changing boyfriends nonstop since high school. After entering the art school, she was even date with a second-generation rich.

But now, she was viewed as a Jade Maiden in the eyes of men.

Anyway, the world was never fair. Tang Youyou lowered her head, and held her two children tightly in her arms.

She didn"t want to dig into her past grudges. Her only goal now was to raise the two little things by her side.

Other than that, there was nothing else she would ask for.

The two little fellows seemed to be a little tired as they leaned against her bosom, their eyelids drooping.

Tang Xiaonai"s willpower was not strong enough, so she fell asleep very quickly. Tang Xiaorui was like a little man, although he was also sleepy, he kept himself from sleeping.

Because later Mommy was going to hug his sister. So he had to stay awake and not let Mommy too tired.

"Mommy, that building is so tall!" Tang Xiaorui suddenly pointed to the tall building outside the window that was erected as a huge pillar that reached the sky, and exclaimed out loud.

Tang Youyou looked in the direction of where he pointed with his little finger. Sure enough, in the middle of the large buildings, there were two skyscrapers, two times higher than the rest, and the most spectacular and amazing thing were the countless corridors in the air between the two buildings. They were simply representatives of power.

"Yeah, they are big and tall, so spectacular." Tang Youyou listened to her son and replied smilingly.

"I really wish I could go in and take a look." Tang Xiaorui hoped i


Tang Youyou burst out in laughter and rubbed his little head, "That"s where people work, it won"t wouldn’t receive visitors."

Tang Xiaorui pursed his lips. Hearing his mother"s words, he felt a little disappointed.

This beautiful building in Z Country was called King"s International. It symbolized the owner"s supreme authority in Z Country, and also showed the owner"s wealth and grandeur.

At this moment, on the first floor of the King"s International Building, a silver limited edition of Pargani car was parked in front of the hall.

A young woman wearing a fish-tailed skirt stepped out of the car. Her wavy red hair made her look very coquettish.

Without making a sound, Tang Xuerou walked in high heels towards the elevator in an extremely charming ma


She pressed on the sixty-sixth floor and thought that no matter what, she would see Ji Xiaohan and invite him to her birthday party.

Tang Xuerou lifted her enchanting long hair and intentionally moved it to her right chest, revealing her snow white and beautiful neck. After staying in the entertainment industry for so long, she was very clear on what was attractive to men.

The thick and heavy door of the office of the President of King International was pushed open by the assistant. Tang Xuerou walked in leisurely.

In a spacious and bright office, there was a black desk in the middle of the room. The entire office was filled with black, white, and grey colors, the cold and hard aura perfectly matched the owner"s temperament.

When Tang Xuerou stepped in, her charming eyes were like a straight line that was glued onto the lazy and noble looking man sitting on the big chair behind the desk.

The man wore an orthodox black suit and a black shirt, looking noble and mysterious.

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