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President Daddy's Excessive Love

Chapter 29 Will you marry mommy?

Although Tang Xiaonai was naive, when she heard that the person who claimed to be their father actually had a girlfriend, she also immediately shouted in dissatisfaction, "Daddy, how can you have a girlfriend? You"re going to marry my mommy."


Ji Xiaohan was shocked by this word.

Let him marry that useless woman who even fought with him for children?

This was absolutely impossible.

"Xiaorui, I think there must be a misunderstanding. Tang Xuerou is just a signed celebrity in my company, and she"s not my girlfriend." Ji Xiaohan had never explained his rumors in such a serious ma

er before.

However, Tang Xiaorui snorted and said: "I"ve seen a lot of rumors about you and her, and they all said that you were her financial supporter. How are you going to explain that?"

Ji Xiaohan suddenly felt a headache. This experience, that he had never experienced in his life, made him frown.

He wondered if he should use his father"s dignity to teach this little fellow a lesson.

"Big brother, look, he"s not even going to explain. Let"s go." Although Tang Xiaonai was a delicate person at times, in most situations, she would still listen to her brother the most.

Tang Xiaorui curled his lips: "Even if you are our daddy, we will not recognize you. Sooner or later, you will have to marry another woman, and we only want our own mother, not a stepmother."

As soon as Tang Xiaorui finished speaking, he ran over to his sister"s side with his short legs, and completely changed his tone, "Idiot Xiaonai, let"s go!"

"Wait a moment…" Ji Xiaohan never thought that, as a successful man in business, he would actually be defeated by the two little fellows. The moment he saw those two little kids walking towards the door, he immediately shouted out.

When the two little guys holding hands heard his words, they instinctively stopped and turned around to look at him.

"I"ll brush everything about her aside, OK?" Ji Xiaohan had previously turned a blind eye to all these rumors and completely disregarded them, but now, he was regretful. He should have put them aside a long time ago.

"Then … Will you marry my mother? "A cu

ing light flashed through Tang Xiaorui"s beautiful eyes.

In terms of scheming, he wouldn"t lose to an adult, even at such a young age.

His goal was very clear. He wanted to help Mommy find someone to rely on for the rest of her life.

Since the man who looked like him admitted that he was their daddy, then it was definitely not wrong.

A man like him, who was obviously very rich, couldn"t possibly joke around with his own genetic blood.

However, Tang Xiaorui was worried that he only wanted him and his sister but did not want Mommy. If so, the situation would become dire.

That was why he acted like that. After all, it was nothing more than forcing his father to break off his relationships with other women so that he could give a place to Mommy.

Ji Xiaohan was so shrewd, and this little kid in front of him was also his child, so the father immediately knew his son.

What a clever boy! He was thinking of such a plan.

"Xiaorui, Xiaonai, please listen to my explanation. The relationship between adults is very complicated. We can"t get married just because you guys said so, and we also have to love each other…"

"Will you love our Mommy? Our Mommy is beautiful, kind and capable." Tang Xiaonai"s eyes were filled with hope, and they were like the eyes of the most i

ocent deer. When she stared at you, she would make it impossible for you to reject her words.

Ji Xiaohan looked at his daughter"s eyes that were as clear and pure as crystal, and felt his heart ache. He actually let his own children wander outside. Had she ever been bullied before? Had she suffered any grievance?

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