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President Daddy's Excessive Love

Chapter 25 We should call him daddy

Tang Youyou had cried enough, and the grievances in her heart had disappeared a little. But the man"s humiliating actions had once again aroused her anger.

She snatched the cheque and instantly ripped it into shreds before viciously throwing it at that handsome face. "Bastard, I won"t give you the children. Don"t even think about having them for the rest of your life."

Ji Xiaohan was hit stu

ed by his own cheque. This was the first time that he had lost so much face in front of a woman.

He could not help but become angry and coldly sneered, "Don"t think that you can be so presumptuous just because you gave birth to two children of mine. Do you believe that I will make it so that you will never see them for the rest of your life?"

"I don"t believe it …" Tang Youyou crawled up from the ground with confidence. Even though she was petite, she still raised her chin up high as much as possible: "The children are mine. Even if you are their father, don"t think of snatching them away from me."

Tang Youyou also didn"t know where she got her confidence from, but she absolutely could not admit defeat, and she would not resign herself to fate either.

The children were her life. If her life was gone, what was there to be afraid of?

Ji Xiaohan frowned. He never thought that this woman would have such a stubborn and strong personality.

If he couldn’t use money to smooth her out…

Could it be that she was counting on him to use his love…

Humph, don"t even think about it!

Ji Xiaohan ordered people to go to the kindergarten and used the reason of taking medical examination to get the DNA samples of the two little fellows. Then, he ordered them to go to the hospital to compare the DNA. In fact, he had held no hope but simply thought that all the people were talking about the children were similar to him and his brother, and he could only remain assured after getting affirmation.

It was the younger brother"s DNA that was first compared, and the results showed that their relation were not father and children.

Ji Xiaohan did not know what was wrong with him, for he also took his own blood sample.

He had never expected that the children were not his brother"s, but his.

It was absolutely true.

Flames could be seen in their eyes, but there was no war. Instead, there was a feeling of a fight between the two of them.

The door to the parlor was suddenly knocked.

Ji Xiaohan shouted loudly: "Bring it in!"

Assistant Lu Qing walked in happily. Upon seeing the stiff and heavy atmosphere, he stopped smiling immediately.

"Young Master, the inspection list is inside…" He carefully glanced at the furious Tang Youyou at the side, and then respectfully handed the folder over to Ji Xiaohan.

Tang Youyou"s beautiful and charming eyes were filled with anger as she stared at the folder in his hands.

Her heart was beating rapidly, as if she was waiting to be sentenced to death.

Once, she had hoped to find a kind and gentle father for her children.

However, the image of the father of her children in her dreams was definitely not this …

Ji Xiaohan"s usually calm and steady heartbeat became a little crazy at this moment. His handsome face tensed up, but his fingers nimbly opened the folder.

His slender and beautiful fingers easily pulled out the information within.

This was the inspection list given by a very authoritative hospital. There was a line of confirmed words on it, which made Ji Xiaohan"s heart fly to heaven.

Surprise and happiness came too suddenly, causing him to feel suffocated.

When Tang Youyou saw the smug look in his eyes, she immediately snatched the piece of paper from his hands, ignoring politeness.

Her two large, black eyes were fixed on the confirmation script.

"No… This is impossible... I don"t believe it. You"re lying to me. Are you taking revenge on me for biting you the night before yesterday?" A blank space appeared in Tang Youyou"s mind as she tried her best to find evidence that this man wanted to frame her.


"The children are mine, and this has already been an unchangeable fact. Seeing that you"ve given birth to such cute children for me, I don"t mind the fact that you"ve bitten me. Moreover, I can satisfy more of your conditions…" Ji Xiaohan looked at the woman whose face was ashen in front of him, and his two handsome eyebrows knitted together tightly.

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