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Being looked at by the eyes of the woman in her arms, Ling Sinan’s body was shocked. These eyes were clear and clean like lake water, with microwave ripples.

If she didn’t know she had eye disease, Ling Sinan would feel that her eyes were good.

Usually, the eyes of blind people are dull, empty and as dry as an ancient pond.

Xia Xiyao was in a panic. Seeing that the elevator was about to open, Xia Xiyao suddenly gave a low voice.

"Oh, my stomach..."

"What’s the matter?" Ling Sinan asked with concern.

"I don’t know, maybe I came there... Stomachache." Xia Xiyao found the worst excuse and covered her lower abdomen.

Ling Sinan was stunned for three seconds, which reflected that women have stomachache in their physiological period.

"Does it hurt badly?" Ling Sinan thought it was very serious when she saw her frown and moaned in pain.

"Well, Mr. Ling, can you help me buy some sanitary products?" Xia Xiyao asked softly with a blushing face.

Ling Si Nanjun’s face suddenly turned red. To tell the truth, he hasn’t bought such things before. His mother and sister sometimes forget to call him to buy them.

I don’t know why. He took it for granted to help his sister and mother bring such things.

But when he knew that the woman in his arms wanted to use it, he was shy.

"If it’s inconvenient, I’ll go by myself..."

"Never mind, I’ll go." Ling Sinan gently put her down and looked around: "there’s a supermarket 50 meters on the left. I’ll buy it. You wait for me here."

"OK." Xia Xiyao looked obedient.

Ling Sinan looked back at her step by step.

Xia Xiyao’s eyes without waves and waves flashed a flash of light after the man went away.

"Damn Ling Sinan, what kind of Bodhisattva wants to cure my eyes." Xia Xiyao’s plan was disrupted, which annoyed her, but the man’s serious look just now doesn’t seem to be playing games.

Ling Sinan is a man of Bodhisattva’s heart and means of thunder. The more Xia Xiyao knows Ling Sinan, the more she finds out that he has a dangerous atmosphere. If she were a woman who has no resistance to beautiful men and takes care of him gently, she would have fallen into his deep love and drowned.

Ling Sinan entered the supermarket. Xia Xiyao suddenly stretched out her hand and pulled her long hair, a beautiful hair covering her small face. She turned and entered a nearby channel.

She will never see a doctor. Moreover, she must change her address immediately and can’t continue to live with Ling Sinan. Once he finds out that she is pretending to be blind, Ling Sinan will certainly investigate her.

Even if her resume is blank, Ling Sinan will be wary of her.

Ling Sinan finished the order and came out with a bag of women’s products. She saw that the position of xiaxiyao station was empty.

"Miss Xia..." Ling Sinan was shocked and xiuba’s body rushed over in a few steps.

Ling Sinan was flustered and looked around anxiously. He didn’t see anyone. He immediately called Xia Xiyao. There was a confused sound and no one answered.

Ling Sinan was so angry that she knew she was blind. How could she stand here alone?

Was it robbed by a tramp around here?

Because there are many refugees pouring into this country. Not far from here is the refugee camp. It is very chaotic, especially women. It is a scarce resource.

Ling Sinan immediately dialed Xiao Han’s phone: "bring someone here. Miss Xia is gone."

Ling Sinan immediately turned and ran towards the refugee camp. Along the way, many poor children were begging. Ling Sinan gave them the only change and asked them about Xia Xiyao’s whereabouts.

Some children shook their heads and said they didn’t see such a beautiful girl.

Ling Sinan still couldn’t be at ease. He continued to walk forward.

Just above a building not far from him, Xia Xiyao had secretly changed a suit, took a white cloak, covered most of her face, only showed a pair of beautiful eyes and stared at Ling Sinan who was anxiously looking for someone downstairs.

Xia Xiyao frowned, reached out and took out a gun from her pocket.

In this country, guns are allowed.

Xia Xiyao’s fingers closed. On the path not far away, the man’s tall body hurried forward. As he walked, he handed the change in his hand to the children next to him, and squatted down to talk to them. A child was pressed by wood. He also helped solve the siege.

"Ling Sinan, you are a good man. Unfortunately... We are sworn against each other."

When Xia Xiyao spoke, the muzzle of the gun was aimed at Ling Sinan’s back.

Ling Sinan was walking forward. Suddenly, two men in black sneaked over from the other two roads and approached Ling Sinan.

The two men also reached into their waist. Xia Xiyao’s beautiful eyes narrowed and watched the two men take out the gun at the same time. Xia Xiyao turned to Ling Sinan’s muzzle and shot two shots in a row.

Ling Sinan was looking for someone to ask questions when he suddenly heard the gunshot. The crowd around was shocked and ran around.

Ling Sinan was pushed by several people, but he didn’t run away with the crowd. On the contrary, he ran in the direction of the gunshot.

"Fool... Don’t run for your life yet." Xia Xiyao is also ready to leave. She sees Ling Sinan running in the direction of the gun. She looks worried and scolds.

Does this man really think he has nine lives?

Xia Xiyao stood high and looked down. The gunfire attracted several black figures to come here.

"Damn..." Xia Xiyao scolded angrily, and the petite figure jumped down from the roof quickly.

The action quickly ran in the direction of Ling Sinan.

Ling Sinan walked through the crowd and came to the injured man. The man shot through the heart and was dead. The gun in his hand fell nearby.

Ling Sinan’s eyes opened. It seems that this is a killer. Who is it to kill?

Ling Sinan was about to check, when she suddenly heard a woman’s cry for help not far away: "help, who will save me? I’m so scared."

"Miss Xia." when Ling Sinan heard the voice, Junrong was happy and hurried in that direction. He saw Xia Xiyao’s clothes huddled in a corner, holding the torn collar tightly with both hands.

When Ling Sinan saw this scene, his heart almost stopped beating. He hurriedly took off his coat and covered Xia Xiyao.

"Miss Xia, it’s all right. Why are you here?" Ling Sinan blamed himself.

"I was carried here. There were several men. I didn’t understand what they said. They wanted to bully me. Mr. Ling, fortunately, you came. Let’s go. I heard the gunshot, and the men scared away." Xia Xiyao said in panic.

"It’s all right, I’ll take you." Ling Sinan bent down, picked her up horizontally and ran quickly to the direction of the car.

Xia Xiyao looked at the man’s firm chin. She couldn’t help scolding again: "fool."

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