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President Daddy's Excessive Love

Chapter 18 It is a species of ji family that is in the opposite direction and in the right direction

"Is that possible to sleep with me easily?" Ji Xiaohan laughed sarcastically, as he felt that this was too ridiculous.

"Then how do you explain why these two children look so much like you? If it wasn"t your children, then it would definitely be your younger brother"s…"

"Yep, it is possible. No matter what happened, they are definitely descendants of your family. Hurry up and check it out…" Luo Hening also had a serious expression.

Ji Xiaohan thought it was nothing more than a joke, but now, he could see that his two good friends weren"t even trying to joke. He immediately slammed his fists on the armrest of the chair in anger, "What a bastard! I have already told him to be careful. He dared to make others pregnant. It seems that he is definitely lacking of lessons."

"Your younger brother is a celebrity who"s famous all over the world. It’s not a surprise that he may get an illegitimate child…"

"Shut up!" Ji Xiaohan immediately stared at his friends. Then, he drunk up all of wine in his glass and he put the glass down, took his jacket and left.

Six black cars guarded the Lincoln’s limousine driving through the dark city.

Inside the car, the warm rays of light outlined the man"s handsome, angular face. His pair of eagle-like eyes stared at the outside of the window for a moment.

After that, he picked up his phone and flipped through a few times with his slender fingers. He easily found the pair of kids’ video that suddenly became popular on the internet.

He swiped through the comments section with his finger flipping through the screen…

"Don"t tell me that I"m the only one who realizes that these two kids look like the famous Ji Yueze very much? Could they be his illegitimate children?"

"Not very much. Only a little alike."

"It"s no secret that the celebrities" private lives are in a mess."

"The two children are so cute and beautiful that I really want to hug their mother!"

The word "mother" caught the man"s cold eyes.

Some of the comments about the video had been already concerned with his younger brother"s reputation. It had to be clarified.

If it really was his brother’s mistake…

Ji Xiaohan rubbed his forehead in a

oyance. He could not remember how much trouble he had dealt with for his younger brother.

Now, his younger brother was on vocation abroad, and it’s his turn to investigate about the illegitimate children.

Ji Xiaohan called his assistant Lu Qing and said in a low voice, "I will send you a video later. Investigate the identities of the two children immediately. Remember, especially their parents!"

Lu Qing agreed. When he saw that video, his first reaction was … Does Master have children?

Why do these two unreasonably beautiful kids look so much like the children of Master?

With the Ji Family’s power and influence, investigating a video on the internet was simply a piece of cake.

Around midnight, Lu Qing passed the complete information to Ji Xiaohan.

After Ji Xiaohan finished bathing, he casually wore a white bath towel. What was revealed in the air was his firm and muscular chest, with distinct lines and the healthiest color.

He reached out to get his phone and accept the document.

He opened the document with his lazy eyes casually looking down.

"It"s her?" When he saw the word "mother" written on the column above, he quickly flipped through it. A beautiful picture fell into his eyes and he was shocked.

The children would turn four next month, and the father was unknown. What’s more, the mother"s name was Tang Youyou.

"What the hell? Why this woman?" Ji Xiaohan was unavoidably a


Even if he had some sort of fate with this woman, this sort of fate was really bad.

"Tang Youyou, if these two children really belong to my younger brother, then you are done." The man"s voice was extremely cold as he pursed his lips.

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