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President Daddy's Excessive Love

Chapter 13 Recruitment

When Tang Youyou was overseas, she asked her aunt to help her find a kindergarten in their neighborhood. At this moment, Tang Youyou took her children to register.

The tuition fees were quite expensive. After paying for the tuition fee, she had less than ten thousand yuan left in her bank account.

She really had to save money, and she had to find a job as soon as possible.

The children had spent one year in the nursery class and two years in the kindergarten abroad. This time, both of the children were considered to be sophisticated and therefore very outgoing. The female teachers liked the two lovely kids a lot.

The teachers were all gasping in admiration, for they had never seen such beautiful kids before. They took chance to ask Tang Youyou if the children were half-breeds.

After Tang Youyou asked the teacher to take care of her children, she squatted down and patted her son"s head, "Xiaorui, take good care of your sister. In the afternoon, your Great Aunt will come to pick you guys up."

"Mommy, don"t worry. I will definitely take good care of my sister and will not let anyone bully her. You can go to work." Tang Xiaorui immediately replied with a very responsible expression.

Tang Xiaonai was almost crying with her little nose sobbing. "Mommy, can you pick me up after school first?"

"Nainai, Mommy is going to work today. Your Great Aunt will pick you up." Tang Youyou comforted her daughter.

Xiaorui grabbed his sister"s hands and said, "Let"s go. Let me take you upstairs to play."

With her brother’s protection, the little girl finally had a bit of security. Turning around, she waved her small hands at Tang Youyou with her beautiful big eyes filled with tears.

Tang Youyou actually had confidence in her children, as they had strong adaptability. She believed that in less than one day, they would be able to make friends and play with their new friends happily.

Now, she was in a hurry to the company.

Tang Youyou got off the carriage and anxiously rushed to the entrance of the company"s main hall.

The company’s name was known as One Thought International Design, whose name was elegant, and whose reputation was also superb.

Anyone who could work in this design company was a leading figure in the design circle.

Besides her unique design concept, Tang Youyou also had some co

ection in this company, and thus she was able to apply for the position.

Before her mother’s death, her mother had had a best friend, who was now appointed as the chief designer of the department of design in this company. Tang Youyou had recognized her as her godmother when she was young.

This godmother was truly concerned about her. When Tang Youyou was young, she was influenced by her godmother to enter the design business.

Now that her godmother was the chief designer, she could give her a hand as well.

At the entrance of the main hall, Tang Youyou wore a black business attire, and the makeup on her neat and tidy face was simple but elegant.

She was 1.66 meters tall and had a slender figure. Her waist-long hair also revealed a hint of charm.

"Are you Miss Tang?" As she waited, someone called her.

She turned around and nodded with a smile. "Yes!"

"I"m Designer Liu"s assistant. Come with me to handle the admission procedures." An ordinary-looking assistant was shocked when she saw Tang Youyou"s appearance. She did not expect Tang Youyou to be such a beauty.

"Great! Sorry to trouble you!" Tang Youyou courteously followed the assistant to the department of Human Resources and went through the registration procedures.

She had pla

ed to greet her godmother. Unfortunately, her godmother went out.

Tang Youyou could only leave. Tomorrow would be the day she officially started work.

She lowered her head and pla

ed to go to the market and buy some daily necessities when she had time.

The elevator door suddenly opened.

Tang Youyou did not notice the group of people standing in front of the private elevator.

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