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Pregnant With CEO's Baby

Chapter 1240 - 1240 Susan’s Arrival

1240 Susan’s Arrival

“Teddy,” Jeanne grabbed him. “It’s useless to call him. Get Finn to come now.”



Teddy’s heart ached for Jeanne.

Susan’s arrival should have made her feel very uncomfortable, yet she could still act indifferent and not make things difficult for anyone under Susan’s deliberate provocation.

At that moment, she was clearly in pain, but she still refused for him to go get the Fourth Master.

He did not know why Madam had to endure it. Fourth Master clearly loved her more! As long as she was feeling a little unwell, Fourth Master would be frightened and panic.

Just now, because he did not see his wife when he got up, Fourth Master’s expression when he went downstairs to look for her was clearly that of love…

Teddy had no choice but to call Finn.

Then, he helped Jeanne up the stairs. However, as she went upstairs, her stomach was in so much pain that she could not even straighten her body.

“Madam, I’ll get Fourth Master to come back and carry you upstairs.” Teddy could not help but say.

He wanted to carry her up the stairs, but because she was pregnant right now, he was afraid he was not strong enough to do so. If Madam were to fall, the consequences would be even worse.

“Help me to the sofa first.” Jeanne did not force herself to go upstairs.

The pain in her stomach made her afraid that she would slip and fall down the stairs. Therefore, she chose to return to the sofa in the living room and wait for Finn to come.

Teddy had no choice but to help Jeanne to the sofa in the living room.

He looked at Jeanne anxiously and really wanted to give Fourth Master a call. He could tell that the Madam was really uncomfortable right now.

Even her face was pale.

“Teddy, can you get me a cup of water?” Jeanne instructed.

She believed that Teddy was about to cry from seeing her like that.

Teddy hurriedly nodded. Seeing that Madam still had the energy to talk and wanted some water, he instantly relaxed. He quickly poured a cup of water and handed it to Jeanne.

Jeanne drank a little when, in fact, she could not.

“Are you feeling better?” Teddy asked with concern.

“Yes, much better.” Jeanne nodded.

Teddy was still waiting for Finn to come with an uneasy look on his face.

In fact, Finn arrived very quickly. It only took about ten minutes for him to come.

When he left, Monica was still sleeping, but his sudden movement woke her up. She woke up to see that Finn was quickly washing up and changing his clothes before he left. She felt that the whole process only took him two minutes at most.

It made Monica think that all of Finn’s enthusiasm and emotions were probably only used for his medical skills. He was indeed a competent — no, a great doctor.

“Dr. Jones,” When Teddy saw Finn’s arrival, he quickly went forward.

“What’s wrong?” All the running had made Finn a little out of breath at the moment.

Finn was also frightened when he heard Teddy’s anxious tone on the phone.

Jeanne was only eight months pregnant, which was a very dangerous period for pregnant women. If she was not careful, she would go into premature labor and…

Finn quickly walked to Jeanne’s side. Seeing that she was frowning and clearly in pain, he asked, “Jeannie, what’s wrong?”

“My stomach suddenly hurts today. It feels just like cramps.” Jeanne held her stomach with one hand and rubbed it with the other. “The baby is moving a lot in my stomach. I don’t know if she’s short of oxygen… Blargh…”

Jeanne could not help but retch.

She really wanted to throw up, but she had been holding back the urge.

She knew that she would feel worse if she threw up, and if she threw up too much, her uterus would contract immediately. Once the uterus contracted, it was extremely easy to cause premature labor.

She really did not want the baby to be born so early, so she endured the pain in her stomach.

Finn bent down and picked her up. I’ll take you to do an ultrasound first to check on the baby’s condition. Then, I’ll check on your stomach.”

“Okay.” Jeanne thought so too.

The most important thing now was the baby.

Finn carried Jeanne upstairs steadily, with Teddy following behind them, his face full of worry.

While walking up the stairs, Finn asked, “Where’s Fourth Master?”

“Fourth Master just went out with Susan. They should be at the Old Master’s place. Should I get Fourth Master to come back?” Teddy said anxiously and quickly, still not giving up.

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