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Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 4 - Martial Skill Pavilion

Chapter 4 - Martial Skill Pavilion

Qin Xiao had not only known Qin Nan but was also extremely familiar with him.

In the past, Qin Nan was the Qin Clan’s number one genius, hence Qin Xiao used to respectfully fawn over Qin Nan. At that time, Qin Nan’s impression of Qin Xiao wasn’t bad at all, he even regarded him as a brother!

However, Qin Nan had never thought there would be a day where Qin Xiao would actually shatter his door and spit out threats.

At present, Qin Nan had already known why. His status as a waste caused the relationship between him and Qin Xiao to turn hostile.

Qin Xiao raised his head in extreme arrogance, “My objective for today’s visit is simple. Hand over your Body Tempering Pills. Don’t try to lie to me, I’ve already known that you received ten Body Tempering Pills.”

Following his words, he came to a stop before revealing a hint of disdain, “Qin Nan, don’t blame this brother for being merciless, you are currently a waste. The Body Tempering Pills are completely useless on you, you might as well give it to me.”

Anger filled Qin Nan as he burst into laughter, “And if I don’t give it to you?”

As Qin Xiao heard this reply, his arrogant expression changed into a cold one, “Qin Nan, if you don’t hand it over today, then don’t blame me for being impolite! Even though I have yet to begin cultivating, my Martial Spirit is still of third-grade Huang ranked!”

The long sword hovering behind him suddenly flew out, the sword aura flickered with an imposing chill.

“Qin Xiao, it seems like you are planning on severing our relationship.” Qin Nan’s complexion was tranquil. Despite the flying long sword, he was not even slightly fearful! “The Body Tempering Pills have already been used by me, you may leave now,” said Qin Nan in an indifferent manner.

Following his words, Qin Nan sighed furtively as he closed his eyes.

Qin Nan naturally felt angry as he saw Qin Xiao’s conceited manner. If this had happened in the past, then Qin Nan would have already made his move, however, Qin Nan thought about his former relations with Qin Xiao and ultimately decided not to attack.

Qin Xiao’s complexion changed as a murderous aura surged from his body, “Qin Nan, I’m giving you face but you don’t accept it. Today, I’ll let you know the disparity between a third-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit and a first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit!”

As he spoke, the long sword behind Qin Xiao emanated a buzzing sound. It glimmered with a cold light as it fiercely chopped towards Qin Nan.

Originally, Qin Xiao didn’t want to make his move. This wasn’t due to their former relationship, but it was due to the fact that Qin Nan was the Young Lord of the Qin Clan. His background caused Qin Xiao to feel quite apprehensive.

However, Qin Xiao had never imagined that, even though Qin Nan had become trash, he unexpectedly dare to make it problematic for him. Qin Nan was simply too reckless.

“Qin Nan, this is your own fault!” Qin Xiao’s face revealed a sardonic smile. He was able to envision the appearance of the former aloof and solitary number one genius, Qin Nan, suffering and moaning as he begged him to spare his life.

“You’re courting death!”

Qin Nan could no longer bear it anymore, the anger within his heart erupted as he roared. His roar was akin to thunder.

He strode over in an imposing manner with his clenched hammer-like fist and ruthlessly plummeted the long sword as the strength of the first-layer Body Tempering realm erupted.

Low-class Martial Skill, Collapsing Fist!

Within this instant, the sardonic smile on Qin Xiao’s face immediately abruptly froze. He was dumbstruck.

Qin Nan’s cultivation had actually reached the first-layer of Body Tempering realm?

An ear-piercing explosion resounded as he was in thought. The long sword was unable to resist Qin Nan’s fist and was sent flying. The long sword quivered with a buzzing sound as the sword’s aura had turned incomparably bleak.

“Agh……” A miserable shriek immediately echoed from Qin Xiao. His Martial Spirit had received a severe impact, hence it was only natural that Qin Xiao’s body also suffered an injury.

Qin Nan’s face was cold and detached as he gazed at the scene, “Tell me, who’s the waste?”

“You… you… you…” Qin Xiao clutched his chest, his complexion was incomparably pale. He gazed into Qin Nan’s eyes once again, but there was no longer arrogance, instead, there was fear and astonishment. “How were you able to break through to the first-layer of Body Tempering realm? You only have a first-grade Huang ranked waste whereas I have a third-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. I haven’t even broken through! Yet, how have you?!”

Qin Xiao was simply unable to accept the truth which was laid before his eyes.

He had awakened a third-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit and had been bitterly cultivating for the past few days. He had even used a Body Tempering Pill, yet he still hadn’t broken through.How could Qin Nan have broken through?

“I’ve already said this before, the Body Tempering Pills have already been used by me.” Qin Nan’s gaze swept past Qin Xiao with indifference, “Get lost!”

These two words were like a pardon. Qin Xiao frantically tried to leave the courtyard without caring about the pain on his body, he didn’t dare look back.

He originally thought he could finally bully Qin Nan by relying on his third-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, but he had never thought that Qin Nan had already broken through.

Qin Xiao didn’t dare to imagine what else Qin Nan would do to him if he stayed behind.

The large courtyard finally became peaceful and quiet after Qin Xiao had left. Qin Nan stood in his original position for a while before he sighed furtively. Soon after, he quickly returned to his completely tranquil state.

As far as Qin Nan was concerned, if someone showed respect to him, then he would likewise show respect to this person. Towards people like Qin Xiao, a person who bites the hands of those who fed him, a person who relied on their strength to bully others, Qin Nan could only feel regret. He no longer regarded him as a brother.

If he were to meet Qin Xiao again in the future and he hadn’t repented, then Qin Nan would not show mercy.

“It seems like I won’t be able to cultivate anymore for today.” Qin Nan glanced at the shattered door of the courtyard and forced a bitter smile as he shook his head. He did not want others seeing him release the Divine Battle Spirit.

Qin Nan did not want to reveal the secret of the Divine Battle Spirit at this moment.

“Since I can’t cultivate anymore, then I might as well go to the Martial Skill Pavilion. This time, I am able to enter the second floor!”

Qin Nan’s eyes glimmered with excitement.

Ever since he was young, he had always had a special interest in Martial Skills. This was the main reason as to why he had mastered ten different Martial Skills at the age of thirteen and created a Sword Technique at sixteen.

The Collapsing Fist that he had used today was one of the Martial Skills he learned when he was thirteen years old.

In the past, Qin Nan had yet to awaken his Martial Spirit which was why he was only able to enter the first floor of the Martial Skill Pavilion and could only study low-class Martial Skills, he was simply unable to cultivate higher Martial skills. Now that he had awakened his Martial Spirit and his cultivation had achieved the first-layer of the Body Tempering realm, he naturally had the qualifications to enter the second floor.

As Qin Nan pondered, he could no longer stay put and swiftly walked towards the Martial Skill Pavilion.

The Martial Skill Pavilion was classified as a forbidden area within the Qin Clan. Not only were you not allowed to cause trouble within the Pavilion, you were also not allowed to use Martial Arts when inside. If one were to break the rules, then they would forever lose the qualifications to enter the Pavilion.

The Martial Skill Pavilion of the Qin Clan had four floors, the first floor stored the low-class Martial Skills. The second floor stored the middle-class Martial Skills whereas the third floor stored the high-class Martial Skills. It's told that the fourth floor stored Supreme-class Martial Skills, it was the treasure of the Qin Clan. Even Qin Changkong, who was the number one genius of the Clan, was not qualified to enter.

However, whether this rumor was true or not remained unknown.

When Qin Nan arrived at the Martial Skill Pavilion, there were not a single shadow to be seen in the surrounding area. The former lively place filled with noise and excitement turned completely desolate.

However, this was well within Qin Nan’s expectations. After all, the second floor of the Martial Skill Pavilion was only available for those who have reached the first-layer of the Body Tempering Realm.

Only a short period of time had passed since the disciples of the Qin Clan had awakened their Martial Spirits. Those who broke through to the first-layer of Body Tempering realm within these few days were very few in number.

As Qin Nan approached, the old man with gray hair sitting within the Martial Skill Pavilion was startled before asking, “Qin Nan, why have you come??”

Qin Nan naturally knew of this gray-haired old man, they even had a good relationship. He immediately cupped his hands and replied, “Elder Ying, the purpose of this little one’s visit today is to enter the second floor of the Martial Skill Pavilion.”

“The second floor of the Martial Skill Pavilion?” Elder Ying was startled before coldness gradually filled his face, “Qin Nan, just because we have a good relationship doesn’t mean I will allow you to enter the second floor. If you want to enter the second floor, then your cultivation would have to reach the first-layer of the Body Tempering Realm!”

After he had spoken, Elder Ying thought about the matter of Qin Nan becoming a waste from a genius and promptly spoke earnestly with good intentions, “Qin Nan, although you’ve only awakened a first-grade Martial Spirit, you shouldn’t despair. As long as you put in effort…”

As Qin Nan heard this, he wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. He immediately walked towards Elder Ying, his palm grabbed onto the table and a dent in the form of five fingers appeared on the surface.

“You……” Elder Ying was startled once again, he asked in an astonished manner, “Your cultivation has broken through to the first-layer of Body Tempering realm?”

Qin Nan didn’t respond to Elder Ying, instead, he only revealed a smile before turning around and entering the Martial Skill Pavilion. Left behind was Elder Ying who was filled with astonishment for a long period of time.

As Qin Nan passed through the first floor of the Martial Skill Pavilion and entered the second floor, his eyes shone slightly.

Standing erected on the second floor of the Martial Skill Pavilion were eight big mahogany pillars supporting the floor. There were also a few white jade tables, and on top of these tables laid a few ancient books.

Qin Nan promptly walked over and just as he was about to pick up a book, an abrupt voice full of shock sounded, “Qin Nan?”

Qin Nan subconsciously turned his head around and noticed a youth wearing a white long gown inlaid with gold standing not too far away. His face was filled with astonishment as he gazed at Qin Nan.

Seeing this youth, Qin Nan was slightly startled, followed by an indifferent voice saying, “I didn’t think that you would also be here.”

Qin Nan was also very familiar with the youth in front of him. His name is Qin Yu, and he was Qin Xiao’s elder brother. He had also awakened a fourth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, hence he was classified as a genius-class existence within the Qin Clan.

However, the fact that caused Qin Nan to become speechless was the fact that he didn’t imagine that after he beat up the little brother, he would encounter the older brother.

When Qin Yu noticed Qin Nan, his face revealed a hint of ridicule as he remarked, “Who would’ve thought that your insignificant first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, this kind of trash, was unexpectedly able to reach the first-layer of the Body Tempering Realm. It seems like the effects of the ten Body Tempering Pills given to you by the Patriarch was not bad at all.”

As he mentioned the ten Body Tempering Pills, Qin Yu’s heart turned sour. Although he had awakened a fourth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, he only received three Body Tempering Pills a month, it was not even half of what Qin Nan received.

As a result, Qin Yu couldn’t help but mock Qin Nan when he noticed him.

Qin Nan looked at him indifferently before replying, “The effects were indeed not bad at all. Not too long ago, I beat your little brother using the strength of a first-layer Body Tempering Realm.”

As Qin Nan spoke, Qin Yu’s complexion turned stiff.

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