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Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 12 - Clan Meeting

Chapter 12 Clan Meeting

At this moment, Qin Clan, Hall of Conference.

Qin Tian sat cross legged, his face tranquil. People were simply unable to guess what he was thinking.

Beneath him was the Supreme Elder, Qin Tieba, as well as the Second Elder and Third Elder. During this period of time, the three elders of Qin Clan wore very ugly faces, especially Qin Tieba. His complexion was ashen, and his eyes indistinctly flashed a killing intent.

Beneath the three Elders were the attendees of Qin Clan; there were 30 people in total.

No one in the Hall of Conference said a single word. The atmosphere was heavy.

Those present understood that what happened within the Qin Clan a few days ago was the cause. It was due to Qin Clan’s Patriarch, Qin Tian, he no longer received any cultivation resources from the Qin Family. Instead, he withdrew five hundred Body Tempering Pills and gave them all to Qin Nan.

This was an entire five hundred Body Tempering Pills! That is equivalent to five months of what all the disciples within the Qin Clan received! If Qin Nan was still the former number one genius, then that’d be a different story. However, who was the current Qin Nan? He was the number one waste of the Qin Clan!

Giving five hundred Body Tempering Pills to a waste was simply outrageous! 𝐢𝙣nr𝙚a𝗱. 𝚌૦m

“Our Qin Clan will commence a Clan Meeting once a month,” Qin Tian finally said, while his face was expressionless, “The Clan Meeting is to report all the smaller and bigger matters that have happened, and then have everyone give their input on them. As the Patriarch, I don’t understand why no one has anything to report? If no one is going to report anything, then I will declare the end of the Clan Meeting!”

As the attendees heard this, each and every one of them was dumbstruck. Ever since the Qin Clan became the second ranked Clan of Linshui City, a case of the Clan Meeting ending early was unprecedented.

“I have something to say!” at this moment, a chilly voice resounded.

Everyone’s gaze immediately looked toward the person who spoke. It happened to be Qin Changkong!

According to past regulations of the Qin Clan, disciples were not permitted to participate in Clan Meetings. However, Qin Changkong had become the number one genius of the Qin Clan, so naturally he would have the qualifications to participate.

To a certain extent, one could also say that Qin Changkong’s status was exceedingly important.

The current Qin Changkong was wearing white clothing from top to bottom, his cuffs embossed with gold, and it gave people an impression of grandeur about him. Additionally, the aura emanating from Qin Changkong’s body stated that his cultivation had reached the third-layer of Body Tempering Realm!

If one were to solely rely on the aptitude of a fifth grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, then it’d be impossible to reach this state within the period of ten or so days. However, Qin Changkong is the number one genius, and his cultivation resources were naturally abundant. By relying on those cultivation resources, Qin Changkong was able to quickly reach his current state.

The third-layer of Body Tempering Realm wasn’t anything special within the Qin clan, but one also had to understand that Qin Changkong had reached this cultivation stage within the period of ten or so days!

If one thought about it, it would be impossible to know what level Qin Changkong would achieve in the future.

The attendees in the Hall of Conference simultaneously came to this realization. Each of them looked at Qin Changkong with their gazes holding respect and admiration, and there were even some wanting to curry favors with him.

Sensing everyone’s gazes, Qin Changkong felt extremely satisfied. The arrogance on his face was increasingly visible. Displaying himself was one of the reasons he chose to participate in today’s Clan Meeting!

A strict look flashed in Qin Tian’s eyes, yet his face was still tranquil as he said, “There is no harm in saying what one thinks.”

Qin Changkong gazed at Qin Tian, and a momentary ridicule appeared on his face as he followed up with a cold voice, “Patriarch, as the number one genius of Qin Clan, I only receive ten Body Tempering Pills per month, and including the care of the Clan, it would not exceed more than twenty Body Tempering Pills! I’d like to inquire Patriarch on why you decided to give this waste, Qin Nan, five hundred Body Tempering Pills? Is it because he is your son?”

The atmosphere suddenly turned more tense.

The attendees instantly understood what was going on. This time, Qin Changkong had no intention of playing nice.

The attendees gazes subconsciously turned to look toward Qin Tieba. While Qin Tieba seemed tranquil at that moment, the attendees were able to make out a slight chill in his eyes.

Qin Tian creased his brow, his tone as tranquil as before, “The five hundred Body Tempering Pills was to take care of my son. Additionally, from now on, I will no longer receive any cultivation resource from the Qin Clan. If one were to calculate this, that means Qin Clan is actually not in a loss!”

As he finished his sentence, a loud laugh suddenly resounded.

Qin Tieba’s figure stood up, his face filled with ridicule, “Qin Clan not being at a loss? Qin Tian, you ought to know that our Qin Clan’s Body Tempering Pills every year only amount to that much. With you withdrawing five hundred Body Tempering Pills for your waste of a son, then what about everyone else? As a Patriarch, you don’t place the cultivation resources on the genius, instead, you give them to the waste… I believe you should no longer hold the responsibility of being the Patriarch of Qin Clan!”

As this sentence was said, it was as though a thunderclap erupted within the Hall of Conference.

The attendees present revealed deeply shocked faces. They would never have imagined that Qin Changkong and Qin Tieba, the father and son pair, would unexpectedly revolt against Qin Tian and impeach his position within the Qin Clan! ……

It took Qin Nan a little time before he finally returned to the Qin Clan. On the way home, he didn’t greet anyone.

However, Qin Nan could sense that the Qin Clan disciples he passed by were looking at him with their eyes brimming with jealousy. Some of them were even relentlessly ridiculing him with words.

Qin Nan naturally didn’t bother with them, however, this only made him realize how odd it was.

“It seems like Father has secured five hundred Body Tempering Pills for me!” Qin Nan thought again, and guessed the source of their reactions, but he couldn’t help but be delighted in his heart.

Right now, he was the number one waste of Qin Clan. Receiving five hundred Body Tempering Pills would naturally cause the disciples of Qin Clan to be envious toward Qin Nan. Some even resented him for it, thus, those who mocked him earlier were still within reason for their actions.

As Qin Nan guessed this, he immediately accelerated his walking toward the courtyard.

When Qin Nan entered, an emotionless voice was heard, “Young Lord, this is the five hundred Body Tempering Pills given to you by the Patriarch.”

This young man’s skin was dark, and his complexion was ice cold. His body emanated an evil aura that caused people’s hearts to palpitate and not approach him.

Qin Nan naturally knew who this was; he was the personal bodyguard of Qin Tian, Tie San. Within the Qin Clan, his cultivation was only second to Qin Tian, while he was also Qin Tian’s trusted aide.

“Thank you Uncle San!” Qin Nan’s complexion was respectful, while his gaze immediately looked at the rows of Jade Bottles. As he felt the rich Spiritual Qi emanating from the Jade Bottles, his heart couldn’t help but feel excitement.

This was a full five hundred Body Tempering Pills. If I were to use all these Body Tempering Pills, then to what level would the Divine Battle Spirit reach?

Sensing Qin Nan’s movement, a chill lit up within the unmoving eyes of Tie San.

Qin Nan immediately calmed his excitement and raised his head to ask, “Uncle San, where’s my father?”

“He’s currently participating in the Clan Meeting,” Tie San said emotionlessly as he turned around to leave the courtyard. However, after taking a few steps, he suddenly stopped.

Qin Nan felt that something was wrong, “Uncle San, what’s wrong?”

Tie San stared at Qin Nan. In that instant, the chill within his eyes was fully displayed as he said, “Qin Nan, I don’t know what exactly you’re trying to do. Currently, you’re just a waste, yet you still want your Father to give you five hundred Body Tempering Pills! Due to this matter, do you know what you have caused your Father to become?

Qin Nan was stupefied, he could sense something was going on, “Uncle San, did something happen?”

The chill in Tie San’s eyes turned increasingly heavy as he said with loathing, “You still don’t know what has happened? I’ll tell you now. Right now at the Clan Meeting, the Supreme Elder is planning on using this matter to accuse your Father of misconduct! If your father is no longer the Patriarch of Qin Clan, then it would all be because of you!

As he said this, Tie San’s body couldn’t help but emanate a slight murderous intent.

Although Tie San didn’t interact much with Qin Nan, his impression of Qin Nan was very good. It was to the extent that he would personally assure Qin Nan’s security when he was not aware of it.

However, ever since he found out about Qin Nan requesting the five hundred Body Tempering Pills from his father, a huge change occurred in his view regarding Qin Nan.

A waste like you actually wants five hundred Body Tempering Pills? Wasn’t it evident that he was just framing his own father?

Tie San took a deep breath and restrained his murder intent before he turned around to leave. He did not want to stay a second longer in this place.

However, before Tie San took a step out of the court gate, an angry voice suddenly erupted, “They dare to accuse MY father of misconduct?”

A lofty aura accompanied the angry voice, and it was as if it exploded in an instant.

This caused Tie San to be shocked. He subconsciously turned around and saw Qin Nan with an overwhelming rage that could reach the heavens. He sensed the vigorous strength emanating from Qin Nan’s body, causing his face to turn dumbstruck while his eyes revealed deep shock.

This……How did this happen?

Qin Nan’s cultivation had actually reached the fourth-layer of Body Tempering Realm?

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