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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Character Introduction at the End of Chapter 22 (Only the female)

Character Introduction at the End of Chapter 22 (Only the female)



Because there’re so many name, I’ll indroduce them. (tl: this is the author’s line)

But I’ll omit the character that has no long time in story, also I’ll omit the minor character and the dead person, too.

The age will also be counted from the year they’re born (tl:not the day or the month. Example, now is 2017, I was born in 1993, so I should be 24 years old. In fact, I’m still 23 and 6 month old if you count it from my born day and month)

If there’re inconsistecies, please do point them out.


14 years old; Silver hair; height 148cm; 3 sizes: B71, W54, H76; way of calling- me:Aegir-sama, herself: I (tl: watashi)

Became a tool for criminal acts as a slave, she awakened the ego of the protagonist. (tl: in chapter 17, she robs and attacks Aegir because her master wants money)

Has fanatic royalty, other than that, her speech and action are cold.

Except sword, she has various abilites.

She became accustomed to the protagonist while she has no resistance with something sexual.


17 years old; Brown hair; Height 160cm; 3 sizes: B110, W60, H83; Way of calling- MC: Aegir-sama, herself: I (tl: watashi)

Transported as slave, taken by protagonist.

Daughter of the collapsed house of Elektra, swore to recover the Elektra house’s heirloom.

Understood etiquette, know very well about noble’s common sense, but has a poor understand about commoner’s common sense about money.

Usually lewd, but put on an elegant mask. (tl: I’m confused. It’s like she had double personality. 上品な仮面を被るが好色で被虐趣味有り。)


24 years old; Red hair; Height 164cm; 3 sizes: B90, W58, H88; Way of calling- MC: Aegir-san, herself: my self, I (tl: jibun, watashi)

Prostitute at White City, has a painful past, her genital broken but, has good compatibility with the protagonist.

Claudia Alvens Mallord

32 years old; Blonde; Height 160cm; 3 sizes: B88, W67, H92.

Marchioness, live in White City because has a discord with the husband.

Became the prisoner of sex when summons the protagonist who steals her daughter virginity.

Has an extreme dependence on the protagonist.

Christina Alvens Mallord

18 years old; Brown hair; Height 156cm; 3 sizes: B82, W57, H83.

Daughter of noble concubine, has a troblesome behaviour, sent to White City

Lack relation with the missus (tl: should be Claudia), violent, gives her virginity to the protagonist.

Woman who is currently away.


Early 20 years old; chestnut-colored hair; Height 165cm; 3 sizes: B88, W60, H88. Way of calling- MC: Aegir, herself: my self, I (tl: jibun, watashi)

Meets in the first town and fall in love with the protagonist.

A former hunter, expert using bow and free person.

Has no modesty, has no resistance in sexual speech, is a pervert, too.


First half of 20 years old; Red hair; Height 172cm; 3 sizes: B84, W62, H90. Way of calling- MC: Aegir, herself: my self, I (tl: jibun, atai “female way calling herself”)

Friend of Carla, moving together (tl: party) for a while with the protagonist.

Has excellent sword skill, has unyielding personality.

Has a large family in Sheera village, her village has a famine, separated with the protagonist after came back to her village.


21 years old; Chestnut-colored hair; Height 164cm; 3 sizes: B74, W58, H80. Way of calling- MC: Aegir-san, herself: my self, I (tl: jibun, watashi)

Daughter of inn [Little Bird Pavilion] at Roleil, but gives herself (tl: sex) to the protagonist.

Has high ability at cooking.

Is gentle and well like by children.

A coward, not good at fight.


35 years old; Blonde; Height 160cm; 3 sizes: B86, W60, H92. Way of calling- MC: Aegir-san, herself: my self, I (tl: jibun, watashi)

Thrown away while pregnant though she’s noble mistress.

Helped and has sex with the protagonist because has a burn wound from forest fire.

Because her late husband field and 2 daughters, she didn’t leave, forthermore her belly already ...


16 years old; Blonde; Height 155cm; 3 sizes: B78, W56, H82.

Mel’s daughter, has relationship (tl: with the protagonist) because the protagonist helps her mother.

Her first kiss has been stolen.


16 years old; Blonde; Height 140cm; 3 sizes: B?, W?, H?.

Mel’s daughter, went to the city to be a peddler.

Coward and timid, has difficulty to make to the point.

Has a feeling of trust to the protagonist as a father.

Claire (tl: a bandit woman at chapter 15)

21 years old; Black hair (tl: finally normal hair); Height 163cm; 3 sizes: B80, W60, H82.

Former noble’s daughter, been a bandit to recover the family honour, defeated by the protagonist and get her butt raped.

Escaped to Republic of Stuura.

Collette & Arisa

Collette 16 years old; Height 152cm; 3 sizes: B78, W58, H78.

Arisa 19 years old; Height 160cm; 3 sizes: B82, W61, H80.

Living in the village and town of eastern Federation.

Kidnapped and sold to slave trader, rescued by the protagonist and returned to their hometown.

Offered their virginity together.

Lucy Yuktovania

500 years old ??; Blonde; Height 166cm; 3 sizes: B100, W58, H96. Way of calling- MC: You (tl:or dear, anata), boy.

Self-proclaimed 500 years old vampire, has inhuman (tl: or maybe demonic?) power to kill human who saw her.

Has house in deep of forest that must be protected, is she a royalty?

Has unequalled beauty and goddess-like style, has amazing demon-like sexual technique.

Has given the meaning of live and knowledge to the protagonist (the protagonist girlfriend as well as mother)

She’ll be protagonist’s woman if the protagonist become the ruler of the Erg Forest, this promise became the starting point all of the protagonist’s actions.

Her existence is absolute and takes priority above all.

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