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Chapter ss3

Rafen – A Certain Day.


I am assaulted with a sudden dizziness.

It’s a bit strange to be hit with this feeling from simply walking normally.

「……what was that? Did I fuck too many women?」

I try to shake it off.

My health seems normal.

I guess it was something temporary.

「I’m sure it’s nothing.」

In fact, my body feels light, especially in my groin area.

It must be because I just finished emptying my load in a thirty-year old maid.

At the end, she screamed how much trouble it would be if she got pregnant, but her legs wrapped around my waist and wouldn’t let me go, so I ended up cumming inside her.

「Maybe I’ll go play with Celia.」

I think Celia’s working right now, but she could use a rest once in a while.

Let’s have some delicious grub at a Rafen restaurant and enjoy some drinks.

She’ll get drunk, but it’ll be fine if I look after her.

「Celia, I’m coming in.」

I open the door right as I knock.

She might be in the middle of putting on makeup or changing clothes, either way I’m sure she won’t mind since I do this all the time.

「Aegir-samaaaa……I love you! Aegir-sama, Aegir-sama……aau!」

「……what’s going on?」

I freeze in place.

Celia was masturbating in the room.

That’s not the problem, she’s a healthy girl.

I should be happy about it and Celia should be the only one flustered.

Yet, there’s something wrong――indeed, Celia has a penis growing out of her.

That thing is 20 cm long, which is by no means big, but it is definitely a cock.

「A-Aegir-sama! Nooooooo!! Don’t look!」

Celia screams and covers herself with a blanket.

It’s a reaction I’ve seen before.

That time, I also peeked on her while she was masturbating, causing her to turn red and bury herself in the futon.

However, if I remember correctly, she was rubbing her clitoris while clutching my clothes.

There was nothing I could have mistaken for a meat rod.


I string together words to form a question, unable to hide my confusion.

「Eh? W-why do you ask? I’m a proper female! ……haven’t I become cute?」

Celia’s depression wins out over her embarrassment.

Guilt washes over me, though that’s not important right now.

「Then what’s that thing between your legs……」

「Eh? It’s normal for girls to have this……they say it’s the symbol of a female.」

What is Celia saying?

Don’t tell me she went insane from too much work.

Is it possible she grew a dick because of an accumulation of fatigue?

If so, then it’s my fault. I should have pushed all her work onto Leopolt and Tristan.

It’s my failure as a man for placing such a burden on the cute Celia.

Celia hugs me when I was at a loss for words.

Of course, her dick touches me too.

「Being watched is embarrassing……I want you to fuck me.」


Celia is cute, and I’d oblige with her request anywhere.

But what should I do with that twitching penis of hers?

「――I want Aegir-sama to use his splendid hole to milk me until I faint today too.」

She said an outrageous line like it was nothing.

「Hole? What do you mean?」

「Uuuu, I’m going to die from embarrassment……Aegir-sama please strip.」

Celia lowers my pants.

What appeared was not the penis I’m familiar with……instead, I was greeted with a dark mound with a captivating set of fleshy lips.


I let out a sound that I never made once in my whole life.

「What is this!? What on earth happened!?」

「Aaah……it really is amazing. I’m sure the only man who has such a lovely honey pot is Aegir-sama.」

Celia licks my crotch with a glazed look.

Tingling pleasure shoots up to my brain, but there are more important matters to clear up.

Why do I have a vagina and why does Celia have a penis, not to mention my hole is as heavily used as that of an experienced prostitute. I don’t understand.

「Please milk me lots today too. Squeeze everything out of me until I lose consciousness.」

Celia gives my slit one more lick before positioning her rock hard cock at the entrance of my vagina.

「Here I go. Aegir-sama’s hole is incredible so I’m sure it’ll make me yell……please forgive me.」

Celia mounts me, but right before she can stick her penis in me, I push her away and jump off the bed.

「S-sorry! I’m not feeling well! Let’s do this some other time!」

I exit the room after spitting out the first excuse I could think of.

As cute as Celia is, I don’t have the courage to allow her to penetrate me.

Rather, I have no idea what’s going on.

I hear Celia’s voice behind the door I violently shut.

「For Aegir-sama to reject a woman……he must be disappointed that I masturbated……uuuuuu! I’m such an idiot……hated by Aegir-sama……uwaaaaah!!」

Celia wails.

I feel like returning to the room, but if I do, I’ll certainly get penetrated.

And I can’t seem to muster up the courage for that.

「More importantly, I have to determine the origin of this abnormal phenomenon.」

I leave Celia’s room with a convenient reason.

I’ll have to make it up to her later.

Filling her room with sweets and staying with her for a whole week sounds good.

「Aegir-sama? What has gotten you looking so glum?」

Appearing before me is Nonna.

This is perfect timing, right now I need someone to help ease this confusion.


I unconsciously let out a roar at the sight of Nonna.

「What is it all of a sudden!? C-could it be that you have a buildup of lust in the afternoon……」

Nonna’s crotch――has an unusual bulge wrapped in thin fabric.

It’s enveloped in cloth, not exposed.

Still, judging by the size, it’s clear that something unbelievable is dangling in between her legs.

「Nonna! What happened to you!?」


I grab Nonna by the shoulder, lead her into a vacant room, and pull down her long skirt.

「We will be taking our leave.」

「If you need water and towels, please call for us.」

The two attending maids take the hint and give us privacy.

On another note, those girls also had a moderately-sized bump in their crotches.

「Au, aau……gosh, wanting to make babies in the daytime……it’s improper.」

Nonna says, gracefully slipping out of her clothes.


Emerging underneath is a giant member easily exceeding a meter in length.

Its size isn’t much different than that of a small girl, its girth is as thick as my waist, it’s covered in veins and leaking pre-cum.

It is so monstrous that even an orc would bow in submission.

「I-it’s embarrassing. I think it’s unfair how recognizable it is when a woman becomes aroused.」

「……what happened?」

Not only Celia, but Nonna also has a penis growing out of her crotch.

And she’s acting like it’s the most natural thing.

「T-this is the cock that Aegir-sama loves. Please feel free to suck on it. And when you get in the mood, I don’t mind if you take it inside you……」

I give her a kiss on the lips and swiftly exit the room.

Although I hear a dissatisfied groan behind me, it can’t be helped. It’s an emergency.

Before I knew it, I ran into Rafen.

「Either I’ve gone crazy or the world has been wrecked.」

No wait, it might just be a curse or magic cast on my mansion, or maybe Natia screwed up when she was creating her potions.

I have to go to a certain place to confirm the truth.

「We just got a fine girlー, the best kind of girl if you want a partner during the day! Be quick or she’ll be fully booked.」

I peek my head into the familiar red-light district.

「Ufufu, here’s a freebie.」

A prostitute standing outside a certain brothel shows something to customers staring at her with lewd eyes.

Surely, she opened up her chest to expose her voluptuous b――

「Here, what do you think? About my cock, that is.」


Contrary to my expectation, the prostitute rolled up her skirt and revealed her crotch.

「Gehehe, what a big dick. And the glans is so thick!」

「It looks pretty used……well, she is a prostitute after all. I bet she knows how to thrust with it.」

Dirty smiles form on the faces of the vulgar men.

「It’s not just in the mansion……」

I turn around and leave with a disappointed slump of my shoulders.

「So all girls have it……what am I going to do from now on?」

I take a bite from the fruit I bought at a food stall.

The girl selling me the fruit was also pretty, but picturing a dick growing from her crotch turns me off.

Partially giving in to despair, I buy a bottle of alcohol and chug down the liquid.

That bearded shopkeeper probably has a hole down there.

Imagining it makes the booze taste like mud.

Coincidentally, I see a woman pulling along Tristan by the hand.

He’s slacking off again during the day, huh?

Right now I really don’t have the energy to scold him though.

「Can you not pull so hard? I’m going to trip.」

「It’ll be trouble if Myla-sama finds out! If you don’t want that, then walk on your own already!」

Tristan is dragged somewhat against his will into a certain house.

It’s a rental book store where various things happened in the past……whatever, I have other things to worry about at the moment.

Sighing, I crouch next to the window.

「Just strip! We don’t have time!」

I hear Tristan voice his objection.

「You didn’t come for three days so it’s become like this!」

I hear Tristan complain again, this time much more emphatically.

「How about acting more like a man? Geez, I’ll just be on top!」

I hear a scream.

「Aahn, it’s pretty tight……hey Tristan, why don’t you try clenching down on your own, aren’t you a man!?」

The scream becomes louder.

「Next, face the other way and stick out your butt! Aah, don’t run away! I’m holding you down……so it’s useless no matter how much you struggle, give up!」

I quietly walk away.

「It’s strange for a penis to be growing out of a woman, yet nobody seems to think anything is wrong. Have I finally gone insane?」

Is it possible for magic or a curse to transform people’s minds along with their bodies?

That would be a tremendous feat.

I wouldn’t stand a chance against the person capable of such power after losing my meat rod.


「Oh, Marta.」

She’s still wearing the formal dress that she has on in the mansion.

I guess she came out to do some shopping.

「If you are returning to the mansion, I will accompany you.」

She follows me, walking a few steps behind.

Normally, I would ask her to walk next to me and wrap an arm around her shoulder――

「I can’t see a visible bulge……」


My gaze is focused on Marta’s crotch.

She must not be as well-endowed as Nonna.

Maybe there’s a slim chance girls without dicks exist.

「Come over here for a second.」

I pull Marta into a dim back alley.

「M-master!? Could it be that you want to do it here……Marta is……Marta is um-」

「Don’t worry about that, just take off the bottom.」

When I slam my hand against the wall, Marta blushes, slowly lifts up her skirt and holds the hem in her mouth.

She is wearing cute pink underwear……and there’s no bulge.

「Ooh, you……haven’t changed!」

I happily lower her underwear.

And then, I drop to my knees.

She has a tiny penis covered in skin tucked humbly between her legs.

「I can’t believe it. So it was just small……I didn’t know this was possible.」

「Y-you’re horrible! So mean!」

Marta pounds my head with her fists.

Doing that to her must have made her quite upset.

「You always tell me, “Don’t let it bother you. I also like how yours is small and cute.” and “I’m going to suck on your small one lots today too”.」

I lose more hope.

I stagger off, my footsteps heavy and unstable like a zombie.

My eyes slowly turn dark.


I spot Sharon next, who is holding a bag with both hands, most likely in the middle of buying groceries for Leticia’s restaurant.

「I’m sure you’re the same as everyone else.」

I lower her underwear without seeking her approval.

Sharon panics……and then I feel a glimmer of light return to my eyes.

「A hole! It’s a hole!」

「Uwaaaaa! P-people can see us!!」

I eagerly stick a finger inside.

「Hiiiii! It feels good, but we shouldn’t!」

「It’s really a vagina……a woman with a vagina! This is the way I know it!」

The nearby murmurs and commotion don’t faze me.

「What are they doing in public?」

「Perverts, let’s call the peace officers.」

「On closer look, they’re both guys!」

「Wait, isn’t that the feudal lord!? Uwa……so the rumors about him being indiscriminate are true.」

「Well, that kid……certainly doesn’t look like one. Though he does have a vagina.」

I was so happy that I gave Sharon’s pussy a good fingering before running back to the mansion.

It’s still too early to give up hope.

There might still be others who have their original bodies, like Sharon.

That means it’s possible to resolve this abnormality.

「I’m back!」

When I open the door of the mansion, Nonna and Celia, as well as the women throughout the mansion, gather.

「What’s going on with all of you?」

「「「「Please have a look.」」」」

All the women remove their clothes in unison, becoming naked.

I am surrounded by beautiful skin, breasts of various sizes……and phallic objects which don’t belong on female bodies.

「Aegir-sama is acting strange today!」

Celia approaches me.

「He gets a woman naked and leaves them without doing anything……」

Nonna pulls me by the hand.

「Saying mean things to a girl is not like master at all.」

Marta also pushes my back with teary eyes.

I am led into the bedroom and toppled on the bed as the women crowd around.

「Now that I think about it, he did seem off this morning.」

「The best cure for Aegir-sama’s illness is a woman’s body.」

The women slowly inch closer and closer.

Their penises of various sizes also get closer.

「Wait, wait a minute. Let’s talk this out.」

「Wanting to wait in this situation……I knew it, something is wrong.」

Sekrit ties my arms to the bed.

By the way, she is also waving around something fairly big.

「You’ll get better if you sleep with a woman.」

Mel and her daughters tie my legs down to the bed.

By the way, Mel’s dick is on the large size while her daughters possess a smaller package.

「Now, make love to us together like you always do!」

「I’ll do my best until I run out of seed!」

The women press me as I become restrained.

「Use your mouth on me……」

「I will accept your hand.」

「We will insert all three of ours into your hole at once.」

I have to prepare myself.

In the first place, they are my precious women.

Am I going to abandon them just because they all have cocks growing out of them?

「There’s no way I’ll do that. Bring it on, I’ll give you all the affection you want!」

With a cheer, all of the women pounce on me.

And so the battle begins.


I awaken with a roar.

Sharp pleasure continues to run throughout my groin, but the room is pitch black and the women that were swarming my arms and legs are gone.


I exhale in relief and stare up at the ceiling.

I still don’t know how I can express this bizarre feeling.

For now, I check my crotch.

My dick……is buried in a woman so I can’t see it, but the woman on top properly has a vagina. I’m sure I’m back to normal too.

「Oooh, it’s squeezing me so good.」

I pump my cum inside of the woman with loud squirts.

Did I ejaculate because of that dream?

「Uuuph……no more, my stomach’s full.」

My dick is pulled out of the woman riding me.

Umu, that’s the dick I remember.

「I can’t believe I couldn’t suck it all up……what incredible vitality. You’re an amazing man, are you really human?」

The woman floats up into the air, then flies out the window.


My judgment is still dulled from being half-awake so I didn’t think it was strange, but who was that woman?

I swear she had black wings on her back, a tail, and small horns sticking out of her head.

「Someone weird. Suspicious piii!」

「Uwah, why are there harpies here? Hey, calm down I said, you bird person!」

Harpies don’t have good vision in the dark so they should be quiet until morning, how rare.


My dick hasn’t stopped pulsing yet.

It’s hard for me to get out of bed.

「Perhaps I’m still affected by that odd dream.」

I lay spread-eagle and enjoy the sensation of the unnatural ejaculation.

「……it was so rich and tasty that I ate too much by accident. How long has it been since I’ve gotten full from a single man?」

Am I still sleeping? I hear a female voice outside the window.

My dick is still cumming like a broken fountain.

It’s like I ingested an aphrodisiac or some magic was cast on me.

Regardless, the wild thing is dear to me.

「I’m glad you’re back. Keep up the work you’ve been doing.」

The day this thing becomes useless is probably the day I die.

Until I reunite with Lucy, I want it and myself to be healthy.

「I’ll go have fun with Remia tomorrow. I’ll fuck her like crazy.」

I feel like I can handle any position.

Finally, my penis droops as the ejaculation comes to an end.

The amount I discharged made the bed soggy.

And my whole body feels fatigued.

「It’s like I had an orgy with dozens of women.」

That’s when someone knocks on the door.

「Master, master, what was that yell just now? Is something the matter?」

Rita, who heard my scream as I awoke from the dreem, came running to check on me.

Is she on night duty tonight?

Rita enters the room and lets out a little shriek.

「What happened to the bed!?」

「I had a lewd dream and experienced a nocturnal emission, that’s all. It’s not a big deal.」

「Right……but letting out a barrel’s worth, is your body alright?」

I embrace Rita and stroke her plump ass.

「I might have came too much and wrecked my dick. Could you check for me?」

「Oh my, that would be serious trouble. Allow me to confirm.」

Rita lowers her head to my crotch and slowly drags her tongue all over my dick.

She thoroughly licks up any leftover semen and also sucks up the residual amount in my urethra.

「Not good, it is softer than usual……I think it might not be working properly.」

「That’s a problem. Why don’t you remedy it with your ass?」

With a doubtful smirk, Rita rolls up her maid uniform and exposes her ass.

Her butt is especially big, juicy and wonderfully thick.

It’s practically made to invite men to want to slam their hips against it.

「I love your huge ass. Your skin is so smooth too.」

My hands grope Rita’s ass cheeks as she continues her oral service.

Gradually, my dick regains its rigidity and size.

「You’re kidding! The amount I drained would kill an average man! Even a stud would be put out of commission or at least be unable to get erect for a month!」

Huh, I’m still hearing a voice.


Rita hastily looks out the window.

Immediately, something flaps its wings and flies away.

「Did you hear a person’s voice outside the window just now?」

「Maybe the harpies are sleeptalking. They were fussing about something earlier. More importantly……」

I lift Rita by her hips and plunge my cock in her.


Rita closes her eyes and lets out a sweet moan.

The way she reflexively arches her back is sexy.

「Right now, let me enjoy your naughty ass. I’m going to fuck you until morning.」

「Oooh, so thick! I can’t get enough of your fat tip and your veiny shaft! More, thrust harder!」

Women are the best after all.

It doesn’t matter if they have breasts or not, if their ass is big or not, or if they have something growing on their crotch or not.

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