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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Chapter ss2: Special Commemorative Story 2

Chapter ss2: Special Commemorative Story 2

On A Certain Afternoon.

First Act – Bath with the women

「Fuui, this feels nice.」

「Indeed, large baths are great~」

With me in this place are Celia, Melissa and Nonna.

Celia and Melissa are in the water stretching their arms and legs, healing the day’s fatigue.

「There, we go.」

Nonna is washing her body with a serious expression.

Apparently, it takes a lot of effort to go around her giant breasts and wash her lower half.

「Let me help.」

「Kyaa! I-it’s embarrassing!」

When I hold her breasts from behind, she lets out a cute scream.

They’ve got such weight to them. I’m tempted to give them a squeeze, but I restrain myself.

「Normally, the maids assist me……」

The maids saw me encounter Nonna in the bath and thoughtfully excused themselves.

Celia came afterward and Melissa also coincidentally showed up.

It’s been a while since this combination has been together.

「You were all with me when I traveled to the Federation, remember?」

I say as I pour water over Nonna to wash away the suds, then enter the bathtub with her.

「How nostalgic.」

「Fufu, it’s a bit embarrassing now.」

「I was the first to meet Aegir-sama! I have seniority!」

Melissa seems to be reflecting calmly, Nonna is a little shy, and Celia is intent on asserting her dominance.

For fun, I take a fruit floating on the water to enhance the scent and put it on Celia’s head.

「Mu, woah……」

Despite how badly-placed it was on her head, Celia doesn’t let the fruit fall. She has a good sense of balance.

「Ufufu, don’t play with me.」

Doing the same to Melissa results in her placing the fruit on my head.

I’ll try it with Nonna too.

「Kyah, it’s not going to stay!」

The fruit quickly rolls off the front of her head and bounces off her boobs.


Celia returns the fruit to the water with a frown.

「It’s rare that the three of you are together. Should we talk about something interesting?」

I wrap an arm around Nonna and Melissa and have Celia in between my legs.

We are naked, but the mood is a relaxing one.

Wanting sex all the time like a virgin is unseemly.

The first to start a conversation is Nonna.

「If it’s an interesting topic you want……then how about the fact that Melissa-san is getting popular.」

「Wah, what a topic to bring up in front of Aegir-san!」

Nonna continues even though Melissa forces a smile.

「Melissa is popular with everyone, from servants to regularly visiting merchants to kids in town.」

「Haha, that’s incredible.」

One of your women being popular is something to be proud of. It’s proof of how great Melissa is.

「I’ve heard that too. And I’ve heard there are people who try to court her despite knowing she is Aegir-sama’s lover.」

That’s something I can’t ignore. If others are going beyond admiration and trying to lay hands on her, as a man, I have to confront them.

「Ahaha, you’re exaggerating. Besides, they leave when I reject them.」

If Melissa says so, I’m sure it’s fine.

「I didn’t think Melissa would be so popular though. The men also have courage to approach her.」

At the very least, if they know my name, they should know that crossing me won’t end well.

Still, I couldn’t help speaking up about it.

「That’s because the difference between Melissa-san’s appearance and personality is so huge.」

Celia agrees with what Nonna said.

「I apologize if it sounds rude, but you often dress suggestively……it really gives off the ‘lover’ vibe.」

「Gosh, you’re awful.」

Melissa splashes Celia with water. She’s smiling, so she probably isn’t actually angry or offended.

It’s true, Melissa’s casual clothes are something else.

I don’t know if she simply likes those kinds of clothes or she wants to be seen as a lover, but her skirts always have a deep slit on the side up to her thigh and her shirts are low-cut to the point that tilting a tiny bit will reveal her cleavage.

「Nevertheless, she is kind to the servants and always considerate to them for the most minor things.」

「She has the ideal personality a man looks for.」

Melissa leans against me bashfully as Celia and Nonna praises her.

「That’s right, Melissa is a wonderful woman.」

When I hug Melissa tightly, she hugs me back without delay.

「Fufu, I’m glad I met Aegir-san in The Faerie Tree. Ever since then, I’ve been happy.」

Our lips close in on each other and the soft――

「I won’t allow it!」

Celia wedges herself between us and we end up kissing her on the cheek. Well, this is also good in its own way.

「Okay, why don’t we talk about Celia-chan next?」

About Celia? Then I also know what to talk about.

「Celia undeniably has good intuition. Just the other day, I went on a ride with Schwartz as exercise. After running around, I came to a nearby farm village……and for some reason, Celia came out from that village.」

I stopped there on a whim, and of course, I didn’t tell anyone where I would be going.

「Wow, amazing.」

「Is there a trick to it? Were you shadowing him?」

Celia happily puffs out her chest and answers Melissa and Nonna.

「I know where Aegir-sama is at all times. If I close my eyes like this, I can tell the general direction……」

Nonna and Melissa spin Celia around and around.

I wonder if she still can find me. Ah, she fell into the water after getting dizzy. I guess she can’t.

「That reminds me, I slept with Celia-chan one time and then she suddenly woke up in the middle of the night. Then she said, “I sense Aegir-sama’s presence” and ran off in her pajamas.」

Oh, that sounds familiar.

「Was it that time!? I tried to go out through the back door, but Celia was waiting there.」

I was thinking of sneaking to the brothel, but Celia came to ask me to sleep with her, so I had to give up.

I was sure she predicted my actions, but it was actually just her instincts, huh?

「I know Aegir-sama the best.」

Celia hugs me from the front and brings her lips close to my face.

「That’s why the first kiss should go to……wah! What are you doing!? I’m weak under my arms, stop it!」

Nonna and Melissa tickle Celia, making her crumble weakly.

「Now then, I also want to hear about Nonna.」

「Her boobs are extraordinary.」「Well……it has to be about her boobs.」

Celia and Melissa’s voices overlap.

「Why that!?」

Nonna stands up in agitation, and naturally her enormous tits jiggle.

「Woah, watch it!」

Celia swiftly dodges backward. If she was a second late, she would have been knocked away.

「Jokes aside, Nonna is really beautiful and her skin is like silk……and she has a nice figure to go with her big boobs.」

Nonna slowly lowers herself back in the water as Melissa compliments her.

「Nonna-san’s looks are unfair……when guests come or when she goes out into town, everyone always looks at her.」

Men are unable to resist Nonna’s overwhelming beauty and bust.

Even with me in front of the guests, they can’t help stealing glances at her.

「I am proud to have you as my wife.」

I hug Nonna from behind and wrap my arm around her shoulder.

「Oh geez……」

Nonna takes my hand and guides it to her bosom.

I can feel how delicate her body is when I envelope her. Something makes a splash and an improper object pops its head out from under the water.

「Aegir-sama always gets in the mood in no time whenever he hugs Nonna-san……」

Don’t be ridiculous.

「It’s nice being able to turn Aegir-san on~ I have to wear sexy clothes and devise elaborate plans while Nonna just has to show her boobs.」

「It’s against the rules! Half of that power should be split with me!」

Celia and Melissa grab Nonna’s breasts.

「Noo, I’m going to be violated. Aegir-sama, save me,」

The three playfully frolic. What a nice scene, a truly splendid sight.

「The conversation is getting lively, why don’t we drink――」

「Wait just a minute!」

A loud voice echoes in the bathroom. It’s Claudia’s voice.

「Claudia? Where are you?」

「Right here. I’ve been floating here from the beginning.」

The voice comes from the center of the spacious bathtub.

So that thing was Claudia lying face up. I thought it was a piece of art.

「No wonder the water is strangely overflowing……」

Claudia flails her arms and legs, adjusting her body position. She’s like a barrel.

「Let me join the conversation too.」

She is one of my precious women too. I have no objections.

「Claudia, do you have any good stories?」

「If that’s what you want……let me tell you about the time we escaped from that war.」

「The reason we could escape from the intense cold of the Federation and get this far as females was because of the Madam.」

Following up after was Clara, who appeared out of nowhere.

Did you hide out of consideration for us? You didn’t have to since you are also one of my women.

「I’d love to hear more. No, I have to hear more.」

In reality, I should have been the one to save them. But Albens is far and out of my reach.

The least I can do is listen.

「In order to stay out of the enemy’s sight, the Madam and I concealed ourselves in a run-down shed until late at night.」

「Is that so……it must have been cold having to stay still for so long.」

Winters in the Federation are literally like an icy hell. In a shed where the wind can get in through the gaps, there is a high possibility of freezing to death.

I’m sure it must have been tough with a baby as well.

「No, the windows were wide open and I had my coat off.」

「Haah!?」「You took off your coat when you didn’t have a furnace?」「I don’t get how……」

Celia and the others all look on with their eyes wide. And I also try to understand the logic.

「In the process of avoiding the enemy, Madam had ran a little, causing her to perspire profusely. Sweat means humidity and humidity calls forth more heat, and the Madam generated a terrible amount……plus the smell of the sweat was intense, so it made sense to open the window……」


This is different from what I expected.

Also Claudia, please don’t bounce up and down so much. You’ll create waves.

「We also encountered a horde of goblins in the forest at night――」


The girls swallow their saliva.

「The Madam rested her weight on the one that resembled the leader and squashed it.」

「Hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh.」


To be able to crush a hobgoblin to death……now that I think about it, Claudia is more nimble than expected for someone of her size.

If she uses her body’s flesh to bounce around, her movements will be unpredictable.

「We also got into an argument with a nasty ship captain and was pushed into the river……」

「What!?」「He’s so mean!」「Oh my goodness……」

Nonna and Melissa also exclaim.

Falling into the water during the extreme cold season is essentially a death sentence.

Doing that to a woman carrying a baby, that guy deserves eternal punishment.

One day I’ll track him down and tear his body apart.

「I had no choice but to get on top of the Madam and row an oar to the opposite shore.」

「Ooh hoh hoh hoh hoh ho!」


There are many things wrong with that statement.

「The Madam can float.」

Yes, her appearance makes that plausible since she can stick her belly up above the water.

「But didn’t you feel cold?」

「No, not at all. In fact, the argument with the captain got me so heated that the water was a pleasant temperature.」

「This conversation really went off in a weird direction.」「It’s become like a superhuman legend.」「Rather than a superhuman, she’s more like a yokai……」

We mustn’t say anymore.

See how happy she’s bouncing……wow, look at those waves, Celia might get swept away.

「Let’s change the mood and talk about something else.」

This happy circle is becoming fun. I want to hear more stories so my lower half has to endure for a while.

「Then next is……what about we talk about each other’s silly stories?」

Melissa suggests with a mischievous expression on her face. Oh why not, that sounds fun.

「Ara, then let’s start with a story about Melissa-san, as the first to bring it up?」

Nonna sticks out her chest, causing her breasts to jiggle.

「This is related to the previous story of Melissa-san being popular……actually, she’s not only popular with men.」

「Eh, no way!?」

Melissa hastily tries to cover Nonna’s mouth.

「Melissa-san has a reputation of being skilled with women, to the point that some town girls and maids even offer their virginity to her――!」

「Waah! That’s not true! I sent them all home!」

What should I do in this situation?

Should I deal with them since they’ve progressed as far as nocturnal activities……or overlook it since they’re fellow women?

「Oh, I know, I’ll take the middle and join in. That will solve everything.」

「Ah, that was funny too.」

「You have more!?」

I got ignored.

「Melissa-san said she lacked exercise and proposed swinging a sword. Of course, it would be a training sword which doesn’t have a sharp end.」

Fumu, it’s not anything particularly strange.

「And then, we let Christoph be her practice opponent.」

「Aah, it’s embarrassing.」

Melissa hides her face with a wooden bucket.

「And then, surprisingly she landed a sharp blow to Christoph’s head, knocking him out in one hit.」

「What the heck?」

「It was my first time wielding a sword so I didn’t know how to adjust my strength and swung with all my might, it was my mistake.」

She doesn’t need to adjust anything. Normally, no soldier would fail to block an attack by a woman holding a sword for the first time and get knocked out.

「You really panicked that time.」

Apparently, Melissa went crying to the doctor after thinking she injured Christoph.

「So, what ended up happening?」

「He woke up after water was poured on his head.」

That’s to be expected. He’s weak, but he always gets back up no matter how many times he’s knocked down.

「It was refreshing to see the usually composed Melissa-san shaken up.」

「I really thought I killed him, you know? He was twitching and had foam coming out of his mouth.」

When Melissa saw Christoph wake up, she was relieved to tears.

Although it was a silly story, it actually resulted in Melissa’s stock rising and another legend being added to Christoph’s name.

「Geez, we’re done talking about me! Next is Nonna!」

「Here it is……」

Sparks fly between Melissa and Nonna.

「Since I’m trying to be a legal wife without any stains to my name, there aren’t many silly stories about me!」

「Fufufu, is that so?」

A naughty smile forms on Celia’s face. Still, she’s cute.

「I know about it! That you had a scary dream and crawled into Carla-san’s bed!」

「H-how do you know!?」

Oh, another cute story.

I thought it was going to be something graphic like monthly installment purchases of jewelry or an exchange of sarcastic remarks at social gatherings.

「Weren’t you holding Carla-san tightly and shaking all night!?」

「Why do you know that much!?」

Celia’s smile gradually becomes more evil, but she’s still cute.

Nonna hiding her blushing face is also cute.

「Carla-san was cackling as she told everyone.」

「That woman!!」

Nonna stomps the ground in frustration.

Since she’s naked, her breasts also naturally bounce wildly along with her movements. Not good, my lower half is about to go wild too.

Now that we’ve had our fun, it’s about time to comfort Nonna.

「You must have seen a dream about the past, right?」



「As long as you’re by my side, you won’t experience what happened in the past. Rest assured.」

I embrace her from the front. My mind tries its best not to pay too much attention to the sensation of her breasts on my body as there are more important things to be said.

「If you get scared anyways, you can always come to me or Carla. We’ll let you sleep in between us.」

Nonna submissively buries her face into my chest.

「Yes……and well, it’s all in the past. Right now, this is my home……this is the only place I belong.」

There there, that’s the Nonna I know.

「But I won’t forgive that stupid Carla. I’m going to load her morning soup with plenty of mustard.」

It’s fine to fool around, but don’t go too overboard.

「Last is Celia-chan.」

「Go ahead, I have no weak spots!」

Is that so? Actually, I think Celia’s the one with the most gaps in her defense.

「There’s lots about Celia-chan……」

「I can think of many.」

「T-that shouldn’t be possible! I did my best not to shame Aegir-sama!」

Nonna and Melissa grin.

「You gave a briefing to the mansion’s guards on behalf of Aegir-sama, right? And it was quite strict too.」

「What about it?」

Nonna continues with a smile.

「Didn’t you notice the troubled expressions on the guards’ faces?」

「Now that you mention it……I remember getting angry that they were smiling and not acting serious.」

「It’s because Celia-chan had jam from breakfast stuck to your cheek the whole time.」

「And it was quite a lot.」

Celia turns red.

「Why didn’t anyone tell me!?」

「It was so funny that we forgot……we didn’t think you would do the briefing like that.」

I grab Celia before she lunges out and pat her head. This will help her calm down.

「Anything else? I want to hear more cute stories about Celia.」

「Stop it! Don’t listen, Aegir-sama!」

Now now, we finished listening to stories about Nonna and Melissa, so it would be unfair if we skipped you.

「What else……well, she ordered custom-made underwear with padding from a clothing store. But because they were stuffed to the limit, it was too unnatural for her to wear in public.」

「Why do you know about that!? That shopkeeper must have leaked it! Damn, and after I did so much to get him to keep quiet!」

An image of Celia posing in front of a mirror with big boobs due to her padded underwear comes into my mind.

「Cute, you’re so cute, Celia!」


I can’t help but squeeze her cheeks.

「For the record, the shopkeeper didn’t say anything. Mel-san said she saw you leave a store that you rarely use.」

「Also when Irijina-san went to your room, that underwear was lying out in the open on the desk.」

「F-for someone to see me coming out of the store……and Irijina-san is going into other people’s rooms without permission again!」

Celia’s planning is not good enough, huh?

「I can’t recover from this……」

Celia dives into the water, and with only her eyes above the surface, starts blowing bubbles.

「Then there’s that time…… during breakfast yesterday.」

「You called Aegir-sama ‘papa’ in front of everybody. Straight after blushing, you jumped out of the window.」


We had roleplayed that the night before. It must have been so impactful that it carried over to the next day.


Celia’s head sinks under the water. Alright, guess we can let her off with that.

There’s actually way more than that.

But I’ll spare her the stories about her pissing herself or she’ll cry for real.

Maybe Celia just has a small bladder because I can easily think of at least two or three stories of that nature.

「There are also many stories about Claudia-san.」

Nonna brings the conversation to the person floating in the bathtub.

「Ara? Really?」

As expected, she doesn’t seem fazed at all.

She eats the fruit floating on the water with an air of composure――those are just for adding fragrance, not for eating.

By the way, the silly stories about Claudia are:

「Custom steel-reinforced chairs regularly break.」

「When she visits the theater, the overall temperature rises and the guests start to sweat.」

「The theater’s toilet was rendered unusable and afterward a washroom for Claudia’s exclusive use was made.」

「The guards sounded the alarm after mistaking her violent fart for an explosion.」

Stories about Claudia were ridiculous like that.

「She’s just a monster……」

I don’t affirm the words of the resurrected Celia. Nor do I deny them.

A Certain Night.

Second Act – Bath with the men

「So, about Mack’s usual place, right, the booze is good, but it’s so strong that by the time I came to, I was sleeping in the garbage dump.」

「What are you doing, man? Celia’s going to kick you again.」

「That stuff is too strong for you.」

Mack, Christoph and I are having a friendly chat as we soak in the water.

The time is midnight, a time when the family has finished bathing and the servants are free from their duties.

Mack and Christoph wanted to take a bath after their day at work ended, and I happened to bump into them in the changing room.

By the way, I was splashed with urine after fucking Carla until she fainted, that’s why I’m taking another bath.

Although our standings are currently feudal lord and subordinate, our relationship actually goes back further, and there’s no point in keeping up formalities in the bath anyways, so we decided to go in the bath together.

「I have to say Mack, you’re getting more muscular. Are you really not an orc?」

I slam a fist against Mack’s chest.. Countless scars decorate his body, a body that has gone through many battles.

In terms of muscle mass, he probably has more than me. With how heavy he is, he’d likely sink like a stone when entering the water.

Because he doesn’t speak much, he has this oddly intimidating presence.

「Food has been tasty lately. I’ve also gotten stronger.」

Mack flexes his bicep. Ugh, too stuffy.

I turn my eyes to Christoph.

「Based on appearance, you look strong.」

His body isn’t comparable to mine or Mack’s but it is still sufficiently toned and can be considered the body of an experienced warrior.

Well, it’s undeniable that he’s been through many battles.

「Why are you so weak if you’ve trained this much? I don’t get it.」

I know fights aren’t just about strength, but even if he has no sense for battle, he should still be at a mediocre level with a body like that.

「Hahaha, I guess I’m not always in top form! I’ll bounce back once I regain it! Just you watch.」

I’ll wait with absolutely no expectations.

「Everyone touches Christoph before a fight. It helps them avoid the Grim Reaper.」

「So that’s why people have been touching me!? I thought for sure they had a thing for me and was sweating……」

「Oh that’s a funny rumor I’ve heard.」

After briefly catching up, Christoph brings in a bottle of alcohol.

With alcohol in the picture, the conversation becomes more lively and also more vulgar.

「So, how has it been for you two lately in ‘this’ area?」

Christoph leers and raises his pinky finger.

「I still have a long way to go. The day before yesterday, I tried taking on all the girls in the annex, but at the end, I ran out of semen.」

The girls said they didn’t mind and had fun, but as a man there is nothing more humiliating.

「The girls in the annex? There are like dozens of them……you slept with all of them in one night?」

「You’re matchless.」

This must be their way of cheering me up. It’s nice to have old friends.

「By the way, Aegir, lately in the mansion there’s been a uhm……something round?」

「A rolling ball.」

Round? A rolling ball? Oh, I know.

「You mean Claudia? What about her? I’m not giving her to you.」

「No, I don’t want her――crap, I can’t badmouth any of the girls in front of Aegir. What I mean to say is do you also……you know, do it with her?」

What is this guy trying to say?

「Claudia is my woman. Of course, we do it.」

It’s because of that kind of thinking that you’ll always be Christoph.

Her solid body makes it so she can withstand any attacks from me.

「I-I see……amazing……no wonder you’re the general.」

「That’s something I can’t do.」

Praise me more. When I’m done doing cowgirl with her, the sense of achievement is equal to that of winning a battle.

「It’s not fair that I’m the only one being talked about. Let me hear about you.」

Let’s start with Mack.

「Osa took care of me in many ways.」

Osa is the name of the dark elf captain who came to Rafen.

Apparently she lives in Mack’s house and handles all the chores.

「Man, she’s head over heels for you! Kkkh, I’m so jealous, you can do anything you want with that dark-skinned beauty!」

She completely intends to be Mack’s woman.

The cohabitation will continue and she’ll gradually settle as his wife.

「There’s more.」


「A familiar prostitute came to my house.」

Right, I hear he had been seeing a certain prostitute quite often before Osa ever visited.

I guess she ran over after finding out Mack was living with another woman.

It seems that she was also hoping to be Mack’s woman, and pleaded to be his lover after telling him that she no longer needed his money, turning the situation into a bit of a scene of carnage.

「She’s a good woman too. She’s kind-hearted……and most importantly, she has dark skin.」

This musclehead is insane to have a lover while he’s living with a beauty. Damn perverted orc.


He sneezes for some reason even though he’s soaking in warm water. Alright, Christoph is next.

「Hehe, I’ve achieved a lot myself.」

Christoph stands in the center of the bathtub and orates with exaggerated actions.

「The dancer I spotted at a bar……is pretty, has a nice figure, and is popular…… and she apparently is conscious of me, you see, and just the other day, we went out to eat together and went straight to shopping afterward.」

Hoh, how enviable.

「Well, she begged for some trendy clothes and it was quite costly.」


That took a turn for the worse, this doesn’t look good.

「She also asked me out on a holiday. After eating, we went shopping……although she said she’d be busy the next day and couldn’t stay overnight with me.」

「What did you go shopping for?」

「Obviously, it was things like accessories and clothes. She’d look up at me with puppy eyes, pleading “Oh……I really want this”. I couldn’t help it and bought whatever she asked for!」

Now I get the gist of it.

「So, did you get to touch her?」

「No, she got genuinely upset when I tried to casually grab her boobs. And I thought it must still be too early for that.」

Umu, he’s totally being played for a sucker.

Giving money to a woman is a wonderful thing to do, so I won’t say anything.

「Oh yeah, there was this one time when she was walking around with a guy I didn’t know like she was having a lot of fun, and when I asked the shop, they said he was her brother. Man, I freaked out, since she supposedly likes me……and I don’t remember her saying she has family.」

That is almost certainly her real lover. It’s probably kinder not to tell him.

「Poor guy.」

Mack and I pour him a drink.

You’re drinking with dudes, but I hope you enjoy it.

That is when the door of the bathroom opens with a clatter.

As I turn to look, three females peek at us.

It seems they are maids who have finished with their night duties.

「Wah, there are men inside.」

「Eh, master!? Please excuse us! We’ll leave right away!」

The women hastily start to put their clothes back on.

Now we can’t let the females wait after they’re tired from their shift.

「Isn’t this your time to soak in the water? If you’re not against it, why don’t you come in with us.」

I don’t ask for Mack or Christoph’s opinion.

Men who aren’t happy about women bathing with them can’t be called men.

「What do you think? I’m fine with it.」

「If I can cover myself with a towel, then……」

「Shall we share?」

The women meekly walk over to the bathtub with towels wrapped around their bodies.

From what I can see, one is a veteran maid in her thirties, one is a young maid in her early twenties, and the other is an apprentice in her teens.

They are embarrassed, though not opposed to the idea.

「That calls for more alcohol then.」

Christoph steps out of the water and leaves to retrieve more alcohol.


The women let out tiny gasps.

They must have seen the thing dangling between Christoph’s legs.

I could swear that Mack’s eyes glimmered.

「My legs are tired.」

Mack suddenly stands. What do you mean your legs are tired, you’ve been sitting in the water this whole time.


The women express their surprise. And then I realized what he’s doing.

Mack showed the females a cock that is way bigger than Christoph’s.

In that case, I can’t let him win.

「I guess I’ll stretch too.」

I stand up and extend my arms up.

「Uhyaa!」「W-what is that!?」「Hieee……」

The women are taken aback. But despite covering their faces with their hands, they are fixated on the crotch area of me and Mack.

The veteran maid is even licking her lips.

「Awawa……I-I mean, you two have amazing muscles, Mack-san and my lord!」

The apprentice, the one who is the most embarrassed, tries to change the topic.

Right when we were about to sit down, thinking we went too far, a question was posed to us.

「I’m a little curious who would win in a contest of strength~」

Mack and I exchange looks. And the battle began.

「Hmp!!」「Oh that’s nothing!!」

Mack and I, both fully naked, grapple while the women soak in the water and spectate.

The rules are simple, it is to be a hand-to-hand battle without the use of strikes.

If you fall into the water or are thrown out of the tub, you lose.

Christoph also participated, but three seconds after the round started, Mack threw him out.

He’s floating on his back and should still be breathing so I’m sure he’s fine.


I left myself vulnerable because I was thinking about something pointless.

Mack roars, instantly pushing me all the way to the edge of the bathtub.

I lower my hips and hold my position, somehow stopping his charge.

「How about this!?」

I grab Mack’s arm and pull him toward me.

If I’m lucky, he’ll be thrown out and the match will be over.

「I won’t lose!」

In response, Mack clinches me. I see, with his body stuck to mine, I can’t properly exert my strength.

And I’m unable to throw Mack’s giant body with a half-baked attempt.

At this rate, the battle won’t end anytime soon. Unfortunately, we’re back to square one.

「Impressive, Mack. It’s been a while since I’ve had a formidable opponent.」

「I won’t lose in a contest of strength.」

Our intense struggling adds to the already high temperature in the bathroom.

We smile at each other as the sweat on our bodies gleams.

This isn’t a deathmatch or anything. We don’t have to take it so seriously.

「It’s like they’re fighting over us. Somehow, my lower half is getting hot.」

「Seeing two macho men covered in sweat……aahn, it’s no good, my hand is moving on its own……」

「I’m starting to feel funny……」

That’s when the veteran maid’s words shoot through our ears.

「The gentleman who wins……gets to have his way with all three of us……doesn’t that sound good?」



Mack and I simultaneously let out deep growls.

We’ve just been playing around until now, but now that there are women on the line, there’s no holding back.

It’s time to go all out.

「I can’t control my strength. Don’t blame me if you get hurt.」

「Same here.」

Even though I’m pushing with all my might, Mack is not budging.

In fact, it feels like I’m slowly being pushed back.

「If it’s……strength……I won’t lose.」

This guy has monstrous strength.

I acknowledge it, if it’s a simple shoving match, he’s stronger.

But hand-to-hand combat is not merely pushing and shoving.


I lower my hips, and with the help of his own power, spin away and switch positions with him.

What was once a precarious position for me has become an advantageous situation with one turn.

「I’m finishing this.」

I put my entire weight into pushing Mack.

Surely after all the tussling, Mack should be tired and unable to withstand my final push.

「Ah! Is it decided!?」

「So the feudal lord is stronger after all!」

Mack eventually crumbles and falls into the water……or so I thought.

「Not yet.」


Mack grabs my arm and does a sacrificial throw.

As I was only thinking about toppling him, all my weight was leaning forward, so when Mack pulled me, I fell into the water with him.

We both landed in the water at the same time, creating two pillars of water that marked the end of the battle.

「A tie is not very satisfying.」

「Aahn, so big!」

「It can’t be helped.」

「This one’s amazing too!」

I’m thrusting my hips from behind the veteran maid while Mack is thrusting his hips from behind the young maid.

The women got ready as they were watching us fight.

Since it was a tie, it makes sense for each of us to get one girl.

By the way, the apprentice maid went to sleep with Christoph, who revived in the confusion.

Apparently, she’s avoiding me because she’s afraid of Nonna and she’s afraid of Mack’s huge body.

Christoph isn’t as intimidating and, though I hate to admit it, is more handsome than Mack and myself.

It’s not strange for a woman to be attracted to someone’s looks.

「P-please be gentle. It’s my first time……」

「Seriously!? Leave it to me!」

「A virgin……?」

「Damn him, getting such a good deal.」

However, the girl didn’t end up offering her virginity to him.

The door opens with a rattle.

「Fuu……the night training dragged on longer than I expected. I’ll wash off my sweat and sleep with Aegir-sama――」

「Ugeh!?」「Nu.」「Ah, not good!」

The one who entered the bathroom was Celia.

Christoph, Mack, and the maids all panic.

「Hey Celia, good work.」

Celia smiles for a second when she sees me, but turns angry when she sees me fucking another woman, then becomes emotionless when she sees Christoph about to start and Mack already having sex.

That face is the one she makes when she’s genuinely angry.

「This idiot, doing it in the bath……!」

Celia executes a perfect leap and unleashes a flying kick right to the back of Christoph’s head.


The kick lands like a textbook example, knocking out Christoph.

「And you, what are you doing!?」

Her next target is Mack.

He’s already penetrated his partner so he’s unable to dodge or block.

He tried to resist feebly by bulking up his muscles, but it was no use.

Celia is accustomed to fighting opponents larger than her.

She won’t aim for the stomach or the legs or a musclehead like Mack.

「Not good enough! Take this!」

Celia extends her leg elegantly……and accurately captures Mack’s precious balls with her kick.

The impact makes a soft thud.


Mack falls into the bathtub without uttering a sound.

「Aegir-sama too!」

She doesn’t attack me, rather she jumps on my back, clinging to me with her entire body.

「I’m not sharing Aegir-sama! All of you, change and get out!」


The maids were chased off.

Now then, how am I going to comfort the pouting Celia?

「Hahaha, I’m sorry. Let me wash your back to apologize.」

「Don’t think you can get away with that!」

「I’ll add a full-body massage.」


A bath to cheer Celia up is good in its own way.

I knew it, it’s better to bathe with women than with men.

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