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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Chapter Ss1: Special : Pumpkin Festival

「Pumpkin festival?」

On a day right after I returned from the Federation, that is what I asked Sebastian and Rita during breakfast.

「Yes. It is a traditional festival held in this region.」

「It's a one-day festival, so we're getting requests from mainly local residents who want to participate.」

So that was why the merchants were restless in the morning, huh?

I've never heard of such a festival. In the first place, I've never lived the life of a villager.

「We will make sure the non-locals don't interfere with the work.」

Sebastian bows his head politely.

Mmmm, that means there will be people who will enjoy the festival and people unrelated. How boring.

「A festival…… Alright, then I might as well tell everyone to take a break. It'll be a little relaxation.」

The maids and servants have done a good job.

Only the family will be left in the mansion, but they aren't infants and they won't die if no one looks after them for a day.

「Any issues?」

Sebastian repeats, addressing Nonna.

It's because she is the one most likely to get angry.

「Muu, without the servants it'll be more troublesome to get tea and food. And a wet nurse is also necessary……」

「You're speaking as if you're a baby. You're old enough to prepare tea by yourself. Plus, you can also go outside to enjoy the festival. Mireille and I are going to the town together, why don't you also go and bring the children?」

Nonna turns away coldly at Carla's rebuttal, seemingly making arrangements to go outside.

The two maids usually by Nonna's side also appear excited. They must have wanted to participate in the festival too.

「So what kind of festival is this pumpkin festival? Do we just eat lots of pumpkin?」

「Err let's see, the pumpkin festival is――」

A maid from the region was just about to explain.

(Where we eat lots of pumpkin!)

Casie flies out enthusiastically from a wall.


She trips on something and slides on the table.

How does she trip if she can phase through objects?



Casie's grand fall scattered ingredients that were on the table and even broke some tableware.

When Sebastian clears his throat with a serious expression, Casie hides behind me and shrinks.

「Eep……the tableware broke by itself……」

「It's an evil spirit!」

The maids who can't see Casie hug each other in fear.

(How rude! I'm not an evil spirit. Grrr.)

If you cause anymore trouble, I'm sitting you next to Irijina.

「Wahahaha! This soup is delicious!」

(Anything but that……)

If one more freak accident happens, the maids will get frightened for real and the conversation won't progress.

I grab the girl's arm and sit her on my lap.

「I've caught the ghost, it's alright now. Now go on and continue explaining.」

「R-right. The pumpkin festival is……」

According to the maid, the festival is about remembering spirits by eating pumpkins.

Also, there are games involved.

It has to do with dressing up as monsters.

「Then let's make a bunch of pumpkin pies.」

Maria suggests to Miti, Mel and the others, who happily stand up.

They always loved to cook. It's a perfect opportunity for them since the servants are absent.

「I'll play with the kids then~」

「I'll help.」

Melissa and Rita will take care of the children.

「Um, can we go out too?」

Fidgeting nervously as she pleads is Marceline and her three daughters.

They apparently seem interested in the part about the costumes.

「It should be fine if you dress up. Feel free to go, but if you get discovered, call the guards immediately.」

All of them are former royalty of Trisnia.

Many survivors of the oppression of their kingdom live in Rafen.

If the survivors learn their oppressors are among them, it might create a problematic situation, although the girls shouldn't have any acquaintances here and no one should recognize them if disguised.

「Pipi is going too! I want to play tricks on those wearing costumes and get treats!」

Pipi frolics merrily, while Pochi growls and Messerschmitt sleeps.

Something feels off.

「You guys should dress up too. Messerschmitt will be in a wolf costume and Pochi will be in a dragon costume!」

Messerschmitt lazily peeks with one eye and Pochi happily spreads his wings.

It's hard for a dog as small as Messerschmitt to be seen as a wolf, but it's even more of a stretch for Pochi to be seen as a dragon.

Oh well, sometimes the more far-fetched costumes are more interesting.

「If I recall, there is a stockpile of pumpkins in the store house. Distribute them in the plaza.」

(Lots of pumpkin pies. And I can take as many treats as I want! I hear you get treats if you play tricks on people! Uhyaa)

Casie separates from me and briefly flies around the room before going outside.

Hey, if you aren't careful, you'll get blown somewhere and go missing again.

「She also seems off.」

「Do you know what to do, Aegir-sama?」

Celia comes next to me as I smile sheepishly……or rather, she sits on my lap.

I guess she was jealous of Casie. What a cutie.

「Of course. Um, play a prank on a married woman and scare the husband……」

「You don't get it at all!」

I also decide to go into the town until the food is ready.

By the way, Pipi and Casie were getting ahead of themselves with the costumes, scaring others, tricks, and married women as those will be done after the sun goes down, while during the day, it's the time to drink and feast with family and friends.

「It's like a normal festival but the main event is at night, huh?」

I change into simple outdoor clothes that are easy to move in and leave the mansion. Nobody is coming along with me.

I wanted to invite Celia, but thought otherwise as she started sewing something in her room.

There is the option of inviting Sofia and Sekrit, who have yet to integrate with the others in the family, but Sofia is in deep conversation with Leah, who became free after Celia was occupied.

Those two have a similar mellow aura about them, making it easy for them to get along.

As for Sekrit, she said, "Your concerns are unnecessary. It's not fun for me to gather together with lots of people. ……if you want my body, feel free to come. I don't mind if you come tonight."

It's because she says those things that she sticks out.

Nonna is in a bad mood and the maids, feeling the dangerous atmosphere, make more of an effort to avoid Sekrit.

Then again, like she said, it doesn't seem to bother her.

Instead of following the path that leads to the central plaza, I take the slightly narrower route going to the west.

That's because this road goes past the servants' residence and directly to an area lined with stores.

「To think everybody knows the secret of this path……even though I didn't tell anybody about its true purpose.」

It wasn't part of the initial plan for this western path to extend to the brothel district as I had insisted this road be built so that it would be possible to get to the north part of the town swiftly. Leading up to the brothel district is a bonus.

And of course, the true purpose of the road is to act as the shortest route to the brothels from the mansion.

「I thought it was strange how Nonna sulked whenever I used this path and told her I was going to inspect the town.」

Not to mention, I usually end up bumping into Celia or Myla after leaving the first store. It always seemed so mysterious.

「Whenever I invite Kroll and Gido, they would always meet me in the brothel district by taking the longer way to the south……how dare they not say anything to me. One day, I'll trick them and bring them to the Chrysanthemum-opening Garden.」

I'll embrace a beauty while watching them get fucked by Madam.

……no wait, I might not get hard if I see that.

While talking to myself, we walk through the servants' residence.

Many servants are live-in servants, but those who have family rent out houses which have been built close to the mansion.

It's easier to get to work than if they had a house in town, and it's also because of a certain incident.

「I didn't think we'd get a day off. We can finally take our time baking pumpkin pies.」

「It's not easy for me to say I want a vacation so I didn't think it was possible this year.」

「The pay in the mansion is good after all. At my age, I'm getting four gold per month and I'm also renting a house, so I have to be careful what I say.」

The girls are happily chatting while hollowing out heavy-looking pumpkins.

If I show myself, they'd be more restrained. I'll pass by quickly.

「Kyaa, I'm sorry! Ah, the feudal lord!?」

I almost crashed into a little girl who was walking unsteadily with a pumpkin in her hands.

She's a servant who meets me often so I'll naturally be discovered when she sees me up close.


It can't be avoided. I pick up the pumpkin with one hand and decide to carry it home for her.

「W-what an honor――」

「Enough with that, where's your house?」

I interrupt her and walk ahead while toying around with the pumpkin. This thing doesn't even qualify as heavy for me.

「It really smells like pumpkin around here.」

「Actually, instead of eating it ourselves, I'm planning to make a big pumpkin pie and bring it to the mansion. ……pumpkin dishes run out pretty fast in the mansion……not that I believe in ghosts or anything……」

She must not want to say to my face that ghosts appear in the mansion.

「I think they'll be happy for sure.」

Casie will be so satisfied that I'm worried she'll ascend to heaven.

When I reach the girl's house, I see a hollowed-out pumpkin placed at the entrance.

「It's kind of like a charm, praying that nothing bad happens this year.」

「I see, that is a lot of responsibility.」

Whether something bad happens or not depends on me, not some pumpkin.

I have to make sure the smile doesn't disappear from this girl's face.

「Right here?」

「Ah, yes! Thank you very much! I want to show my gratitude, so I'd like to invite you in my home if you'd like!」

She wants me to come over?

I don't intend to disrupt her family's harmony though.

「As thanks……this is enough.」

I caress the girl's butt.

「Hiwaa!? Au……gosh, you pervert……」

「Hahaha, there is no better reward than that.」

I give the girl's head one last pat and leave.

「……t-that thing hit my stomach. It was as big as a log just like the rumors said……waau, I better change my underwear..」

Once I pass the servants' residence, pedestrian traffic drastically increases.

Shops and inns pack both sides of the largest street in Rafen which run from the north gate to the central plaza.

Despite horse-drawn carriages and wagons going back and forth, the flow of people seems fairly orderly.

That is to be expected as the merchants in this area have proper stores set up and no peddlers have their wares laid out on the ground. The only street vendors are small food stalls.

「We have grilled pumpkin here, two for one copper.」

What is that? I buy it out of curiosity.

「Fuwa, they have grilled pumpkin.」

「They have pumpkin soup over here.」

I hear the familiar voices of Sofia and Leah, who are also buying food to eat.

Sofia is a daughter of a noble family so she probably hasn't experienced this kind of thing before. She is admiring all the simple fares with great interest.

「It's a festival today, let's eat lots.」

「I was actually worried about how fat I've been getting……however I still have a long way to go before becoming like Claudia-sama. It should be fine to eat freely.」

Leah and Sofia happily stuff their faces with various foods.

They seem to be enjoying themselves, but they shouldn't use Claudia as a standard.

Sofia's plump body is nice to hold, but there's a limit to everything.

Now then, I guess I'll check out a few places.

First, I'll pay Andrei a visit……in the Hard-Boiled Pavilion, Rafen branch.


「Hey, how's business?」

When I pass through the short curtain at the entrance, the place gives off a new smell.

The customers and my costume prevent my identity from being noticed.

「Oh hey.」

「It's all because of Hardlett-sama……I mean, the feudal lord.」

I sit in front of the counter where Andrei and Natalie are and signal with my hand for them not to make a big fuss.

「……got it.」


Andrei uncorks a bottle of wine in a hard-boiled manner, fills a glass and places it in front of me.

Natalie serves some snacks to accompany the liquor.

「For having such a wonderful building constructed, I don't know how to thank you……it's also in a perfect location where we immediately get plenty of customers.」

Natalie stares at me with moist eyes. Hey, your husband is watching.

Besides, I also have an attachment to the Hard-Boiled Pavilion in Goldonia.

I didn't want this place to become like a shabby inn for some reason or another.

The new Hard-Boiled Pavilion is a mid-sized two-storey building. The first floor is a bar-slash-restaurant, where a considerable amount of people are having a good time eating and drinking right now.

The second floor is an inn, whose rooms may not have fancy furnishings, but provides a warm atmosphere with good quality wooden furniture.

Like its previous edition, the inn is geared toward well-off commoners and travelers rather than wealthy people or nobles.

Because the building is new, naturally everything is new. But for some reason, the counter is dark and feels well-used.

「The counter can't be new. I bought a second-hand one from a friend.」

Andrei seems to have a certain pickiness about this aspect of the bar.

And the slight old-fashioned look and small scratches certainly does add a distinct rusticness to the place.

「So master, have you gotten over your fetish for young girls?」

I ask for another glass of alcohol and slide it in front of Andrei.

The reason Andrei moved to Rafen is because he laid hands on little girls in Goldonia and was consequently driven out by the neighboring citizens.

「……of course. I won't make Natalie cry anymore.」

Andrei says as he downs his alcohol in a hard-boiled manner.

That's a relief.

「Boss, the butcher is here.」

「Boss, the sheets are ripped.」

Peeking their heads out are the shop's employees.

No matter how you look at it, they don't look much older than a year over ten.

「You're supposed to call me master. Tell the butcher to come again later tonight, and there are spare sheets you can use.」

Andrei instructs, then averts his eyes in a hard-boiled manner.


「There is too much work in Rafen and I have a lack of manpower. The girls are a big help. It's not a problem at all.」

If you do the same thing again, you'll have to face Myla.

She'll mercilessly throw you in jail.

「Dear, it's a festival today, don't cause trouble for the butcher. Please go to him right now.」


Andrei looks at me.

「Don't mind me. I just came to check on how the shop is doing. I'll just come back later.」

I'll come with Mel and Marceline next time, and definitely not with Pipi or Marta.

Andrei leaves, and when I get up from my seat, Natalie tugs on my sleeve.

「N? What is it?」

She silently brings me behind the counter and discretely checks around before crouching.

I stand behind the counter, still not sure what's going on.

「Just stand there. This is just a tiny gesture……」

Natalie trails off as she opens the front of my pants and starts licking the organ that pops out.

「Hey seriously……?」

Due to it being before the festival, there are lots of customers in the shop, who are too immersed to notice Natalie service my penis.

The counter is high enough so that it merely looks like I'm the master from the outside.

If anyone peeks behind the counter, we're out. They'd see my penis violating Natalie's small mouth.

In this case, wouldn't I be the one who's out?

「How is it? Hardlett-sama is getting a blowjob from a wife in her husband's shop. Not to mention, there are many customers nearby……it's cuckolding in public.」

Putting it that way really makes me more turned on.

Natalie smiles when she sees my cock swell and increases the speed of her movements.

Hey, if you do too much, you'll be loud enough for people to hear.

Natalie desperately sucks on me and my pleasure level rises.

「Miss, eh? She's not here?」

「Where did she go~?」

The two tiny employees from earlier returned.

They're searching for Natalie this time.

Natalie stops moving for a split second.

「What's wrong?」

If I ignore them, they're likely to come behind the counter, so I see what they want.

「Huh? Who are you, mister?」

「Do you know Miss Natalie~?」

「I'm the master's acquaintance. Natalie has a bit of a stomach ache. And I'm just helping her look after the store. I'll let you know when she comes back.」

That should resolve the issue.

「Eh~? That's strange.」

「We were just cleaning the toilet~」

Crap, I screwed up.

The girls curiously come closer to the counter.

Natalie tenses up behind the counter with my cock still in her mouth, but fortunately the girls are too short to see over the ledge.

「How strange. Maybe she went outside because you were cleaning……ooh.」


Natalie resumes her service right when I give an excuse.

「Do you hear something slushing~?」

「Did you spill something?」

Before the two can walk behind the counter, I use my final trick.

「Here, I'll give you some allowance. Make sure you fully enjoy the festival. Natalie will be back soon, just wait patiently.」

I hand them a few copper coins.


Nevertheless, the delighted girls didn't leave like I expected them to.

Natalie's fellatio continues.

「Thank you, mister!」

「Thank you~ big mister.」

The girls politely say thanks. It's great they are courteous, but now is not a good time.

As I near my limit, I grab Natalie's head and thrust my hips forward.

「No problem, have fun at the……ugh!」



I let out a groan as I plunge my dick deep into Natalie's throat and release my seed.

She somehow suppresses her voice and swallows my jizz with a strained expression.


「Are you okay? Are you hurt somewhere?」

「I'm fine. That was just a hiccup.」

I pat the girls' heads over the counter and smile.

With my other hand, I hold Natalie's head and pump my semen into her mouth.

That was a pretty unique experience.

After the girls left, Natalie thoroughly cleans my dick under the counter.

Then, Andrei comes back.

「Mm, did I keep you waiting? Sorry.」

Andrei says, approaching the counter.

Unlike the girls, he's tall and can see over the counter.

「Puha, good work~」

Natalie narrowly stands up.

「I dropped a utensil on the floor, I'm going to go wash it.」

She's naturally going to go rinse her mouth. Grabbing a spoon along the way, Natalie runs off.

「……by the way, why are you behind the counter?」

「I wanted to try standing here once. I'll give the spot back now that I'm satisfied.」

I feel somewhat guilty.

But if I think about it, this doesn't count as cheating yet.

I just had her suck my dick and I just came in her mouth.

That's right, it's not a big deal.

「I'm going now. Let me say this again, don't lay hands on any little girls.」

「Love can sometimes be sad and painful. But no one can defy fate.」

And so I exit Andrei's shop.

It looks like something exciting is happening in the market. Let me check it out.


「So I was thinking, except I came to the brothel district for some reason.」

It's not my fault. My feet carried me here on their own.

「Ah, it's the feudal lord!」

「We can play during the day today as well」

I'm not wearing any outstanding clothes, yet I'm recognized right away.

I have way too many acquaintances in the brothel district.

At the same time the voice calls out to me, the window of the brothel opens and the prostitutes wave at me.

Additionally, streetwalkers who don't belong to the brothel――――and who are actually illegal and being regulated by Myla――――also call out and gather around.

「Please buy me~ I just cleaned my ass.」

「You're in the mood for breasts today, right!? Touch them as much as you want.」

My arms quickly become filled with pretty flowers, a few who even flaunt their boobs and butts.

「Wait. I have to return home by evening. Unfortunately, I don't have time to play.」

The prostitutes moan disappointedly.

It's a rare time of a festival. I want to be with my family.

「Then at least one quick round in the alley!」

「No fair! It's supposed to be illegal for prostitutes to walk in the streets!」

「Don't talk like that woman!」

The prostitutes compete to take off my pants.

「It can't be helped. Let's do this quick.」

I reluctantly lower my pants and take out my dick.

Suddenly, I hear the sound of a whistle. The prostitutes, especially the streetwalkers, scatter.

I hastily raise my pants.

「What are you doing!? Prostitution outside of the brothels is forbidden!」


「It's the peace officers!」

「Gosh, they're so annoying! It's hindering business!」

The person leading the charge is Myla. She's bringing the peace officers over.

Crap, I should run too. I told her that I was going out to check on what the town's like before the festival.

If she finds me in the brothel district, I'm going to get ganged up on by the women when I return to the mansion.

I mix with the streetwalkers and disperse like baby spiders, jumping into the nearest shop.

「Sorry, I'm not a customer, but let me hide here briefly.」

I realize where I am after the words leave my mouth.

The sickening pink walls, the red carpet, and the odd stench……which I should know very well.

「……I've entered the Chrysanthemum-opening Garden.」

This is Madam Gonzales's shop, where men come to buy male prostitutes.

And it's not a place with a lineup of effeminate men. It's a shop of purely buff men.

I try to hurry out, but Myla's voice is literally coming from outside the door.

「Drag all of the streetwalkers out. I'll give them a good spanking.」

If I leave the shop, she'll see me right away.

「Chase after the man who ran too. It's inexcusable he would even think of doing those activities outside!」

Please don't be so strict. You'll trouble me, the feudal lord.

Myla and the peace officers inspect the shops sequentially.

I can't continue staying at the entrance.

「Hey, is anyone here? Sorry, I'll be hiding in the back……」

I open the door of the first room I come across.

What I came face to face with was hell.

「Ora, you and your hairy stinky ass! How's that, is my thick thing tasty!?」

「Nnhoo! Your thick rod is turning my ass inside-out!」

I pretend I didn't see anything and close the door.

Fortunately, the two were so immersed that they didn't notice me.

「Hey you, are you peeping?」

A deep hoarse voice calls out to me from behind. Standing there is Mada Gonzales.

Madam changes the way he speaks when he sees my face. Of course, his voice remains deep.

The sight of burly limbs coming out of a white dress, which is thin enough for me to see the dense body hair underneath, is truly gross.

「Ara, Hardlett-sama? Mmoh, you should have told me you were coming. I would have welcomed you with some boys with clean assholes.」

「……actually, I didn't mean to come. Let me stay temporarily though. It'd be best if I can stay somewhere hidden from the entrance.」

「Gufu, leave. It. To. Me.」

Madam takes my hand and guides me to a private room.

I prepare myself for the worst and ball up my hand into a fist.

「This room is for my exclusive use, relax.」

I don't think I can relax, but since I'm being protected, I can't say anything.

There isn't a strong foul odor, but the manly stench is still here, albeit quite faint.

I search for a place to sit and find a bed with blood on it. I decide to sit in the chair farthest away from the bed.

「Nfu, that was from my first.」

「Is that so……hm?」

Wait, what does he mean by first? Nevermind, I don't want to know.

The entrance of the Chrysanthemum-opening Garden swings open violently.

「Is there anyone from the store here!? I have to speak to you!」

They're here. The voice belongs to a man, but Myla would be told immediately if I'm found.

「Gufufu, leave it to me.」

Madam says as he stands……and takes off his clothes before walking out.

I look away from the terrible scene.

I can only hear Madam greeting the person at the entrance.

「Ara, a customer? But please wait just a bit. It's a full house at the moment.」

「I'm not a customer. A prostitute and a man ran into the shop……ah, uwah! Why do you look like that!?」

Madam appeared before the peace officer fully nude.

「Why, well I was banging with customers, of course I'd look like this. You're stepping into a brothel, shouldn't you be used to seeing this?」

「No way that's the case! Put on some clothes, you idiot! That nice hair ornament pisses me off!」

I pity the soldier from the bottom of my heart.

Then I hear a third voice.

「Fuui, that was great. Your ass today was irresi――――」


Silence follows for some time.

「W-what are you doing here!?」

「Work! What about you? I thought you were going fishing on your off day. Why are you in such a shop?」

It seems the peace officer encountered one of his colleagues who happened to visit this establishment.

「You were that kind of guy……?」

「Don't……tell the captain.」

I might be able to escape through the backdoor now.

Madam gives the signal and I sneak to the rear exit.

「To tell you the truth, I was horrified to see Madam naked, but somewhere inside I was also aroused.」

「What? Then you're also like me……」

I focus solely on escaping and I can't hear anything.

「Are you free today?」

「My shift ends in the evening. Would you like to go with me to see the nightscape?」

I don't hear anything.

「Love between men! Oh, I have just witnessed the birth of a beautiful relationship!」



I walk out the backdoor and leave the commotion along with the Chrysanthemum-opening Garden behind.


But I happen to bump into Yoguri.

「I-I was thinking of writing a story with a prostitute as the protagonist next and was collecting data!」

Yoguri panics as she looks back and forth between me and the Chrysanthemum-opening Garden.

「You've got it wrong. It's a misunderstanding.」

「R-right. It's part of your inspection! I get it! That's what I'm going to think!」

I hear men yelling from behind.

「What a joyous occasion. It's a fucking festival!」

「Wasshoi, wasshoi, a male ass festival!」

Argh, stop it, you're adding to the misunderstanding.

Yoguri backs away and slowly distances herself.

「You're wrong. It's not what you're thinking.」

「I won't say anything, I won't tell anyone. I don't know anything about a male ass festival!!」

Yoguri runs off with the misunderstanding somehow cleared.

This time, I actually arrive at the market.

I don't remember how I walked to get here, but it's not important.

Unlike the shopping district, the market doesn't have any store buildings.

Instead, there are vendors operating with just a cloth laid on the ground and stalls packed tightly together, selling vegetables or small trinkets.

Prices are generally lower than those in the shopping district and this is where most residents buy food for their daily meals and other miscellaneous goods.

It's very crowded here and hard to walk without touching shoulder to shoulder.

「Come on over! We have local high-grade wine here, twenty copper for one bottle! The cheaper wines are five copper for a bottle!」

「It's sure to make the whole family happy, we have a giant whole roast chicken here for fifteen copper!」

「This treat is a must for festivals. You get a bagful of sugary confections for forty copper coins! Why not splurge a little and enjoy these sweet bites!」

Due to the nearing of the festival, plenty of food stalls are lined up and selling their fares at a rapid pace.

The snack stands in particular are popular, with the ones offering cookies and sponge cakes being quite inexpensive and selling lots.

At the same time, the confections with cream and sugar, while high-priced, also seem to be selling well.

「It's because sugar is cheaper in Rafen compared to other cities.」

There are crops that can be turned into sugar being cultivated on a large scale near Rafen.

Thanks to that, treats with sugar are more expensive, but at a price that commoners can afford once or twice on an auspicious occasion.

Apparently Celia was working enthusiastically behind the scenes, but I don't know the details.

「Warm, fluffy potatoes~」

「Now now Ruu, we came here to buy milk. We can't spend money on anything unnecessary!」

Kuu is trying to dissuade Ruu, who is fixated on the stall selling steamed potatoes.

The girls are going to be cooking with Mel, so they must be here to buy ingredients they don't have enough of.

「Aah, I'm so sorry.」

A woman bumps into Kuu, quickly apologizes and shuffles away.

It was minor contact so Kuu didn't even turn around.

However, my eyes did not miss the woman's hand slipping into Kuu's pocket to steal her purse.

I push past the crowd of people and chase after the woman.


「Aah! Christoph got run over!」

On the way, I collide with a man trying to haggle the price of a three-copper skewer.

I think his face is familiar, but now's not the time.

「Fufun, people like that who think they're dependable are the easiest to steal from. They wear nice clothes and almost certainly……uhya, a gold coin. Awesome!」

The woman is holding Kuu's purse in her hand. Like I thought, she's a pickpocket.

I put my hand on the shoulder of the woman who is crouching in the corner and chuckling to herself.


「Eh? Tch!」

She runs as soon as I call out to her.

I don't want to let her go, but if I squeeze her arm, I might break it. I'll have to grab her waist. This won't alert anybody and we will only appear like lovers flirting with each other.

「You know what I want without me having to say it, don't you? Return the purse.」

The cloth purse has a cute fox design embroidered on it and it is without a doubt Kuu's purse.

She loves this purse and would be sad if she lost it.

「I-I don't know what you're talking about. This is mine! You better scram or I'll shout out that you're a molester!」

The woman pounds my chest to get me to let go.

But judging by her hushed voice, she's bluffing about shouting.

「Go ahead and shout. I'm sure there are guards in the busy market. Do it.」


Just as I thought, she tensed up.

After her eyes dart around, she brings her mouth up to my ear.

「……I'll return the purse, so forgive me. This is the third time I've been caught. The next time will be bad for me.」

「A repeat offender, eh?」

I don't remember the laws of Goldonia, but if she gets arrested and it is discovered she has been caught multiple times, she'll probably get a harsh sentence.

「If you've been caught twice, you aren't cut out to be a pickpocket. Change your ways.」

She gazes downward and pouts as I take back Kuu's purse.

「I don't have any money. It's finally time for the festival and I can't prepare a pumpkin……I don't want my younger sister and brother to have bad memories. My only skill is these hands, I can't do anything else.」

I feel a little sorry for her. I thought Rafen's citizens all have enough money, guess not.

「If a pumpkin is all you want, I can get you one.」

The woman lifts her head.

「I――no, the feudal lord should be distributing pumpkins for free in the central plaza. Yep, I'm sure of it.」

I ordered it, so I can affirm it is the case.


The woman springs up.

「Don't be hatsy. It'll take time for the wagons to transport them from the store house. It should be done by the evening.」

If they are given out too early, it will ruin the business of the stores selling pumpkins.

This is only for the people who have no other way of getting one.

「Then that means I can let them fill their stomachs will pumpkin dishes this year.」

「I appreciate how much you care for your siblings, but have you ever thought of what'll happen to them if you are thrown in jail? Turn over a new leaf.」

The woman nods silently. Good, now there'll be one less pickpocket in Rafen.

「Well, I guess I'll go now……」

I grab the woman's shoulder.

It's true that she stole Kuu's purse, so she has to be punished.

「You're not going to let me off the hook?」


I'm not going to hand her over to the guards though. I'm just going to humiliate her and scold her a little.

「Shorten your skirt. Make it so that your underwear can be seen when you're standing.」


She rolls up the hem of her skirt gradually.

Eventually, her plain underwear is visible. She incessantly checks around to see if anyone is staring.

「I-it's visible to everyone! I can't walk outside like this!」

「I know. I won't tell you to walk around like that.」

I stick my hand under her skirt and pull down her underwear.


She screams, but now she doesn't have to worry about people seeing her underwear.

Better yet, her crotch might be visible if she bends over.

「I'll buy your underwear for one silver coin. Go buy whatever else you want. You have to do it like that though.」

I press the shiny coin into her hand.

「You pervert.」

She returns to the market, her face bright red.

「Hey look. What a sight.」

「How bold. I can just barely see her hole.」

It doesn't take long for her to attract the attention of men.

After all, her skirt is short enough that her thighs are exposed.

Men will stare whether she wants them to or not.


Almost like even the Gods are punishing her, a gust of wind suddenly blows through.

She tries to hold her skirt down, but it's too late. The shortened fabric gets blown up.

「Uooh! She's not wearing anything!? She's an exhibitionist! A pervert!」

「I saw it! I saw the hair! Uoooh!」


Umu, this is the perfect punishment for a pickpocket.

This should teach her a lesson.

Checking up on Kuu and Ruu, it seems they still haven't realized what happened.

I'll secretly return the purse to her.



I was trying to be stealthy, but I touched her body. Looks like I don't have the talent to be a pickpocket either.

Her purse was returned though.

「Aegir-san! What are you thinking, touching my chest and butt in the middle of the town!?」

「Haau! How lewd~」

「You're just so lovely, Kuu. I couldn't help getting horny.」

Kuu puffs up angrily, but freezes. I wonder if I said something weird.

「Aegir-san……what……is that?」

Kuu is staring at my left hand, which is holding the underwear I took from that woman.

「D-don't tell me you used the crowd to steal women's underwear!」

「Haaau! You mustn't do that, it's too lewd~」

I stuff the piece of clothing in my pocket and quickly take my leave.

「Ah, he ran! I must be right! I better tell mom! Ruu, let's go!」

「Haaau……if we take better care of our crotches……」

I bet Mel's going to be angry at me when I return to the mansion.

Next, I pay a visit to Leticia's shop which is close to the market.

The place seems emptier than usual.

People must not want to eat out with the festival coming up.

「Hey, you seem free today. Give me something small.」

「Ah, Feudal lord-sama, welcome.」

「Hardlett-sama! Welcome!」

Leticia and Sharon greet me energetically and prepare a simple dish for me.

「How's business? Are things going well? Has any weird guys come to bother you?」

I know they get plenty of customers on other days, but I felt obligated to ask anyways.

「Thanks to you, the shop has been thriving. We have regulars now and profits have been so high that we feel sorry for our suppliers.」

「It's all because of Hardlett-sama!」

In terms of location, the shop is in the best spot in Rafen, and suppliers have been told to deliver materials at a special discounted price.

「There is also a building with guards stationed next door, so we have not experienced anything scary yet.」

「Customers have gotten drunk, but as soon as they cause a fuss, guards come and take them away.」

Leticia is gentle and full of openings, often leading to her being raped by men, that's why I'm worried.

I've instructed the guards that if they see a suspicious man to drag them off regardless of the time of day.

And I was caught once before.

Perhaps it was because I was walking with a bulge in my pants as I was anticipating a liaison with Leitica. It was truly disgraceful.

「There is something on my mind.」

Leticia muses with a troubled expression.

「Although this is a small restaurant, when large groups come in during lunch and dinner, we are a little short on staff. So I was thinking of hiring one more employee. I interviewed someone who seemed to be a good candidate.」

Leticia hesitates to continue.

「The person is a young woman, but she is from a less affluent neighborhood in the southwestern part of the city.」


The southwestern district is not well-off. It seems to be common knowledge, I'll have to remember that.

「Many of our regulars are people who have their own shops or the wives of rich families, and they collectively advised me not to hire anyone from the southwest district. I think she's a good girl, but since this is a customer service job, I can't insist when the customers oppose the idea……」

「I think she's a decent person too.」

I see, I can certainly understand from the perspective of a rich person that having someone poor near them might cause unease.

However, this is ultimately about a person's character, and if a thorough interview was done, it should be fine to hire that person.

Leticia probably knows that already, she is just weak to others' strong opinions and must have doubted herself when so many people suggested not to hire the girl. For the girl's sake as well, I'll help by pushing from the opposite direction.

「Shouldn't it be fine if you hire her? It's not necessarily the case that all poor people are bad. If the regulars see her temperament, maybe they'll be convinced.」

I smile as I chew on my roasted beans.

「You're right! She said she would do her best, I'm sure it'll be fine!」

Leticia smiles back and nods.

「Okay. I'll call her in tomorrow and tell her that she's hired.」

Great. Problem solved.

However, I'm sure this isn't a problem limited to Leticia's store.

Originally, there was no noble class in Rafen, and the wealthy were only a very small percentage, such as Claire.

In a sense, there were no issues as everyone was equally poor, however, as the city grew richer, a few people started succeeding in business and others made a lot of money from mining or hunting black beasts.

Meanwhile, many of the inhabitants are in the class of people who only started to live in Rafen, and are barely getting by each day, thus slowly forming a hierarchy among the citizens.

「I've seen the disparity between the Federation's citizens and second-class citizens……I don't want things to be like that.」

I heard a lot of disgusting stories from the 105th corps over drinks.

I rack my brain to solve the problem. And then I give up.

「I don't understand where to begin. When Adolph recovers, I'll leave it to him.」

The best solution is to let those who are able to do something do what they do.

If you send a clumsy oaf to sew and a delicate girl to hunt, neither will perform well.

「Anyways……do you have free time today?」

Sharon rests a hand on the table and gazes upward at me.

Leticia also hurries to close the curtains.

In other words, there are jobs suitable for Adolph and girls suitable for me.

「Not much, but I can go one round if it's quick.」

I mount Sharon from behind.

In response, Sharon lets out a delighted gasp.


「I feel refreshed.」

Sharon received me using her ass like always.

I want to use the front hole one day, but I always get resistance and she never lets me see it no matter what.

「She might be like Alice and prefers it in the butt.」

I check my notepad and advance into the residential area.

This district is not home to the rich or the poor, but rather the "normal citizens" so to speak.

Families are able to eat proper three meals a day, and the husband returns home from a long day of work after stopping by the bar.

The wives would chat and laugh with their friends at restaurants every day, talking about how life is hard because their husbands don't make enough money.

This place is where such citizens lived.

I came here in search of a certain book rental shop.

And today, Tristan has also been given a half day off.

「Fufufu, he should slip into this shop soon.」

I arrive at the address listed on my notes.

There aren't many old buildings in a developing city like Rafen, but this building gives off an outdated vibe.

On the outside, it doesn't have much to distinguish itself from a civilian's house except for the small sign which says "Estelle's Book Rental Shop".

Next to the sign is a label with "closed for today" written on it.

「……how suspicious.」

I knock on the door softly.

The knock was loud enough to be heard if the occupants were quiet and soft enough to not be noticed if the occupants were immersed in their own activities.

I don't get a response.

「They must be doing it.」

I hold my breath and circle around the building.

Today is a pretty hot day. If they are laying together, they would want to open the window.

Crouching, I carefully check the windows one by one.

「Mama and the festival. As well as tasty treatsー」

A pair of passersby, a mother and child, walk along the street, and I have to lay on the ground to try and fool them.

「Mama, there's a big person near Estelle's place doing something.」

「Shh! Keep walking and pretend not to see him. The guards need to be notified immediately!」

The two don't stop to watch me and leave. I think I successfully hid myself.

I peek in from the only window which was opened, but that room was just the kitchen.

Strange……could Tristan not be here?

That's when I hear the splash of water.

It gave me an epiphany.

「That's it! They're doing it while bathing!」

If they're pouring water on themselves while doing it, they won't feel hot. How did I not realize this sooner?

I hurry to the source of sound.


The bathing area is located outside the building and surrounded by a simple wooden fence.

「This fence is low enough for someone to peek from the top though.」

Without hesitation, I put a hand against the wall.

However, the wall was thinner and weaker than I thought.



The moment I put my weight on the wall, the wall collapsed and I fell forward along with the broken pieces.

Tristan was not there, behind the fence was instead a woman wiping her body with a wet towel.

She has smooth skin and a nice set of breasts.

Her pubic hair is also neatly trimmed, almost like she's ready to be fucked at any time.

「Noooooo! It's a pervert!! I'm going to be violated! Help me, Tristan!」

「Wait! This is a misunderstanding!」

The woman screams, covering her body with the towel, and I try to explain myself but it doesn't seem like she'll listen in this situation.

A man destroyed the fence of the bathing area and barged in. It's natural for her to think I'm a rapist.

「Stay away, don't come near me! Someone! Call the guards!」

Everytime she shouts, she throws an object at me. Meanwhile, I hear voices on the outside.

「Guards, I heard a scream just now! You have to hurry!」

「Damn pervert! Hey, go around the back!」

「This guy's got guts if he's trying to rape in broad daylight. He deserves a good beating before we arrest him.」

It appears the mother from earlier reported me to the guards. There is already nowhere for me to run.

If I get caught here, I'll hear it from my wives for a whole day.

「In that case, I'll have to do this!」

I bust through the stone wall separating me and the adjacent house and flee.

I do the same with the stone border separating the next house over and continue running in a straight line through the row of houses.

「Woah, he ran by breaking through a stone wall!?」

「This guy's crazy! After him, after him!」

Forgive me, I'll make up an excuse and repay the damages later.


I charge through the final row of shrubbery and iron fence and sprint as fast as I can.

The guards aren't behind me. It looks like I got away.

「Hey Tristan! Your lover was about to get attacked, why didn't you show up to defend her!?」

「If the attacker was a man, the best I could do is slow him down for three seconds. Besides, I thought it was better to call the guards. Also, we aren't really lovers.」

「Don't be so pathetic! If that's what you think, why don't you go train your body?」

「Rather than me training, I think it's more efficient for Estelle to learn martial arts.」

「Gosh, you're so pathetic! Fine, let's practice grappling right now. Here I come!」

「I'm getting to the best part of this bo-……uwah! What are you doing!?」

Dammit Tristan, I'll retreat for now, but you won't be so lucky next time.

I'm definitely going to expose your love affair.

「Ah, I'm tired.」

Because I ran through walls and shrubs, I'm covered in scratches.

All I knew was that staying there was bad, so I took the path to the east.

The path will lead me to where Lintbloom is if I follow it outside Rafen.

On the left side to the north, small and large workshops are lined up, and on the right side to the south there are wagons loading and unloading.

「Wagons don't rest on the day of the festival either. How hardworking.」

They are probably headed to Lintbloom.

Lots of food, water and fuel are being loaded onto the wagons.

Lintbloom's population has reached 5000.

However, the town is not self-sufficient yet, so food and even water has to be brought to them.

Conversely, iron ore and processed iron and steel ingots from Lintbloom are brought to Rafen and processed into building materials, weapons, and other iron products in nearby workshops.

All of that is being handled by Claire's merchant company.

I have no complaints as I'm properly receiving mine tax and trade tax, although apparently they are making considerable profit.

One time, apparently the miners raised a fuss about how they were being ripped off for water and said they were digging a well for themselves in Lintbloom.

Ultimately, everybody who drank from the well ended up being poisoned, which resulted in them agreeing to buy water.

「I did tell her not to be unreasonable with food and water……」

Claire seems to have altered the price when Adolph wasn't paying attention. What a terrifying woman.

「Ara, Margrave-sama.」

Speak of the devil, it's Claire. I guess she's monitoring how the loading is going.

「Oh, you're here too, Claire. You're working hard even though the festival is today.」

「Ufufu, there is no rest for the poor.」

Claire smirks as a subordinate sets up a chair for me and her.

「That's quite the amount of water and food……」

「Yes, well Lintbloom's population has increased. In any case, the transportation of iron requires numerous wagons. And it's a waste to let them return with an empty load.」

The wagons deliver a full load of water and food from Rafen to Lintbloom and come back with a full load of iron products.

It truly is an efficient journey.

That's when girls disembark along with the cargo being unloaded.

「Fuui, it's been a while since I came to Rafen.」

「Aaah, I'm tired……is the festival today? Whatever, I'm going to sleep for a week.」

The fancily-dressed girls saunter towards the red-light district.

It seems they are prostitutes who have come back from Lintbloom.

「I'm dead tired from entertaining eight customers in one day, it was my first time taking three dicks at the same time.」

「Everyone was rough too. How pent up were they?」

「But we earned more than a year's worth in a month. We'll have fun spending it.」

Miners risk their lives often doing work in Lintbloom so demand for prostitutes is high.

This makes for a demanding schedule for the girls, but the payoff is substantial in return.

It seems many prostitutes in need of money eagerly signed up for the job.

「The girls are desperate too. Don't take too much of a cut.」


Claire chuckles.

「Heeey, get outta the way girls or you'll get run over.」

「Open the path, the dragon wagon is coming through.」

Hearing the person's voice, people hastily clear the way.

Wagons also move quickly, creating a large space in the cargo zone.

「Oh wow……」

Emerging into the city is a wagon befitting its name with how big it is.

A monstrous cart with eight wheels pulled by ten large horses occupies the entire road as it slowly rolls in.

Its length, width and height are all incomparable to normal wagons. I'm surprised it even fit through the gate……

「This is the reason you asked for the eastern gate to be altered that one time?」

「Indeed, it didn't seem likely for the carriage to pass through the previous gate.」

Nobody anticipated such a beast to be entering.

「Halt! Stop the wheels!」

As soon as the massive wagon stops, parking blocks are pressed on both sides of the wheels.

「The wagon moved during the loading process in Lintbloom before and it took about fifteen people……」

Gotta be careful that doesn't happen again.

「Start with the top. Don't touch anything on the bottom or else the whole thing will tip.」

Workers start lifting items off the wagon.

The reason for the wagon's height is apparently so cargo can be stacked on two levels.

「One time, the cargo on the bottom was unloaded first and the entire wagon toppled and it took five people……」

「Be careful next time.」

This wagon better not be cursed.

「People and finished goods are packed on top while metal ingots and ores are on the bottom. When it goes to Lintbloom, food and people are on top, and water is on the bottom. If the wagon is too long, it'll break too easily and if it's too wide, it'll stick out the sides of the path, that's why it was extended height-wise.」

Workers steadily unload item after item.

It's like an endless stream of cargo, I wonder how much this thing can carry.

「I'm impressed you thought of building such a wagon.」

I understand that it's more efficient to have one big wagon carry more items at once, but this thing is way too big.

「It's only used for the trip between Rafen and Lintbloom. There is a secure loading spot in both cities, the road is well-maintained and there aren't many curves along the path. It will get stuck in the normal trade routes. And if it breaks down, we'll lose a lot of money.」

Claire giggles, commenting how expensive the wagon is.

「Currently, only one is in operation, however eight more are being constructed as we expect to make a profit. In the future, we plan to increase the number to twenty.」

Twenty of those things in a row……is the road going to hold up?

「It's a good thing that the craftsmen are busy, but aren't you going a little overboard lately?」

Somehow, it seems Claire is rushing.

Making money is a merchant's mission, but something is a little strange.

Laurie is also saying something to the workers around the dragon wagon and hasn't noticed me.

「……it's supposed to be a secret.」

Claire shakes her head.

「But I'll tell Aegir-sama.」

She changed the way she addresses me.

This must be a personal matter.

「The Flitch Company is in dire straits right now. Since Goldonia unified the north part of the central plains, trade has been monopolized, Stura is in decline, and Mishil, where headquarters is located, is on the verge of being deserted.」

Stura flourished as the central trading point for various countries.

Its existence is meaningless if Goldonia controls all the land in the vicinity and naturally all the merchants operating in the area.

「The company's connections and supply routes are also in disarray due to the war. With that said, the Flitch Company doesn't have contact with the southern nations.」

In short, it's hard to operate, let alone make a profit.

「So you're essentially trying to support the company yourself.」

Maybe I should give her a big job.

「No, the Flitch Company is done for. I don't intend to flounder atop a sinking ship.」

What the heck?

「Instead, I am thinking of going independent. A company to a merchant is like a nation to a lord……it means I am separating myself from Flitch.」

Claire then holds her finger to my lips and reminds me that it's a secret.

「This is a betrayal. The company will surely not allow me to leave. They will try to crush me with all sorts of methods, even if it means ignoring any profits. Although they are on the decline, Flitch is still a company with history and has considerable underlying strength. I need more financial power if I am to survive.」

Determination resides in the woman's eyes.

This is not my place to tell her otherwise.

「I see, let me know if you need my help.」

「You're offering to be my ally?」

Claire leans against my chest.

「You are my woman. And I will, above all else, take the side of my women.」

「That'll be a great help.」

Claire brings her lips close to mine.

She seems briefly concerned about being seen by the workers around her, but chooses to close her eyes anyways, feeling that I deserve a kiss regardless of who's watching.

When our lips meet, I feel a warm sensation on my back.

「I also yearn for and desire your support.」

Laurie noticed me and came over to hug me from behind.

「The price for my help is high, you know?」

I say jokingly.

「Ara, how scary. How high is it?」

I rub a hand over Laurie's and Claire's stomachs.

「Both of you have to bear my child.」

The three of us smile at each other.

It's decided that I will assist the girls in their upcoming battle.

The sun has finally set and the pumpkin festival has truly begun.

It's time for me to return to the mansion and partake in the girls' cooking.

A small child clings to my leg.

On the child's face is a crude handmade goblin mask.

「If you don't give me treats, I'll play a trick on you.」

「Oh how scary. Have this.」

When I offer a sugary confection from my pocket, the child runs off happily.

「G-give me a treat or you get tricked!」

This time, a smaller female child approaches me. Even though she is wearing a horn on her head, she is more cute than scary.

「Please spare me.」

When I present her with a cookie, she runs off happily.

I see, so this is what the festival will be like.

It's not just me, girls and kids are dressed up as monsters and ghosts, going around the town asking various people for snacks.

「Ufufu, if you don't give me a treat, I'll play a trick on you.」

A woman disguised as a sexy imp teases me by showing her cleavage as she pleads for a treat.


Me and another man unconsciously slip a silver coin in between her breasts.


「……please don't say anything.」

Let's go back to the mansion.


「I'm back~」

No one welcomes me at the entrance. The servants have the day off after all.

Guards are still standing outside, but I let them choose whether to receive a special bonus or one free visit to a high-class brothel.

All of them, including the ones who are married, chose the brothel visit, so I'm sure they can be relied on.

The moment I close the door behind me, a black cloak opens up in front.

「R-rooaar! If you don't give me a treat, I'll suck your blood!」

I see a cloak which is too long for the person's height, red lips, silver hair, and sharp fangs.



It's Celia dressed as a vampire.

I embrace her with a trembling hand.

「Um……a treat.」

「Oh my goodness……」

I squeeze Celia tightly and steal her lips.

「This costume is way too cute.」

I repeatedly kiss her and grope her body.

「Waah! This is for the festival! I'm just asking for a treat!」

「This is against the rules. It's too cute. I can't take it, I'm going to kiss your face!」

So Celia was making this costume when she hid in the corner of the room.

「Cute, you're so cute Celia! I'm going to feel up your body. I'll give you as many treats as you want!」

「Auu, this reaction is more than I expected! It's a little troubling, although I'm happy!」

I'll pet her more and more. Her adorableness is unending.

I walk into the dining room supporting the languid Celia after I pet her too much.

(Help meーI'm being squishedーI'm dyingー)

「This meat's tasty! The pickles are good too!」

「What are you doing?」

Irijina is in the dining room, stuffing her mouth with meat and pickles.

That's nothing out of the ordinary, the problem is that she's sitting on Casie.

Nobody is doing anything to help the flailing Casie.

Irijina can't be blamed as she can't see Casie, but the other girls usually help by casually guiding Irijina away.

「This is punishment. Let her remain there for a while.」

Nonna folds her arms and puffs out her chest. Carla and Mel smile sheepishly.

(You demonーdevilーevil spiritー!)

Irijina continues to eat her meat.

And then Casie receives another blow.

I hear a strange 'blrrt' noise from somewhere.

「Woops, sorry! It's because I ate potatoes this afternoon!」


I sit down next to Irijina with a sigh.

「Would you like some, Hardlett-dono?」

「Sure. ……so what did Casie do?」

Casie gazes at me with tears in her eyes.

「Apparently, she misunderstood the premise of the festival, thinking that she would get treats if she played tricks, and went around scaring people.」

「What are you doing?」

(It was a mistake!)

「She even scared people who can't see her, it was horrible……」

When dominated by feelings of depression, Casie changes into a hideous form and becomes visible to those who normally can't see her. That appearance is truly that of a vengeful ghost.

「You traveled through the city in that form, huh……?」

She must have caused hell.

I'm surprised she returned back to normal.

「She changed back after a child gave her pumpkin pie. Now she's being referred to as one of Rafen's seven mysteries!」


Misunderstandings happen. Today is a festival. Let's end the punishment here.

「The pumpkin pies are ready. We made plenty so eat as much as you want.」

「We have pumpkin soup too.」

「And we have pumpkin cake.」

Mel, her daughters, Maria, and Miti carry several plates each.

Soon, the entire table is filled with pumpkin dishes.


Casie escapes from under Irijina's ass and flies around the room.

Understandable, as pumpkin is Casie's favorite.

「If you go crazy, they'll drop the plates. Come over here.」

When I pat my lap, she quickly sits on top.

(Cake! Cake!)

Casie crams as much cake as she can into her mouth and smiles.

(The cake is so good! The pie is sweet too! And the soup is delicious!)

「The pies are disappearing one by one……」

「How mysterious……」

To those who can't see, it must be a wondrous sight.

Casie, while occasionally choking, continues eating the pumpkin dishes.

(Tasty, tasty. Ah, this is happiness. I have no more……regrets.)

Oh no, Casie is fading away.

It should be dark outside, but sunlight shines in from the window.

「There will be another pumpkin festival next year. You'll get to eat lots again.」


The light disappears and Casie returns to focus.

「Yes, let's eat pumpkin together next year.」


That Night.

「Actually, we also……」

「We also prepared costumes.」

「See, aren't they scary?」

Sneaking into my bed were Nonna, Carla and Mel.

Nonna is wearing black wings on her back to dress up as a succubus.

Carla has cat ears on her head and is dressing up as a bake-neko. She also has a tail which is stuck into her ass.

Mel is dressed as a little devil.

「Yeah, it's terrifying. I'm so afraid that my seed just might shoot out.」

I make love to the three of them until they pass out and then open the window.

「Hey, sorry to keep you waiting.」

「You really did.」

Standing outside is Brynhildr.

Her costume……or rather her regular clothes resembles that of the vampires of legends.

She has a loose cape, red lips and realistic wings.

「Flip it up.」

When I lift up her cape, I see that she isn't wearing anything on the bottom half of her body.

「Lie on the bed and close your eyes. I'm going to sneak in and suck your blood, then turn you into my puppet before having sex with you.」

I guess that's how she wants to play this time. Naturally, I'm all for it.

The pumpkin festival was pretty fun.

However, there was a bad joke the next day.


「Lord Hardlett, we have to talk.」

Myla has called out to me. I have a bad feeling about this.

「There was a suspicious individual spotted yesterday afternoon.」

Oh, that's not good.

「After collecting testimonies from various witnesses, the man first entered the red-light district, gathered prostitutes outside, and performed obscene acts――」

Myla stares at me coldly.

「Sounds like a pretty indecent guy.」

I avert my eyes.

「Afterward, it seems like he entered the Chrysanthemum-opening Garden to indulge in homosexual activities.」

「That's a misunderstanding. I wouldn't do such a thing!」

Damn, Yoguri spilled the beans?


「Disregard that. But it doesn't make sense for a guy who likes whores to like male prostitutes. Don't you agree?」

Even Celia is here with a skeptical look on her face.

I would have liked it if she didn't come.

「Additionally, this scoundrel apparently hugged Kuu while still holding a woman's underwear.」


She knows everything.

But since I've gone this far, I have to keep the act until the end.

「What a pervert that guy is. He should be punished.」

I avoid the eyes of both of them and gaze up at the blue sky.

「There's more. The pervert intruded into a certain rental book shop, destroyed the wall next to it, and attempted to rape the woman in the bathing area. When guards chased after him, he destroyed multiple stone walls and fled.」


I try to sneak away, pretending that I'm going to take a walk, but the two of them follow me with piercing stares.

「That's one strong pervert. I'm sure everything is a misunderstand and he's actually a nice guy though.」

I guess this is what they call post-festival emptiness.

「By the way, there is one more pervert. I am told that he went up to young girls offering treats for tricks.」

「That guy's a genuine pervert. You can throw him in prison if you see him again.」

And thus the pumpkin festival ended without incident.

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