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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Chapter 8 – Setting Off

Chapter 8 – Setting Off

A little over two years since I met Lucy, the time came all of a sudden.

“There is no longer anything I have to teach you anymore.”

She said it in her usual, lovely, voice.

“Therefore I’m allowing you to leave this place sometime soon.”

So the time has finally come, my heart was calm.

We’ve been together for over two years, I easily understood the change in her attitude.

Whether Lucy has some other thing she forgot to teach me, or something she has to tell me, after thinking about it over and over again the conclusion is the same.

Then I too will not waver.

“All right, then I will be leaving here soon.”

Lucy’s face warped into a frown for an instant.

The way I said it, it must have sounded like I had been waiting for the day I leave.

It must have come as a shock to her who thought she knew my heart now that we’ve joined bodies.

So I continued.

“I want Lucy to come with me.”

Her pained face changed into a blank look.

“I know that you think very highly of this place. So I strongly want you to hear my wish, I don’t want to be separated from you.”

I used honorifics, which I never used on her before.

Since I have no experience using it I might’ve made a mistake, but I’m sure my feelings got through.

I enjoyed looking at Lucy’s bewildered faces for a while, then finally she was able to start talking.

“I’m very happy you feel that way. But I can’t go. For me this is the last remaining place I have memories in.”

Unlike her usual playful teasing tone, she clearly expressed her rejection.

My feelings were unable to win against her past.

“All right.”

I managed to squeeze out a blunt reply.

Though in the end I understood, losing my beloved woman had made me take more damage than I thought.


Lucy’s expression and voice broke.

“Ufu, you’re really cute. You know already that I can’t part from this place.”

“You, you are an irreplaceable woman to me, I wanted to bring you along no matter what.”

“In that case then you could have simply refused to leave this place, right? I gave you permission to leave but that doesn’t mean I’m telling you to leave?”

I wanted to be with Lucy, but I can’t render her kindness useless, the choice was never there.

“Is that really true? Would you really be happy if I said I won’t leave and will always be by your side?”

Lucy laughed with a puff.

“That’s right, isn’t it, I won’t be happy. I want you to see the world. I want you to live freely in this wide world. I worked hard with that in mind, after all.”

“Then I’ll be leaving this place very soon, so I can be the me that Lucy wanted even one day sooner.”

“Really, even though you have knowledge and fixed your warpedness, that straightforwardness of yours doesn’t change. It’s one of the things I like about you, but you shouldn’t be missing the joys of life.”

Turning around, she flew into my chest.

“You are fine as you are now. Live the way you like. Do what you want to do, walk the path that you yourself think is right. That’s what I want from you, for you to be happily walking the path you chose for yourself.”

The difference between Lucy’s and my height is already clear, her head is resting right on my chest.

But even then those words can only be heard as coming from someone speaking from above.

The words of someone who had me in tow.

There was no need to reply, we could understand just by embracing each other.

Then at the end of the long embrace I sought to gallantly leave, but...

Lucy pulled my arms and I was toppled down right there.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

Her shocked voice was heard.

“Well, I was going to go like this...”

“With no food, no water, no weapons, no armor, nothing in your hand?”


“You want to collapse and die on your way to the nearest town? That’s some wide world there.”

I never thought of anything.

I sulked and curled myself into a ball.

“*sigh*.... Let’s do some proper preparations. Wait right there.”

Lucy rummaged a few things out of the storehouse.

She seems to have had them prepared for some time.

What she had lined up were armor, gauntlets, and boots made of pasted leather, and a shield wrapped in chains, they were all in good condition, I was moved considering that she took time for their maintenance.

“By the way, these belonged to people who came here before and was eaten by me, since they’re so pretty I thought they might have some use.”

.........I gained the minimum amount of protection.

Then she lined up small accessories like leather bags containing dry meat or water, gathering a full set of travel equipment.

The money I got from the robbers who died when I came here and what I got from Lucy totalled 30 gold coins.

I know well from living here for two years that there’s no need for money to live here, so I took it without reserve.

Then, the two essential equipment.

The first one is a spear.

It was two meters long and had a semicircular axe blade for a spearhead, it was a bardiche, that could be used for piercing and slashing.

It was big, the handle was thicker than common ones and the blade heavier.

I think I can say it weighed 15 kilograms, rather than a spear it was more of an iron pole with an axe.

“This is rather an old item but its condition is good, it’s really heavy but I’m sure you can use it.”

“I’ll gratefully accept, but what you said wasn’t really convincing by the way you’re presenting it with one hand.”

The second one is a cloak.

At first glance it looked to be a jet black cloak but when I looked closely it had traces of dyeing.

“This cloak is made with my special method. I soaked common white cloth with a certain something.”

Lucy puffed her chest, proud. I imagined what she might have soaked it with.

“There’s a limit to lewdness, you know, just what did you soak into this?”

“Not that! Blood! My blood!” «TN: Lucy’s used panties get?»

So it’s a Lucy special, vampire-blood-soaked cloak.

Certainly, it’s way stronger than ordinary cloth.

It doesn’t weigh too different from ordinary cloth, too.

According to Lucy it wouldn’t burn and it is also effective for scaring animals.

Then what’s best of all, when I put it on I can feel Lucy.

Now all the preparations are complete, and we finally fell silent.

Staying here any longer would only make me hesitant, so I stood up.

“Let put your departure three days from now.”

That was an anticlimax.

“Why do you want to wait three days.”

Needless to say, it would only create lingering affection.

“We might not be able to meet again you know! So for the last time.

I hugged Lucy, who was looking downcast with her face red, I believe this is something for the man to say.

“Let’s have some wild, dirty sex!”

At any rate, she must’ve wanted something like this.

I had my blood sucked by Lucy for two days without rest.

Because I might die before I departed if I had a large amount sucked out of me, she pierced my body all over with her teeth and only licked the small amount that oozed out.

What was particularly awful was that she also left tooth marks on my member.


I let out an indescribable scream and spewed semen everywhere because of her actions when I was about to climax from her mouth techniques.

But she still didn’t release her mouth from my penis and actually sucked blood off of it.

“Aah, delicious.... If it’s this good then I should’ve tried it sooner...”

A wound caused by a vampire heals quickly, soon there were no longer any visible holes.

But still, my anger hasn’t settled.

“I made you angry, didn’t I, then I’ll let you do anything you like. Please forgive me with this.”

Without hesitation, I picked up her butt, spread her dirty hole with my fingers, and pushed my poor mistreated penis into it.

“Eeh! My butt!? .... well, it’s fine, but don’t be too rouaaAAAH!!”

Of course, I didn’t listen and went rough.

Since Lucy stubbornly insisted to never let me use this hole, I intend to tease her as I please for the last time.

After happily ejaculating in her butt for the first and probably last time, I dozed off while I let her rest her head on my arm.

Lucy, even though dissatisfied because I thoroughly used her butt, cheered up when I gave her the arm-pillow.

“How was it?”

“Really, that rough personality of yours never change! .... but it was good.”

Still using my arm as her pillow, she reached towards my penis.

“I’ll say it clearly. This penis of yours is a big one. It wonderfully grew to this size.”

No man won’t be happy being praised about his size by a woman.

I, too, triumphantly thrusted out my thing.

“At your age it might grow even larger... It might become an unbelievable pike in the near future.”

“Big enough to satisfy Lucy?”

*Pff*, Lucy burst into a laugh.

“That’s right. It might become a penis-san large enough to make me scream...... But take care when using it on human women, okay? Never ever do like you did to my butthole just now. Even I was really injured, I just heal quickly!”

She flicked my forehead with her finger.

The scene looked as if as a woman was being sweet with me but because of her superhuman strength it really hurt.

“Come now, let’s have a little rest. Then let’s have some more rough sex when we wake up.”

Lucy rode on top of me and held my somewhat softened member in her womanly hole and collapsed.”

“Aren’t you doing something different to what you said?”

“Nope, let’s rest like this~”

Lucy bit at the nape of my neck, but unlike her usual feeding she didn’t suck it all up, but only ran her tongue over, licking it, so I didn’t lose my consciousness.

Of course, my penis became so hard inside her it seemed like it made a sound.

“My breast, have a bite. It’s poisonous if you suck it all in one go, so do it slowly...”

I read Lucy’s intentions so I ran my teeth along her big, white breast.

I felt a little pang of guilt, but it soon disappeared among her passionate gasps.

With our bodies connected, we licked and sucked each other’s blood.

Without moving my hips, I quietly ejaculated several times, and finally fell asleep as I was still entangled with her.

Even after that we continued to drown in a bog of lust and exchanged so much body fluids that I thought all of them just switched places.

Then came the time I must leave the house.

Parting with a vampire of course happened at night, I put on the armor underneath the moonlight, wore the dark blood colored cloak, and carried the spear on my shoulder.

“Two years passed by in an instant compared to my long life, but I’ve never had a rich time such as this. It was really fun.”

“As for me, I felt like I’ve spent my whole life with Lucy.”

“Fufu, you’ve really become a good man. You also got passing marks on your learning about women, but... don’t attack human women like you did me, okay? They might die. Aegir the indecent will probably sleep with lots of women from now on.”

I thought it was very like her, teasing me with her charm until the last moment.

“For one last time, won’t you come along with me?”


A playful tone, it was the end.

I put my lips on top of Lucy’s.

Thinking that this is my last look at the woman I’ve slept with until now my kiss lingered longer.

Finally the kiss ended in a bridge of saliva.

“I can’t go along with you, but this isn’t our final farewell.”

Seeing me open my eyes wide, she whispered.

“Become successful, be a noble, be a king, make this land your own and come here. If you do that I’ll become your wife, I’ll be your mistress, I’ll even be your mother.”

A commoner becoming a noble, much less a king, that’s too much of a delusion, it’s too impossible.

“Or maybe time passes, you are still alone and become ill or old and you feel your death approaching, when that time comes come here. At least I’ll have you sleep on my lap and care for you one last time.”

That’s a big help.

Either way, as long as you live aim to be king, aim high and do your best, use all your strength and come back here, I heard a phantom voice say.

But even so, should a miracle happen and you climbed past that hill, I’ll become your woman, only yours, forever, the voice continued.

Of course, it wasn’t a telepathy from Lucy.

It was something I imagined on my own.

But if I became King I’ll have Lucy.

She’ll spend her whole life together with me.

As I exchanged the last kiss I left the house I lived in for two years, almost the entire time since I left the underground.

Maybe her voice will call me to stop from behind me, or maybe she herself would come and embrace me, I thought as I went on without looking back, but in the end I uneventfully walked through the forest until the sun came up.

Lucy watched the back of the man she sent off as he went away.

This was bound to happen some day~, she thought.

It was an emotional moment when the boy she gave knowledge and love and raised became a man and left.

One more now, huh.

Thinking that she became a rather sad, but the sadness will be gone soon.

At any rate, at least she had unlimited time.

But if he really did become king, what should she do.

Lucy shivered as she felt a sweet numbness on her belly and returned home.

Though the man she embraced was no longer there his scent still lingered in the house, so she’ll be satisfied even when sleeping alone.

She’d probably be troubled when the traces he left disappears from this house.

From now on she’ll suck and kill men who come to her house or go out and hunt young boys but she probably won’t be satisfied.

She might not be able to find a man with a heart, a body, or a member like that.

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